Specific lunge exercises for women will help you tone and build your legs much faster than others. But before you can start with the exercises, you first need to determine just what type of bone structure you possess.

Are you the type with large shoulders and a large midsection, or are you the one who claims large hips and thighs with a smaller upper body?

There is also the individual who does not have particularly large legs but does lack basic shape. All this person needs is lots of exercises to enable her to firm and strengthen her legs. The leg training routine we’re recommending today is especially good for all types of leg problems.

The number of repetitions you should perform, the speed at which you do the movements, and the amount of resistance you use depend entirely on which type of leg problem you are trying to overcome.

3 Common Leg Problems

1. If your legs are too large, you must put yourself on a diet to help lose some of the excess. Even if you do not want to lose in other parts of the body, you will need to diet in order to help reduce the size of your legs. You will need to perform up to 30 repetitions on all of your leg exercises. When your legs are worked separately, as in lunges and all types of kicks, you must do 30 on each leg for maximum benefit.

All the exercises we recommend today must be performed twice during each workout. It may sound like a great deal of work, but it’s necessary to obtain the desired results. Also, the exercises must be done every single day-no exceptions. You should also stress speed both in the exercises and in the pace of your workouts.

2. The women with small legs should use resistance when performing the suggested exercises. Dumbbells, barbell plates, heavy books, or a barbell on your shoulders will help to build up your leg size. If you desire larger legs, you should do just 10 to 15 repetitions and only work out three days a week. Do not repeat every exercise a second time, however. Perform the movements at a moderate to slow rate of speed.

3. The woman interested in shaping and firming her legs but does not want to change the size should train every day. But don’t stress if a day is missed occasionally. Do the exercises at a moderate rate of speed. When the exercises become quite easy, then add more resistance. Keep the repetitions between 20 and 25 for best results.

Top 5 Lunge Exercises For Women

1) Forward Lunge

The forward lunge should be done without any weight if you have heavy legs. However, if you are interested in building and firming the legs, use a barbell or a dumbbell in each hand. Keep the feet planted and simply lunge forward at the knee. The hands should be placed at the hips when no resistance is being used.


2) Running Lunges

While keeping the arms and shoulders stationary, run your lunges in place, as shown in the video above. Try to keep the buttocks from lifting up and down as your run. This is done quite rapidly for the reducer and slowly for the firmer. The “builder” doesn’t need to include running lunges in her program.


3) Kneeling Lunges

Lean on one leg with the other stretched out in from of you,  now, come up and repeat on the opposite leg. Continue this movement very quickly if you are the “reducer.” The person interested in firming her legs should use a light bar on her shoulders and continue at a rapid pace. For the women wanting to build leg size, use a heavy bar on the shoulder and lunge slowly.


4) Side Lunges and Side To Side Lunges

There are two ways to perform this exercise, and both are equally good. Plant both feet solidly, lunge to one side, then back up to straight, and finally down to the same side. Keep repeating this movement. The other way is to lunge to one side, come up, then lunge to the opposite side, and finally back and forth. Thus the two different names describe the two methods. The “reducer” must perform these exercises very swiftly. The “builder and firmer should do them slowly, and the weight should be held in the hands or on the shoulders to make the exercise more challenging.


5) Walking Forward Lunge

This is a simple type of lunge. What you actually do is walk forward with each lunge. Go at a fast pace. In fact, the “reducer” should break into a jog around the room, gym, or wherever she trains. The “firmer or builder” will want to use weight for resistance. When doing so, place the bar on your shoulders, then perform the walking lunges. When this becomes easy, place your bar, dumbbells, or plates overhead. This, of course, makes it all the more difficult.

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