The Progear 555LXT recumbent bike has proven to be a timeless piece of cardio equipment for your home workouts. Just like other Progear products, this recumbent bike is all about quality, and thankfully it delivers the right results.

Also, its low price has made it a favorite for all fitness enthusiasts. Therefore, you can engage in your cardio workouts, stamina building, and muscle toning in the most affordable and comfortable way.

Loaded With Features

At a glance, the Progear 555LXT sports several features. The flywheel has 14 magnetic resistance levels at your disposal.

The large knob at the front helps you to adjust the resistance to the levels you are comfortable with. The flywheel housing has a cup holder, which is within arm’s reach. This makes it easier for you to stay hydrated.

The display has a simple, yet comprehensive design with which you can set up your goals, monitor your speed, distance covered, calories burned, and overall progress.

The recently included media shelf ensures you don’t get bored as you can listen to some of your favorite music. Overall, the Progear 555LXT has one of the best performance to price ratio for recumbent bikes in its category.

Product Specifications


Product dimensions – 49” × 22” × 43” (L×W×H) 


Weight – 60lb


Resistance Type – Magnetic


Resistance levels – 14


Frame – Steel tubing


Weight Capacity – 250lb


Max User Height – Up to – 6’3″

What We Love About The Progear 555LXT Recumbent Bike

One of the things we love about the 555LXT is its weight capacity. It can accommodate most people, and it is perfect for light to medium cardio workouts. Since the Progear 555LXT does not need to be connected to power, it helps you to save some money.

Rock-solid stabilizers help to prevent you from rocking or tipping. The adjustable seat helps you to be comfortable while you work out. The backrest is attached to its bar via four bolts, and the handlebars are connected to the seat. These, however, cannot be adjusted.


The Progear 555LXT Recumbent bike has a one-piece steel frame that enables it to have a weight capacity of up to 250lbs. It’s so sturdy, the frame and seat could even support higher weights if not for the locking system, which might give way.

This bike model is considerably smaller than other recumbent bikes. For instance, it is 11 inches shorter than the Ironman H- Class 410. However, this is an advantage, particularly when you have a limited space to work with.

Though the 555LXT does not have a foldable frame, it is still lightweight when assembled. Carrying a 60lbs frame should not be much of discomfort to users. In addition, the integrated transport wheel makes it much easier to move around. Finally, most of the frame is powder-coated, using corrosive resistant paint.

Step-Thru Design

The Progear 555LXT step-thru design is seamlessly incorporated into its frame. Step-thru frames allow for easy mounting and dismounting, and it saves you time.

Consequently, people with physical disabilities and those who are undergoing physiotherapy and rehabilitative programs find the bike much easier to use.

Magnetic Resistance & Drive

The bike features a manual magnetic resistance system. This entails a magnetic plate being attached to the frame. The 555LXT has brought the future to us with its state-of-the-art magnetic resistance system.

The 14 resistance levels ensure most fitness levels will be enjoying it for a long time. It takes some time to outgrow all the resistance levels. For most fitness levels, there are little to no complaints about the strength of the 555XLT resistance.

The weighted flywheel ensures the pedaling motion is smooth and steady even at the highest resistance levels. One can hardly notice any wear or tear. Momentum is also consistent with this bike.

Quiet Drive Belt System

As a result of its modern magnetic resistance attributes, the Progear 555LXT Recumbent bike has a quiet drive belt system. This is particularly useful if you would prefer not to hear any noise during workouts.
Hence, you would enjoy undisruptive sessions. Also, the belt drive system ensures you only need little to no lubrication.


Rotating plastic caps at the base of the bike make it convenient to use on any surface. The 555LXT has wide stabilizing feet both at the front and rear. Soft grip handlebars help you to push through intense workouts without losing control.

The cushion seat is extended, so it makes it easy to accommodate users of different sizes. Its adjustable backrest and support make back pain a distant subject. Oversized pedals and secure foot straps make sure that you have the right support and stability when on the bike.


This bike has a 3.5″ widescreen LCD panel that displays the rpm, elapsed time, distance, speed, and other tracked indices. The SCAN function incorporated in it helps to automatically cycle through all the values, displaying each for several seconds.

The overall set up makes it easy for you to achieve your goals since you can easily monitor your progress. The computer has the RESET, SET, and MODE keys for navigation.
Two AAA battery types ensure durability.

Storage & Maintenance

The Progear 555LXT Recumbent bike is easier to store in small spaces because of its slim build. Some assembly or disassembly is required as the case may be. For instance, the base tubes need to be attached to the mainframe. The seat, console post, and pedals are other areas of attachment.

For maintenance, all you need to do is to check the bike’s joints from time to time. This is to ensure that the bolts still hold correctly in their place and to check if they need to be re-tightened. Also, you should clean the surfaces periodically to ensure that the bike retains its sparkling look.

The Good

Strong build and a stable recumbent frame

A simple design, which makes it user friendly

A smooth and near-silent flywheel for an enjoyable workout

A great control module with a media shelf for entertainment and other additional features

14 levels of smooth whisper quiet magnetic reistnace

Angled rail mounted seat to allow for flexibility and adjustment

Transport wheels for easier storage

The Bad

No heart rate sensors

No workout programs

Display isnt backlit

To Sum Up

The 555LXT is the ideal recumbent bike for cardio workouts and fitness sessions. The fact that it is cost-effective and packed with features beyond its category makes it an exciting choice. At under $200, the ProGear 555LXT is more than a great bargain.

This may prove to be the motivation you need to achieve your goals and better health. With this review, you are now in a better position to purchase one. If you have something interested to share with us, then do let us know about it.