I trained at my local gym for over 10 years. It was a big decision switching to home workouts. I knew there would be a lot I would miss by leaving the gym, one of the advantages of training at a gym is the social aspect.

I’ve made many good friends there but I knew the advantages of training at home far outweighed the disadvantages. I’ve not once regretted leaving.

Here are my five reasons you too should start working out at home.



Time is one of our most precious commodities, you don’t want to waste it hanging around in traffic queues, waiting for buses or trains to get you to the gym. time for gym, clock face

You have to deal with the traffic, manage to get changed in the busy changing rooms and hopefully find an empty locker for your belongings. Then you look around and see the gym is packed full, and it looks like you’ll be waiting for machines for most of your gym session.

So I  figured I was spending more time travelling, waiting for machines and getting changed than I was actually training, this was the biggest reason I decided to work out at home.


Cost-Is It Cheaper?

Yeah, it can be a hell of a lot cheaper unless you’re going to build an extension and fill it up with the best gym machines out there! You should find training at home can be very affordable.

If you’re just starting out you won’t need too much: a set of weights, a bench and you can add anything else you need later on as you gain experience. Over the last 9 years, its cost me 1/4 of what it would have cost if I had stayed at my local gym.


My Own Schedule

There’s nothing better than training when you really feel like it. I can train when I want, I don’t have to worry about avoiding the peak hours at the gym, waiting my turn to use a machine or the free weights. I can just chill, train, and listen to my own music at any time of the day I choose to.


Workout Without Ego

I see this happen quite often in gyms and I’m guilty of it too. When other people are watching it’s all too easy to try and impress and show off and also try to complete reps with the heaviest weight possible in a careless manner to awe others.

It’s not beneficial for a training schedule, in fact, it might put your growth backwards.  It’s also dangerous, you are putting yourself at risk of injury for the sake of others.

There’s no one to impress at home, you can focus fully on your workout without interruptions not worrying about what others think.


All Things You Can’t do In Public!

Home is your own private space, shout as loud as you want for that last rep, wear any clothes you like to train in, have a dance between sets, play your music loud.

It’s your workout routine and being at home lets you do it how you want to, no one to judge you and no one to wait for.

There are many other reasons for working out at home, I’ve just mentioned a few. If you have a family it looks great if mum or dad is prioritizing a fitness and healthy diet routine.

“If we can instil the habit of health, fitness, and happiness in ourselves, our families are more likely to grow up healthy and not deal with the health issues that come with being overweight and out of shape.” Steve from N fitness  If children see this in their early years they are more than likely to take it up themselves or at least eat more healthily as a result of your training and diet.

It could also make an impression on friends,  you can show them just how easy it is to take 40 mins out of their day a few times a week to exercise.