There’s an absolute ton of ab machines out there at the moment all with their own little bit of hype to persuade you their ab machine can give you ripped abs faster than the others, and to be honest it’s all a load of rubbish.

Yeah, there are some great ab machines and yes, they do a good job to work and strengthen your core but none of them including the Perfect Ab Carver Pro will produce a set of ripped abs in a matter of weeks or months.

Diet First

Your core muscles like any other muscle you train take a long to time to develop and strengthen, I’ve been weightlifting for over 20 years and still do not have the perfect set of abs, strong yes, look good yes, but perfect no.

Unlike your chest, arms, back, and shoulders where you see gains quickly, the abs are in a completely different ballpark, why? Because nearly all of your ab training is done in the kitchen.

woman kicking unhealthy burger

The first thing you need to think about before training any muscle is diet, especially if you are training for hypertrophy( building visible muscle as opposed to strength).

Take a minute to think about it, do you really think training your abs for half an hour a day will shift the inch or two of fat covering your midsection? It doesn’t matter how hard you train your abs, if you have a layer of fat covering them, you’ll never see them.

Benefits of Building A Strong Core

What a product like the Perfect Ab Carver can do is help you build a strong core, so please never think training your core is in vain.

Building a strong core should be your main goal when training your abs, and if you want the toned/ripped look, well, as we mentioned above, you’ll have to work hard on your diet and cardio.

A few awesome benefits that come from training your core:

  • If you take a look at some of the research done on the subject you will see that having a strong core can improve your posture, prevent and help back pain, people who have weak deep core muscles are far more likely to develop back injuries and pain.
  • Regularly using an ab roller to strengthen your core will also help improve your balance, increase athletic performance and many neck, shoulder, hip, knee, and even foot problems can be traced back to your core as well.

Is My Core Strong Enough For Ab Rollouts?

If you are new to core workouts or completely new to a regular workout routine, it’s more than likely your core is going to be weak.

Rollouts are serious core exercises that need to be performed with proper form at all times to prevent injury. The last thing you want to do is injure your back performing rollouts with a weak core.

There are a couple of simple tests we can try to see if you are ready for rollouts, the first one is a plank.

If you can’t hold a plank for more than 30 seconds or do a couple of press-ups without your back sagging then this is a telling clue that you are not ready for full rollouts and your core is weak.

But don’t worry if you failed both of the tests, rollouts are still on the cards, what we need to do is work out with some beginner ab roller exercises first.

Beginner rollout exercises will help strengthen your core and teach you the correct form. Check out the video guide below for some excellent beginner exercises.

Why Do We Like The Perfect Ab-Carver Pro?

The best feature of Ab Carver Pro is probably the wide wheel, this is really going to help with stability, the majority of cheap ab rollers have narrow wheels.

Narrow wheels can take your concentration away from working your abs and instead, you’ll spend half your workout time trying to keep balance. For beginners, a wide wheel is usually recommended.

Kinetic Assist Engine

The Kinetic assist engine is basically a fancy name for a spring inside the Ab Carver wheel, it’s a very useful feature for adding some extra resistance as you roll forward with the wheel, this will help engage your core muscles more thoroughly.

But what’s also nice, the spring mechanism assists you as you roll back, not many ab rollers offer this excellent feature, it’s great for keeping correct form.

perfect ab carver pro

Ergonomic Hand Grips

Neary every ab roller out there likes to boast of ergonomic handgrips even $10 ones have them, they are not reserved for special ab rollers, ergonomic handles are something we need and are very beneficial to the workout, how do they work?

Ergonomic handles are supposed to keep your body in the correct alignment to reduce any chance of injury which comes from incorrect form.

The main purpose of ergonomic handles is to help target the specific muscles you are training in a safe way.

Okay, so green tick for handle design, but one of the biggest problems many, many people run into when using an able roller is just how uncomfy the plastic handle becomes after extended use, especially for those who are not used to barbell workouts or working with their hands.

Hard plastic handles cause callouses, a few ab rollers provide a foam or rubber grip which is great, and this is also true of the Ab Carver Pro, but only a thin layer coats the top of the handles, if this isn’t enough padding for you, you can buy a cheap pair of weightlifting gloves to protect hands and relieve pain.

Designed By A Navy Seal

The Ab Carver Pro was designed by a former Navy Seal, in this short video he explains just why his design is better than anything else currently out there, if you have got 5 minutes, it’s well worth a watch.


It’s an ab wheel, nothing too complicated about assembly, simply attach the handles, a few minutes tops.

Portable? (kind of) this is one of the largest ab wheels we have reviewed, so fitting it in a gym bag may prove troublesome, although the handles are very easy to take off if you were wanting to take the Ab Carver with you to the gym, remove the handles then it should fit into most gym bags.

The Good

Extra wide wheel, great for stability

Built-in resistance spring

Comes with a workout mat for protecting your knees

Ergonomic grips

Good build quality

Easy to assemeble

The Bad

A few users mentioned quality issues when item arrived

Poor customer service



ab wheel valeo ab roller

Valeo Ab Roller

The Valeo ab roller is a simple no-fuss ab roller, it’s been designed well to give your core a full workout, without the frills of its more expensive counterparts.

The Valeo has a completely different design compared to the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro, instead of one wide wheel the Valeo ab roller has a dual-wheel design.

And the dual wheel design does surprisingly well at keeping this thing stable says many of its users. What’s also worth noting is the deep tread of the wheels, another excellent stability feature, the tread will also go along way in preventing embarrassing and dangerous face plants.

For a budget ab roller, the Valeo is built very well. Many users have praised how solid and well built the ab roller feels.

If you are after a cheap ab wheel and you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the more expensive models, then I’d highly recommend checking out this compact little gem from Valeo.


To Sum Up

The super wide wheel of the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver is what sells it for me, many people avoid ab wheels for the simple fact they are hard to master, balance being the biggest issue. The extra wide wheel is going to give a lot of people that extra bit of confidence when buying this roller.

Just make sure to keep correct form and this ab wheel will prove to be a very worthwhile buy for your home gym.