Every one of us has a body part they would gladly get rid of or change entirely, but there are just a few that would go for esthetic surgery since it is so invasive.

The good news is that we can reshape our bodies without hours spent at the gym. There is a way to get that perfect belly that you always dreamed about, and the solution is not only in exercising its about healthy eating too.

There are so many great healthy diets and exercises that will allow you to make an excellent program for yourself, one that will suit your needs and will not interfere with your daily routine. We have ten diet and fitness tips that will make achieving your goals that little bit easier.

image representing healthy diet and fitness a young woman sitting next to the jar with fruit

1) Biggest Meal 60-90 Minutes Before training

If you eat your most substantial bigger meal an hour and a half before training, the smaller will be the catabolic response. Large meals trigger an anabolic response by raising the level of amino acids and insulin in the blood and, at the same time, lowering the level of cortisol, which is the primary catabolic hormone.

Try eating two to three cups of rice or pasta with a hundred and fifty to two hundred grams of turkey breasts or fish sixty to ninety minutes before the training, depending on your body structure and metabolism.

Do not eat directly before the training, so you don’t find it hard to train, although even in this case, the body adjusts over time. In a period of two to three weeks, the digestive system adjusts and starts releasing digestive juices, thus minimizing and removing the feeling of discomfort.

2) Hormonal Support To Cardio

The secret of intense aerobic workout lies in the increased consumption of fat without muscle loss. And while a large number of cardio trainings can have many advantages, some trainings can lead to declining in the levels of testosterone.

Try taking two hundred milligrams of caffeine thirty minutes before the training. Caffeine taken on an empty stomach induces releasing of fat while burning catecholamines.

Also, a good definition of muscles sometimes demands extreme measures. Take six grams of arginine on an empty stomach and then go to the gym.

Arginine raises the levels of growth hormone and high levels of growth hormone to induce the consumption of fat as fuel while at the same will spare muscle mass and stop its deterioration.

Immediately after the training, drink a protein shake that contains a lot of carbs to make sure that the muscles will recover.

3) Stretching The Muscle

This technique consists of stretching the muscle, followed by an immediate isometric contraction in the completely stretched position.

Straight after the isometric contraction of the muscle loosen the muscle while it is still stretched and then try to stretch it some more.

This technique builds up the strength within your muscles.

4) Increased Calorie Intake

Every ten to fourteen days have one day when you will radically, really increase your calorie intake, carbs, protein, and fat.

By doing this, you will induce an increase in the level of testosterone, growth hormone, and thyroid hormone in your body, and that will lead to more significant muscle growth.

For example, if you are normally eating two hundred grams of protein, four hundred grams of carbs, and forty grams of fat a day on that day, you double it. 

That will maybe require you to eat processed carbs such as cookies, mashed potatoes, white bread, or various jams and honey.

5) Intense Sets

Use heavy weights whit which you can do one to two repetitions max. After the first set rest for ten seconds and then switch to the weights whit which you can do ten repetitions.

Try to do eleven to twelve repetitions. You will notice that the second set you can do using heavier weights than you usually use for the same number of repetitions per set.  Heavier weights always lead to increased growth.

6) Extreme Sets

The body adapts to every training technique getting to the point when constant growth gets to be more than a challenge.

Try doing the following: increase the sets by 50% during a period of three weeks twice a year. After the third week, have four days off and then go back to your regular training routine.

These additional sets induce new muscle growth while the days off help us to recover completely. For example, if you usually do twelve sets for chest and sixteen sets for your back, do eighteen sets for the first muscle group and twenty-four for the second.

young woman using a treadmill

7) Cyclic Cardio

I am sure you have heard of cyclic carbs-alternately consuming large and small amounts of carbs to make the body burn more fat.

The same rule applies to burn calories. Make your cardio cyclic. For two days, train thirty minutes max, then for two days do interval training lasting for forty-five minutes and then one day train for sixty minutes at a very light pace.

After all of this have two days off. When you are training in this way, your body will continuously burn more fat and more calories.

8) Skip Cardio Workouts

What happens when you are on a low-calorie diet for a long time? The metabolism slows down. After six weeks, you stop losing weight because the metabolism is very slow.

The same thing happens when it comes to burning calories. When you add a lot of cardio to your training program, you rapidly start losing weight.

However, in time your body adjusts and burns fewer and fewer calories on each training. What is the solution? It is simple. After every four weeks of cyclic cardio, take a week off cardio. When you start doing cardio again, your results will be better.

9) Cortisol Control

One of the reasons why you need to eat well before the training is that when you do, you are saving the muscles since there are large amounts of carbs and protein in the body, which raises the level of insulin and insulin prevents the decomposition of muscles.

High levels of insulin in the body also prevent the raising of the level of cortisol, catabolic hormone whos level rises during the training.

10) Loss Of Water

Do you want to get rid of the water from your body? Well then increase the intake of salt in a period of six days or double the amount of water you are drinking.

What is the result? The level of the hormone responsible for keeping the water in your body lowers. Seventh, eighth, and ninth days reduce the intake of salt, and you will lose all those kilograms that come from the held water, and the definition of the muscles will be better.


If you follow at least a few of these tips and don’t give up with training and a healthy diet, the results will come in no time, and you will have a healthy fit, muscular body you always wanted.