Many people reading this review will ask if the ProForm Pro 9000 is a better treadmill than NordicTracks 1750 commercial, so let’s clear that up quickly. ProForm offers larger touchscreens with its treadmills, and NordicTrack offers larger running belts but smaller screens.

The same company owns both NordicTrack and ProForm. This is why their treadmills are very similar in build quality and features, built in the same factory, etc.

It’s a Touch Choice

I like the ProForm 9000 because you get that large 22″ screen, and the running belt size really isn’t much smaller than the NordicTrack Commercial 1750; it’s the same length, 60″. You just lose 2 inches in width. So it’s a tough choice; lose 2 inches in belt width? Or have that excellent 22″ screen? If you’re a serious runner, the extra 2″ of belt width will be more important, but for the majority of people who use treadmills for light to medium cardio, the larger screen of the ProForm is probably more appealing.

ProForm Pro 9000 Review

If you’re interested, I will be comparing both treadmills more closely at the end of the review, but for now, I want to get on with the main review of ProForm’s excellent semi-commercial treadmill, the Pro 9000. I want to take a look at everything it has to offer and talk about any drawbacks.

First, the product specs!

Product Specifications


Product dimensions – 35.3” Wide x 77.3” Deep x 59.6” Tall


Weight – 263lb in box weight


Speed – 0 – 12MPH


Anti-shock system


Folds for storage


Motor – 3.6CPH


Weight capacity – 300lb


Running belt size – 20” X 60″

Why Do We Like The ProForm Pro 9000?

As I already touched on in the intro, the best feature of the ProForm 9000 Treadmill has to be its screen. This is the largest touchscreen you’ll find on any treadmill under $2000, and it works great with their Fitness app iFit.

The ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill is designed around the iFit app, as are all of their treadmills. The touchscreen can’t be used to download any other apps; it’s there for iFit. And it looks great; you feel fully immersed when using the treadmill with the Global routes as you run across deserts or thought the streets of New York. The graphics are crisp. There’s nothing not to like. If you’re into fitness apps and online training having a screen this size with a treadmill is just excellent.

But that screen is basically useless unless you subscribe to iFit, and at just over $1 a day, it might be too expensive for some.

Lets Trainers Automatcailly Adjust Speed and Incline For You

One of my favorite features of this treadmill is the Auto adjust feature. This feature allows iFit trainers to auto-adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill to reflect the terrain and workout you have chosen. This is a cool feature, and it allows you to focus on your workout without having to worry about changing speed, etc. Still, you can’t use this, or the Google maps feature unless you’re subscribed to iFit.

And this is what you must be sure about when buying any iFit enabled treadmill from these guys – do you like subscription fitness apps? Because if you don’t, you’ll miss out on many features of this treadmill. iFit is an impressive fitness app and worth-it my option, but it’s not for everyone.

Yes, you can use the treadmill without iFit, but why pay for a treadmill with such a beautiful large touchscreen if you can’t use it? (same for NordicTrack Treadmills)

Heavy Duty Build

The 22″ screen is great, but we can’t buy a treadmill just for the tech, you also need to know if these guys got the essentials right with this treadmill, and you’ll be happy to hear they did.

They didn’t cut back on much, even though we have the largest screen. The build quality is there. This machine weighs 260lb which is heavy. It isn’t commercial heavy, but it’s heavy enough for a home treadmill. That extra weight is a telling sign this treadmill is made from quality materials. It doesn’t feel like a cheaply made lightweight machine, this is a solid treadmill, and it shouldn’t move around when you’re running on it.

The only complaint you might have is that the running deck feels a little bouncy, not so much when jogging, but when running at pace. It’s not a deal killer; it’s actually their impressive deck cushioning system trying to protect your joints. Still, road runners in training, might find this a little annoying.

Just How Big is a 20″ x 60″ Running Belt?

If you’ve used treadmills in your local gym, you might have noticed they use a 22″ x 60″ running belt. Some of the largest machines can have 65″ belts, but generally, we’d say a commercial running belt measures 22″ x 60″, which means you’re not far off commercial size with the ProForm Treadmill.

It’s a large running belt and suitable for users up to 6’1″ for running and 6’3″ for jogging. Most people will not need a larger running belt than this.

The belt width at 20″ is also impressive; this is a fairly wide running belt, especially for a home treadmill.

The wider the belt, the less chance you have of stepping off the side of the treadmill in the middle of a session. So unless you’re running at a very fast pace, I can’t see anyone having any problems with a 20″ width. Yes, it’s always nicer to have the commercial 22″ width, but a 20″ wide belt is nothing to complain about.

proform 9000 tochscreen monitor with ifit

Monitor – 22″ TouchScreen – Bluetooth – Quick Speed Buttons

You won’t find a better monitor on a treadmill for under $2000. This is as good as they get. You have a free month of iFit, so you basically have seventeen thousand workouts to choose from. You can select Global Routes, a feature that lets you choose from routes all over the world. And view them through your touchscreen. You also have Google Maps, which allows you to design your own route anywhere in the world. And, of course, the trainer-led routes, classes, etc., where the trainer will run alongside you, encouraging you. Which is something I know many people like.

So yeah, there’s a lot of fun stuff that comes with this treadmill monitor and the fitness app. You also have a 1/4 mile track feature, another handy feature for runners.

Other features include wireless heart rate monitoring, a much more accurate way to monitor heart rate than the grip pulse sensors, and great for those who love to train in their chosen heart rate zone: two cooling fans, Bluetooth, and dual speakers.

And the monitor is nice and easy to use because you have one-touch buttons which allow you to select anything with a single touch of a button. There’s nothing complicated. It’s all straightforward. You have 12 buttons for mph 0-12 and 12 for incline 0-12%. And your touchscreen to select your workouts. Simple.

12% proform pro incline

Power Adjustable Incline and Decline

Every treadmill in this price range should come with a power-adjustable incline; anything over 10% is impressive. And including a decline option is just a bonus.

Owning a treadmill with a decent incline feature is important because hill running burns three times more calories than running on flat. It’s also a great way to build and strengthen those hard-to-train muscles such as your calves, glutes, and hamstring. The ProForm Pro 9000 boasts a 12% 12-level power incline which is about right for the price point. And it’s one of the only treadmills apart from the 1750 to include a decline option.

To adjust the treadmill’s incline, you have 12 large buttons on the monitor. You can use the buttons or let the trainers of iFit adjust your incline using the auto adjust feature, allowing you to concentrate fully on your workout.

Is The 3.6 CHP Motor Powerful Enough For Running?

This is ProForm’s most powerful motor. It’s also the most powerful motor NordicTrack use for their treadmills. So yes, this motor is easily powerful enough to cope with all types of cardio, half marathons, full marathons, HIIT, whatever you like. It’s designed for heavy use. And it’s quiet, much quieter than you’d expect it to be. 

Do I need a Treadmill Mat?

It’s always a good idea to get hold of a treadmill mat if you have polished floors, as heavy pieces of gym equipment like this will scratch them. And if you live in an apartment, a treadmill mat is essential as it will help absorb many vibrations from your workouts.

When I last checked, ProFrom was throwing in a free treadmill mat with this treadmill, so hopefully, that deal is still around when you read this review.

If not, Sunny Health & Fitness make some excellent cheap Treadmill mats; you can find them on Amazon.

Anything I didn’t Like?

ProForm are known for their poor customer service, and it’s been that way for years. Ever since I started reviewing fitness gear, these guys have always had a bad rep for their customer service. Okay, they do come through in the end, and they stick to their warranties; it’s all just a very slow process, so if something goes wrong, expect to wait a while for them to sort it.

Another thing I didn’t like was that you couldn’t download any apps like YouTube or Netflix on the monitor, which is disappointing. Even Sole Fitness, a company known for the lack of tech with their treadmills, has built apps like Disney, YouTube, and Netflix.

And lastly, the cushioning system isn’t adjustable. This surprised me because Nordictrack includes adjustable deck cushioning on their high-end treadmills, so it’s something I expected from ProForm’s top treadmill. This isn’t a big deal for most people. The only people who really need adjustable deck cushioning are those who want to replicate road conditions, people training for marathons, etc.


There isn’t too much to assemble with this treadmill as most of it comes pre-assembled from the factory. The most difficult part is getting the box in place and unboxing as this machine is heavy. I recommend you find an extra pair of hands to help. Once unboxed, all you have to do is attach the two upright bars, attach the handrails and attach the monitor, and it shouldn’t take much longer than an hour.

For maintenance: there’s no need to lubricate the belt, as it already comes pre-lubricated. It will need lubricating at some point in the future, but you have a manual explaining everything. You’ll also want to keep the belt clean to prevent any debris from getting into the motor.

All tools for assembly are included.

The Good

Sturdy build

Impressive 22″ smart HD touchscreen 

Good size running belt suitable for users up to 6’1″ for running and 6’3″ for jogging

Power incline and decline

One touch buttons save time and make using the treadmill much easier

Hydraulic folding system – makes folding the deck effortless

BlueTooth and dual speakers

iFit enabled – with one free month, thousands of workouts, including global routes, Google maps and studio classes

Built in transport wheels, workout fans, bottle holder

The Bad

Poor customer service

Can’t download any other apps on the touchscreen

Deck cushioning isn’t adjustable



nordictrack commercial treadmill inclined

NordicTrack Commerical 1750

The Commercial 1750 is NordicTrack’s most popular treadmill. It has been around for years, has recently been updated, and now includes a larger screen and better sound system.

Like the ProForm Pro 9000, the NordicTrack 1750 comes with a free month of iFit and all the other stuff that goes with it, like the Auto adjust feature, Google maps, etc. You also have BlueTooth, dual speakers, cooling fans, power incline, decline, and one-touch buttons. When it comes to tech, these machines are very similar.

So with the NordicTrack Treadmill, you now have an updated 14″ tilt Smart Touchscreen, which is a fair bit smaller than the ProForm Touchscreen but equally impressive. I love that you can rotate the screen and tilt it to suit your height.

The screen is the Proforms best-selling feature, but what about the 1750? What sells the NordicTrack Commercial? Well, you still get an excellent touchscreen with the 1750, but what sells this treadmill is the larger running belt, its commercial size measuring 22″ x 60. That extra bit of width will make a difference for some users (runners)

More Heavy Duty

Also, the Noridtcrack 1750 is much heavier. It weighs nearly 80lb more, which is something you’ll really notice. It’s a more heavy-duty treadmill than the ProForm. You feel the quality is slightly higher with the NordicTrack treadmill. The 1750 is, in a way, NordicTrack’s flagship treadmill. It has been their best seller for a long time, and it seems they make a real effort with this machine.

You also have the adjustable deck cushioning, something else the ProForm lacks, another feature runners will appreciate, as they can take some of the bounce out of the running deck.

It’s like the Noridtcrack 1750 has been built for people more serious about their cardio. It’s more heavy-duty, the running belt is slightly larger, and you have the adjustable deck cushioning. Yes, the touchscreen isn’t as impressive, but I think it’s a small price to pay for an overall, I feel better-built treadmill.

The ProForm Pro is still an excellent machine, and let’s not forget the ProForm Pro 9000 is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper. It’s a machine that offers a lot for the price point. I just don’t think the ProForm Pro 9000 is quite in the same league as the NordicTrack 1750.


To Sum Up

ProForms Top Treadmill isn’t as commercial as I thought it might be, and when you consider this machine costs around $1800, I guess you can’t really expect commercial grade. What it is, is a well-made study treadmill for home with an impressive touchscreen. Users who love fitness apps and trainer-led workouts will get the most out of this treadmill. The screen is awesome. It makes iFit come alive much more than the smaller screens.

The ProForm Pro 9000 boasts some great features, like the power incline and decline, the auto adjust, and the powerful but ultra quiet motor; it’s an impressive treadmill, and there isn’t much else out there that can match this treadmill on features. Perfect for jogging and light running.

For serious runners, I wouldn’t think it’s a good match. It’s just not heavy-duty enough.

ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill FAQS

What is The Warranty on The ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

The warranty of the ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill is a 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, & 1-Year Labor. The treadmill also comes with a 30-day free return policy and free shipping. 

Does The ProFrom Pro 9000 Fold Up?

Yes, the ProForm Pro treadmills use a soft drop folding system. This is a folding system that uses hydraulics. The hydraulics do all the hard work for you, making folding the treadmill a breeze. Once folded, the treadmill’s overall footprint is more than halved.

Does The ProForm Pro 9000 Include Height rate Monitoring?

The ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill includes two options for heart rate monitoring, wireless heart rate monitoring using the  SmartBeat™ Forearm Heart Rate Monitor (sold separately), or you can hold on to the handrails for palm-based reading, which isn’t as accurate as the wireless option.

What is The ProForm Pro 90000 Treadmill’s Weight Capacity?

The max weight capacity for the ProForm Pro 9000 is 300lb.