What Are the Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bikes? Introduction

When you visit most modern gyms these days, among the range of sleek modern machines, you will see an increasing number of recumbent exercise bikes. They are larger and more imposing than the small upright bikes.

On a recumbent bike, you are in a very different position than the regular exercise bike. Instead of sitting in a vertical position, you are sitting in a reclining position, supported by the recumbent bike. Wheres on a conventional exercise bike your back receives no support; on a recumbent exercise bike, you are fully supported.

Whichever bike you choose, be it a conventional bike or a recumbent model, your fitness is going to benefit, your body will be toned, and you will enjoy weight loss. In this article, I will be looking at the recumbent version of the exercise bike and looking at how you will benefit in more detail.

woman exercising on recumbent exercise bike at home

Make Your Workout More Comfortable

There is no reason at all why your exercise routine should have to be uncomfortable and painful, something that can often be the case with upright exercise bikes with their tiny seats and all the weight pushing downwards.

Doing your cycling workout on a recumbent exercise bike will be more comfortable because you are reclined, and your body weight is spread more, rather than on just a narrow seat. The seat of a recumbent model will be much more comfortable and will spread the load. They are usually more padded too.

Despite being comfortable, you will still be exercising your main muscle groups that are located in your lower body, just as you would on an upright model. The difference is that you can achieve this without adding painful strain to your back or getting saddle sore.

On an upright model exercise bike, you are usually seated in a slightly hunched position. A position that is not normal for the human body. A recumbent model will place much less tension and stress on your three leg joints. (hips, knees, and ankles). Making the whole experience far more comfortable.

The advantage of a more comfortable exercise session is that the individual is encouraged to prolong the session and train harder.

Mobilize Your Muscles Differently

With a recumbent exercise bike, you still get a full workout of your lower body muscles.

The change in position of the pedals will, however, make the workout different and utilize the muscles differently than you would on an upright model. If you were to use both a vertical and a recumbent exercise bike, then you would actually give your lower body a much more comprehensive workout.

What Muscles Does a Recumbent Exercise Bike Use? The Glutes

The Glutes are the most significant muscles in your butt. These are used whenever your thigh moves back behind your body. The name of this motion is “an extension.” Your leg extends, and this engages your glutes (as you push against the pedal).

The Quadriceps

Quadriceps is a group of four larger muscles that are at the front of the thigh that works with the glutes when you press down on a pedal. They also assist in bringing the leg back up again from the top of the pedal action. There are smaller muscles on the inside of the quad (the adductors) that also get involved in this motion.


The hamstrings are found on the back of the upper thigh. They are the opposing group of muscles to the quads. The primary function of the hamstring is to flex the knee. They work with the quads to return the foot to the top of the pedaling cycle.

The calves

The calves, which are found on the lower back of the leg (below the knees), include both the gastrocnemius and soleus. Each time you point your foot down when cycling, it is these muscles that are in action.

On the front of the shins are the anterior tibialis muscles that oppose the calf muscles, and they are responsible for your toe pulling back during cycling.

Improved Motivation

Using a traditional upright exercise bike can be tedious, and it is therefore not easy to stay motivated. It will also put a strain on your back as you work. However, on a recumbent machine, you are leaning back and can look around in a more comfortable position.

If watching TV while using the machine, it will take your mind away somewhat from the workout, and a long workout can take place without the user being aware of the passage of time. Some people even read or use social media while exercising. With these distractions, it is so much easier to spend long periods exercising.

You Do Not Have To Be Fit

The recumbent exercise bike is suitable for people of all fitness levels. Often these bikes are associated with those who have issues with their back or a recovering from injury, as they put less stress on the body. In fact, they are ideal for people at a much her level of fitness as well.

You may wonder how this can be so. The reason that these machines are suitable for all fitness levels is that on virtually all models, there is a dial or lever that can be adjusted to increase resistance. You can then set this to match your current level of fitness. Gradually increasing the strength as you become more fit.

The recumbent exercise bike is the ideal fitness accessory for your home. You can set it to your resistance level and have it set up with whatever media you want to use nearby (TV, Netflix, Computer Games, etc.) or have some reading material next to the machine. You can fit it into your daily schedule, and while your regular soap is being aired you can just jump on the machine and use that time for fitness instead of wasting it watching,

I suppose I would have to describe the recumbent exercise equipment as a dual purpose center where you can maximize the use of your time in your busy schedule.


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