Updated March 8, 2020

You get a lot for your money with the Fitness Reality 810XLT Power rack, it will appeal to a wide range of people with an 800lb weight capacity and versatile 19 workout levels.

What I like best about this entry-level rack is the option of buying extras for the power rack such as weight plate storage, dips bars, and j-hooks, you can turn a very good budget power rack into an extremely versatile piece of home gym equipment, paying less than half of what you would for similar spec racks.

Built from 2″x 2″ steel tubing the 810XLT seems to be very well made and sturdy

We’ll take a quick look at the power rack product description and then a much closer look at this excellent budget level power rack.

Product Description


800lb weight capacity


19 adjustable levels for the safety bars


Multi-Position chin up bars


2″x 2 ” square steel frame construction


Compatible with the fitness reality 1000lb weight bench, although you can use any bench you wish with this power rack.


Power rack dimensions: 50.5 L x 46.5 W x 83.5 H inches 

Build quality/Design

 2″ x 2″ steel tubing and an overall weight of 133lbs make the Fitness Reality a fairly stable power rack, ideally, when you are buying a power rack you would be looking for the weight of the rack to be over 175-200lb mark but then we would be looking at racks twice the price.

The 133lb weight of the rack will ensure some much-needed stability but you need to remember this is not a bolt to the floor rack and with a low weight like this, the rack may tilt forward with some exercises. That being said you shouldn’t have much trouble as long as you are working inside the rack.

With some DIY tinkering, I’m sure you could find a way to attach the frame to the floor for extra stability.

The Reality Fitness rack has been built to accommodate the 7ft Olympic bar length as all racks should do, the safety bars are solid steel and chromed and are 23″ in length. J hooks are available to buy separately and these are definitely a purchase I would recommend as the bar holders look to be questionable.

The thickness of the 2″x 2″ steel frame is 00.86  making it 14 gauge steel, the industry standard is 11 gauge, don’t worry too much about having a higher gauge.

The higher gauge will make the rack lighter but from the many many reviews I have read about this rack, it sounds to be very stable for its weight.

When we buy a rack one of the most important factors we need to consider is depth, first the walk-in depth and secondly the depth of the space between the upright pillars.

Powerlifters don’t need to worry too much about depth because the bar mostly travels in a straight line, for squats, presses and deadlifts, but for us bodybuilders, we need some extra depth for arc movements such as curing and extensions.

Pillar To Pillar Depth

A minimum depth of around 23-24″ between pillars is acceptable, it should give you enough forward and backward space for bar travel, allowing you to curl the barbell comfortably, which is just what the 810XLT has, so a thumbs up here, that’s great to see from an entry-level power rack.

The 810XLT is a closed power rack, this is exactly what bodybuilders are looking for, it helps give the rack that extra stability and rigidness and importantly allows for a chin-up bar.

Open top racks are great for standing presses but don’t give you the option for a chin-up bar, we definitely do not need an open top rack.

Note: This rack is quite tall at 83.5″, it is not suitable for low ceilings, also plate storage will be on the back of this rack so it will not be possible to store against the wall if you choose to buy the plate storage upgrade.


800lb weight capacity is quite awesome for a power rack costing under $250 bucks, apart from the extreme lifters among us, there won’t be many needing a weight capacity higher than 800lbs. So this rack should be suited to almost anyone from beginner to advanced when it comes to the weight capacity.

The weight capacity is this rack’s main selling feature and it’s something that will make this a very popular rack amongst all types of weightlifters.

Hole Spacing

It’s disappointing to see the 3″ hole spacing on the 810XLT, whilst many of you will be ok with it, some of you will find the spacing is too wide, we generally like to see 2″ spacing on power racks with the gold standard being 1″-1.5″ but we’re talking $250 here so we can’t expect everything to be perfect.

3″ spacing will affect your bench pressing, you won’t notice too much for squatting but for benching it can be problematic, so this is something to take note of.

If you do have issues with the spacing of the Fitness Reality rack, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find some 1″ plywood to put underneath when your benching, this will narrow the gap down to the desired 2″.

Fitness Reality 810XLT Attachments

My favourite feature of this budget power rack and it’s what makes this rack stand out for me over its rivals is the option they give you for buying additional extras, not many budget benches allow for stuff like dip bars, plate storage etc.

This is excellent news, plate storage for myself and most bodybuilders is a must. Who wants to be bending down every time you need to add a plate.

Plate storage is a space saver and a time saver and we highly recommend this additional add-on when purchasing this power rack.

The dip attachment is a great addition too, dips are fantastic for lower chest development and I actually prefer dips for adding lower pec mass compared to decline pressing. So this is another add-on well worth taking a look at for this power rack.


Easy to assemble
Wide walk-in design
Fitness Reality rack can hold up to 800lb
Stable sturdy structure
Attachments available
1 yr warrenty


large 3″ spacing between holes can affect your pressing workouts.
Light at 138lb

Who Is This Rack For?

Just about anyone who is looking to move up from dumbbell training to some heavier weight barbell rack work, and because of its excellent weight capacity of 800lb even advanced trainers should be able to get some heavy barbell work out of this rack. 

You can perform squats, pull-ups, incline presses, flat bench, shoulder shrugs and a ton of other exercises with your rack, making it a very versatile piece of home gym equipment.

Safty should be your number one priority when lifting heavy weight loads, so does this rack meet safety expectations? Yes with 23” catches for safety that is dual-mounted and two 3.25” safety pins, everything stays in place.

With two extra support bars fixed to the back of the cage, making the rack even more stable, you should hopefully have less wobble than some of the other budget racks.

Note: Stabilizer bars can impede certain placements of your adjustable weight bench and can be a hindrance to your feet when unracking the barbell for squats or pressing movements. I haven’t read any complaints concerning this rack and stabilizer bars.

To Sum Up

A very well priced power rack from Fitness Reality, with a weight capacity of 800lb, the Fitness Reality 810XLT will suit most weightlifters, I like to see options for important add-ons such as plate holders and dip bars, they are certainly something you will get much use from and are usually reserved for high end racks.

Overall a very well built power rack, perfect for your home gym barbell workouts, at a price most can afford.