There is no muscle gain without an appropriate diet as well as without good training. Lately, everyone blames bad supplements or inadequate diet for their failures in building mass but no one seems to remember that the training is as important for muscle growth as diet.

Seems like the training has been lost somewhere along the way and became unimportant, just something you do and the supplements are the one that should magically give you muscle mass.

Don’t forget that the training is essential and it is what stimulates your growth and no supplements in the world mean a thing without a good workout.

How To Workout For The Best Results

Intensity! Increase of force and tension on progressive bases is the key to muscle stimulation.

For beginners weight training is a big step compared to no training and for that reason, beginners progress as much.

However, after a certain amount of time body gets used to the stress you put it through and growth stops. In order to keep progressing, you should increase the weights and decrease the breaks between repetitions. When the body again stops reacting it means its time for higher intensity training.

Short and intense! You must have heard this many times but something is missing there. If you ever tried this kind of training I’m sure you went home thinking you could have done more. When the increase in mass is unnoticeable you will for sure blame the “short and intense” advice.

You feel like your body asks for more but if you increase the volume of workouts very quickly you will enter the stage of overtraining. If you do repetition after repetition you are putting in too much effort, training lasts too long and you are wasting valuable energy on recovery instead of channelling it into the increase of muscle mass.

It is necessary that you find the way to train short, intense and efficient. With normal workout, it takes too many repetitions to stimulate enough fibres to grow but sometimes that stimulation is insufficient because the nervous system just can’t take anymore. 

That is the main reason why for so many people it takes so long to build noticeable muscles. For most, it takes a lot of repetitions and heavy training to bypass the block that nervous system sets preventing optimal muscle stimulation.

Better And Faster Way To Build Muscles

If you know how to train properly the limits that you can reach move drastically.

It can be very frustrating to go to the gym for years and see that your body changes a little bit or not at all.

Training is not just moving the weight from point A to point B. If that was the case anyone would be able to do it. Since training is much more than that only a few achieve what they are trying to.

What it takes is determination and doing the exercises correctly to stimulate the growth of your muscles.  When a certain muscle section won’t grow people usually think they need to do more repetitions and lift heavier weights and that is totally wrong.

Instead, they should find a better way to stimulate that certain muscle. Usually in the end when they find a correct way to stimulate the muscle they achieve more even with lighter weights.

Partial Repetitions

One of the best training for targeting specific muscle and making it grow is partial repetitions workout.

Partial repetition training is like no other regular training. It is the training where repetitions are done in a specific range of motion.

For example, a partial bench press is doing only the top six inches of the range of motion. You can do partial reps at the end of the series, in between a group of reps or between each rep. While the weight is in half stretched position of the exercise do short moves almost as static repetition.

By doing this you are forcing the nervous system to use the maximum number of muscle fibres in the flex position. This can lead to a tremendous increase in the stimulation of growth and strength and you do not need to do many repetitions.

Partial reps should be done in the hardest part of the movement because if done in that manner it will give the best results. In basic exercises do partial repetitions in the part of the movement where you can produce most force from a targeted muscle.

Each exercise has a certain point where it is the best doing partial reps, not all at the same part tho it is usually close to the lower position in the movement.

The reason you are doing full repetitions at the beginning of the training is to get the muscles ready for partial reps and activate more types of muscle fibre.

After you do one training with partial reps you will see how much it benefits targeted groups of muscles. This kind of workouts have the potential to make you bigger than you ever imagined is possible.

One of the best names in fitness Ronnie Coleman does this kind of workouts using partial reps between each repetition in the lower position of the movement.

If you are aiming for a huge increase in muscle mass try this kind of training. With a proper diet and a good workout program results will come quickly. You will be able to achieve your goals doing shorter workouts with lighter weights.