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Fitness Reality Water Rower: Smashes competition with inclined tank

There's nothing wrong with flat tank water rowers you can get a heck of a workout on one, but for the more seasoned rower out there who wants that extra bit of resistance, an inclined water tank could be the way to go? I've had friends who have used both. One friend...

Best Water Rowing Machine Reviews: Under $600 For 2022

Water Rowing machines are the most desirable type of rowing machine on the market and until recently cost well over $1000 for a decent one. Thankfully prices have started to fall and we can now get hold of a high-quality water rowing machine for under $600. Solid Oak...

Best Magnetic Rowing Machine 2022 Reviews & Comparisons

Magnetic resistance isnt anything new it's been featured on cardio gear for the past decade or so. But it's only recently this whisper-quiet resistance system has filtered its way down the price ranges. Now we can get hold of a well-built magnetic rowing machine for...

Best Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine For Working Out at Home

I've been asked many times what the best Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing machine is, and it's a difficult question to answer as Sunny makes so many impressive rowers. Two stand out from the rest. I've reviewed a ton of their gear over the years, including all of...


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