How to build a thicker neck is a question most beginner bodybuilders just don’t ask anymore, which is a huge mistake; you should exercise the neck just as much as the arms or any other part. I can not stress too strongly the importance of a thick well-developed neck. It can be a lifesaver!

A Well Developed String Neck Can Save Your Life.

No doubt you may have heard at one time or another how someone injured or broke their neck while diving. I have a friend who’s been a bodybuilder for decades and also loves diving. One day he was fooling around, and he dove too deep, and his head struck the bottom hard. He was more fortunate than most because he recovered from this accident with only a small lump on his skull. But what he was most grateful for was that he’d always taken the time to strengthen his neck and swears his neck training saved his life.

At the time of the accident, he was doing a variety of neck work, a routine perfect for any bodybuilder, even beginners. And it’s this routine I want to recommend today. Great for improving strength and overall thickness.

Before Explaining the neck routine, let me mention how important a strong neck is. So many people today get neck trouble after being involved in a car accident, and only those involved in such accidents realize the importance of developing a strong neck. But a strong neck may not only save your life but will add to your overall appearance. It’s easy to pick out a well-developed bodybuilder in any crowd by the size and development of his neck.

How To Build A Thicker Neck – Exercises

1. Here are some of the best exercises we know will make your neck bigger and stronger. The first is an old favorite which is done with a head harness. The head harness is put on the head, and the weight is fastened to the chain. It’s best to perform at least two sets of the exercise with enough weight to allow full head motion.

Always ensure you utilize the full range of head movement for better results.

weight plate neck training

2. If you don’t have a head harness, try the following exercise. Lie facedown on a bench with the head hanging well off the edge. Put a dumbbell (or weight plate) on the back of your head using a towel for padding. Support the dumbbell with your hands and now lower your head and then raise it as high as you can. Do it for ten reps in two sets.

3. Another exercise is done the same way, except you lie on your back and place the dumbbell on your forehead. Do the same number of sets and reps.

If you find holding a dumbbell or weight plate cumbersome, have a training partner provide the resistance by applying pressure to your head while you perform the movement. In fact, some bodybuilders prefer this method because they can concentrate more on the exercise while their partner exerts all the pressure needed. Both positions can be utilized, however.

4. The following exercise is not so common but is an excellent neck developer. It’s the headstand. Do a headstand and rest your feet against the wall and help your balance with your arms held on the sides. As your neck gets stronger, lift one hand up, and later support yourself by your neck strength alone. Some movements can be incorporated into this exercise but perform the movement very slowly. Hold the headstand position for about 30 seconds and repeat two to three times.

5. The next exercise is difficult and puts your whole body to work but especially the neck. Get two chairs, boxes, or any other supports on which you can rest your feet and head and maintain this position. Turn around and hold the position in this way. This, of course, is tougher. It is one of the best neck exercises you can do. But it’s best to of done at least three months of neck training before you try this advanced neck strengthener.

I’ve seen some pro bodybuilders demonstrate their superb neck development and power by getting into this position face up while another person does a handstand on their abdomen. This calls for lots of strength in the whole spine but especially in the neck. It’s more difficult, however, to support yourself on your toes and forehead, but as your neck gets stronger, you’ll find this position can be mastered just as easily.

6. To learn how to do this neck stunt, use a small bench or stool under your abdomen so you can rest upon it. Then lift yourself up and hold it for a second or two before allowing your abdomen to rest on the stool, and then repeat. It won’t be long before you can hold the position without the stool. But don’t rush things. Make progress slowly. Once you get a kink in your neck, it can take days or weeks to work out.

To Sum Up

Don’t try to include all these exercises in one workout. Select one or two different ones for each training period. In this way, you’ll enjoy more variety, and your neck will respond better.

Keep in mind that a string thick neck is an asset to any bodybuilder, and it’s one part of the body that should never be neglected.

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