Updated July 6, 2019

It’s always good to see another top weightlifting shoe that doesn’t carry the Nike or Adidas branding, if you want something a little different and a shoe solely designed for lifting weights, then I’ve got a feeling you might like the Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes.

And there’s something I really like about the Pendlay shoes,  they have the two metatarsal straps, mirroring shoes such as the Reebok Legacy.

If you like the sound of a pair of Pendlays then take a few minutes and read our full detailed review of these excellent weightlifting shoes.

Pendaly Do-Win weightlifting shoes are precision made tailored to the weightlifting community, the company is jointly owned by Muscle driver USA and USA weightlifting coach, Glenn Pendlay.

Pendlay are well known in the weightlifting community for making precision bars and plates, so it’s no big surprise to find their efforts of breaking into the weightlifting shoe market to be of top quality.

Although they haven’t been making lifting shoes for long they were right on the mark with this version of the shoe. The Do-Wins boast a wide profile for extra comfort, a hard plastic TPU heel, great for reducing weight, and synthetic leather upper. An appealing looking shoe at a low to mid price point.

Pendlay Men's 15PBLKBLU - Weightlifting Shoes 4.5 M Black-Blue
  • Synthetic Leather - Nylon Mesh
  • Two Metatarsal Straps
  • Do-Win Wide Toebox Design
  • Improved Weightlifting Shoe Sole is Stronger and more Flexible
  • 3-4 inch heel height

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