Don’t expect anything near gym quality when buying a cheap under-desk treadmill like the Citysports Treadmill. These things are built for walking, and the build quality will always reflect this. Still, this isn’t a bad thing as you don’t need an expansive heavy-duty design for walking at your desk.

A cheap, well-made treadmill like the CitySports Treadmill is perfect for anyone looking to burn off some calories while working. And because it uses a low-power motor, it’s quiet enough that it won’t disturb you on zoom calls while walking on it.

Use Straight Out of the Box

What most people will love about this treadmill is how easy it is to use. There’s nothing complicated about this machine, no annoying monitor that takes 30 minutes to set up. You can take it straight out of the box, hit the power button, and get going. It is certainly one of the more impressive walking treadmills I’ve reviewed, and today we’ll look at everything it offers.

First a quick look at the product specs!

Product Specifications


Product dimensions – ‎55.5 x 24.75 x 6 inches


Weight – 55lb (25kg)


Speed – 0.6 – 3.8mph (1-6km)


Max user height – 6’2″


Anti-shock system


Motor – 440W


Weight capacity – 240lb


Running belt size – 17″ X 43.3″

Why Do We Like The Citysports Treadmill?

The first thing I noticed about the Citysports walking treadmill is how slim and compact it is. You can easily store it under a bed, sofa, or table. I know some users have managed to store this treadmill in their closet. This is great news if you’re tight on space. And it’s light, moving it is a breeze, just tilt and roll on the built-in transport wheels to move.

CITYSPORTS treadmill storage

Good Length Running Belt For Price Point

But perhaps what’s more surprising about Citysport’s compact treadmill is the belt size. It measures 43″ x 17″, which is impressive for a cheap compact desk treadmill. The belt is a few inches longer than most I’ve reviewed in this price range and an inch wider. It doesn’t sound much but it makes a big difference to who can use the machine.

A 43″ belt will allow users up to 6’2″ to walk on the machine comfortably, and users up to 6″ can use a belt this length for faster-paced walking sessions that require larger strides. That extra inch of belt width will also help prevent users from stepping off the side of the belt in the middle of a session.

Easy To Read Large LCD

There are no advanced monitor features to boast of with this treadmill, and you wouldn’t expect there to be. It’s rare to find an under-desk treadmill with advanced monitor features; the design doesn’t really allow for any, even high-end under-desk treadmills have basic monitors.

Still, even if in this price bracket we get the essentials, the CitySports treadmill tracks your speed, time, distance, and calories and displays your workout stats on a large LCD that’s built into the running deck of the machine.

Everything is operated by a remote control, so you can simply change speed while walking. The top speed is 3.8mph.

The treadmill is Bluetooth enabled, and you have built-in speakers, which is a nice feature. Sadly there are no workout programs. However, this machine only boasts a 540w motor which means it’s quiet. You can watch TV and listen to music without being disturbed by the sound of the machine.

CITYSPORTS Walking treadmill monitor

How Often Do I have To Lubricate The Belt?

The Citysports walking treadmill belt comes pre-lubricated from the factory. So no need to lubricate it after you’ve unboxed the machine. After that, the treadmill belt must be lubricated every 60 miles. A handy little feature on the treadmill deck lights up red when the treadmill belt needs to be lubricated.

Will This Treadmill Last

Most treadmills won’t last a lifetime. Still, we can do some basic treadmill maintenance to keep the treadmill working for as long as possible. First, make sure to center the belt before your first walking session. Once a week I always find it’s a good idea to clean the treadmill belt and vacuum underneath it; this will help keep any debris from entering the motor. And most importantly, lubricate the treadmill belt when needed. With this treadmill, you have a warning light, so there shouldn’t be any issues here.

Another thing that will prolong the life of your treadmill is not to exceed the maximum recommended capacity for the treadmill. It’s usually a good idea to keep well under the max capacity of a cheap treadmill because their weak motors don’t have the power to cope with heavy loads and will burn out quickly.

The max capacity for this treadmill is 240lb, a more realistic max capacity for this treadmill is around 200lb.

If you stick to all of the above, the CitySports treadmill should last years of use.

Any Major Drawbacks?

I can’t find any major drawbacks with this treadmill. The remote feels pretty cheap, but it works well, make sure to keep it flat in your hand and not sideways; otherwise, it doesn’t work properly.

No Incline

Something I love to use on a treadmill, but you won’t find on the Citysports treadmill is an incline feature, as walking on an incline burns twice as many calories and strengthens those hard-to-train leg muscles. However, this is an under-desk walking treadmill designed to burn a few calories, and that’s about it. Working at a desk while walking on an incline isn’t that practical, so most don’t feature an incline.

And lastly, this machine is light. Being light is helpful when moving and storing a treadmill, but the lightweight design can make them feel a little unstable as they lack that extra weight to help keep them planted to the floor. I find with light treadmills that a treadmill mat helps keep things more stable, and a mat also helps to absorb a lot of the vibration from your workouts, which is handy if you live in an apartment.

Sunny Health & Fitness makes the best cheap treadmill mats. Check out the link below.

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill Mat on Amazon

Deck Cushing System – Reduces Impact on Your Joints

The Citysports treadmill doesn’t boast an anti-shock system as you’d see on a commercial treadmill, but it does come with some deck cushioning which is a good thing. At any age, it’s important to protect your joints, and if you want to get away from exercising on hard-impact surfaces like roads, a treadmill with a cushioning system is the best choice. The Citysports cushioning system is made from layers under the belt. It can reduce the impact of each foot strike by up to 40%.

The Good

Compact well made treadmill

Includes Bluetooth and built-in speakers

Ultra-slim design makes it easy to store

Decent sized running belt for the price point, users up to 6’2″ can walk comfortably on this treadmill

Deck cushioning to help protect joints

Quiet motor – won’t disturb work calls. Also allows you to watch tv while you walk without being disturbed by the sound of the machine

Built-in transport wheels, just tilt and roll to move

The Bad

Not suitable for jogging or running

Monitor doesn’t have many features, no way to measure pulse, etc

No pause button



side view goplus folding treadmill

GoPlus 2 in 1 Treadmill

The GoPlus Treadmill has been around for years, and ever since its release, it has been popular. The Updated version now outsells every other under-desk treadmill. What I like about the GoPlus treadmill and what sells it for me is that you can use this desk treadmill for both walking and jogging.

To use the GoPlus treadmill under a desk, all you need to do is fold down the handles, takes just a second it two. And when the handles are in the upright position, the max speed of this treadmill increases, so it can be used for faster-paced cardio sessions like jogging with a max speed of 7mph.

Other than the handles and the top speed, the Citysport, and Goplus treadmill share similar features as both boast slim, compact designs, are easy to store, and include Bluetooth, both can be controlled by remote control, and both have short running belts.

And it’s the short running belt that lets this treadmill down. The length of the GoPlus belt is just 40″, which is 3″ shorter than the CitySport treadmill and limits the Go Plus max height for jogging to just 5’6″ and walking to just 6ft.

Overall GoPlus 2 in 1 treadmill is an impressive machine, it looks great, and people love its 2 in 1 feature. The length of the running belt is slightly disappointing but with a price tag of just $300, this is still an impressive treadmill for the money.


To Sum Up

What stood out most about the CitySports Walking Treadmill was its ultra-slim compact design, making it one of the easiest treadmills to move and store on the market. And the build quality isn’t bad either, don’t make the mistake of expecting gym-quality it will always be an affordable walking treadmill, but for the price point, it’s worth it. A great choice if you don’t want to spend too much money and only need a treadmill for walking and burning off a few calories. Look after it, and it will last.