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Lower Stomach Exercises

Are you getting tired of training your abs every day and seeing no results? You are probably performing the lower stomach exercises exactly how you should be but when you look at your abs you see no improvement... It's an old saying first quoted from bodybuilders in...

Beginner Weight Training – Tips For Success!

Making the first steps from your comfy couch and hitting the weights can be tough. But what's most important is starting your training off on the right footing. Before you rush off and grab the nearest dumbbell, you'll need to take a look some of the fundamentals. By...

5 Health Benefits of Weightlifting

There are some great health benefits for weight lifting, many people head straight for the treadmills or exercise machines and spend their whole time just doing cardiovascular work, not realising the huge benefits that weight lifting (resistance training) can give. A...

Ultimate Dumbbell Bicep Workout At Home

BICEPS If you're anything like me and I'm happy to admit it, one of the main reasons I got into weight training was to get bigger arms and chest. With the Ultimate Dumbbell Bicep Workout at home, you have 4 of the best exercises to help you pack mass and peak those...

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Bodybuilding Diet Plan For Beginners

Sticking to a good bodybuilding diet plan can be very difficult if you do not manage to maintain your normal lifestyle. So if you want to gain…

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Best Foods For Adding Mass Fast!

“You need to eat to grow”! I am sure you have heard that so many times. But what does that actually mean? Most People…

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5 Best Vitamins For Muscle Growth and Recovery

Don’t be the weight trainer who forgets how important minerals and vitamins are for healthy muscle gains and recovery. Combine a well…

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What Is The Recommended Daily Intake of Protein?

Each day you should take two grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. This is a golden rule and recommended daily…



Jays Home gym is dedicated to finding the best home gym equipment at the most affordable prices. We’re not like the other review sites that love to promote the most expensive gym equipment in order for high affiliate returns.

We generally believe you can build an impressive home gym on a small budget which is why we never stop searching for the best gym equipment deals on the internet.

Jay, the owner of JHG, has over two decades of weight lifting and Fitness experience and over 10 years of building home gyms, you can be sure…


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High-Quality Low Cost Gym Gear

Fitness is not about being better than someone. Fitness is about being better than the person you were yesterday. Whether you are there to burn off some calories or are training for competions.

power rack on stone floor rep fitness pr1000
blue squat rack icon

Best Power Rack Under $500

We don’t have to spend a ton of cash to find a decent power rack for our home gyms. Surprisingly, you can get hold of a few heavy-duty rack that not only support up to 1000lb of weight on the spotter bars but also allow for useful attachments such as high/low pulley

woman running on treadmill

Top 8 Treadmills Under $400

When we buy a treadmill, we need to consider what we want to use the treadmill for? Running, jogging, marathon training, or walking because the variety on offer out there is huge and finding the right treadmill for your fitness needs is essential.
man holding two dumbbells core fitness

Best Cheap Dumbbells Available Right Now

Compact, Fast To Adjust, And Durable Are All Features We Must Look For When Choosing Dumbbells. In Our Best Cheap Dumbbells Review, We’ve Managed To Find 5 Excellent sets of adjustable dumbbells with weight ranges from…

Body Building


titan power rack in home gym

Deltalied Review of the Titan T3 Power Rack 82″

It’s highly unlikely you will see many racks with specs like the Titan T3 power rack for under…

mevem weight bench in home gym

Best Adjustable Weight Bench under 150

The vast range of quality on offer is why, when we go cheap, we have to be even more careful…

set of power block dumbbells on their stand

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Review

They’re built to last, have a wide weight range, and even if you opt to buy the lower weight, elite 50’s and grow out of them, there’s the option to buy the expansion…