Losing weight can be very simple, all you need to do is burn more calories than you consume during the day. However, starving yourself is not a good way to lose weight. Take a look at our 100 healthy suggestions on how to get rid of fat fast.

These fat busting suggestions could really change your body weight and physical fitness!

1. Write down what you ate and what exercises you had during your day.

This is the best way and proven method which will help you replace old habits with new healthier ones.

2. Plan ahead, instead of grabbing any food at hand, this way you will have a plan and you will know what healthy food you will eat.

3. Consult an expert. Seek advice from a nutritionist which can help you not only to make a plan for your diet but an entire lifestyle. This is much more efficient than trying all sorts of different diets all the time.

4. Bring your food with you. If you do not, you will stop eating healthy in no time. People that lose weight efficiently, always have their food already prepared along with a bottle of water and some fruit.

5. Drink more water. Drinking more water will help you control your appetite and not only that it will help you with getting rid of toxins from burning the fat.

6. You think you are hungry but you might be just thirsty?

It often happens that the feeling of thirst is mistaken for the feeling of hunger. So first drink some water and if you are still hungry then go ahead and eat something.

7. Avoid corn syrup rich with fructose. If you manage to avoid this one ingredient you will eliminate a big part of unhealthy food and drinks that lead to piling up the fat.

8. Limit the intake of free sugar. Too much sugar in your diet leads to piling up and not burning the fat. Because of that, it is best to limit the intake of all the sugar in your diet to 4-6 spoons a day.

9. Use sweeteners instead of sugar. Best sweeteners are those that contain fructooligosaccharides that are in fact good for your intestinal tract.

10. Always combine the carbs with protein and fat. It will slow down the absorption and maintain a good level of sugar and insulin in the blood.

11. Eat five meals with fish each week. Fish is an excellent source of protein, contains a small number of calories and a large amount of omega3 that helps to burn fat especially in the belly area.

12. Eat oatmeal. If you exchange all the refined cereal with oatmeal you will manage to maintain a good level of insulin and give your body fiber and nutritious materials that will help you control your appetite and slow down the absorption of fat.

13. Limit oatmeal to three meals a day. In that manner, you will leave enough room for fruit and vegetables and won’t affect your intake of carbs.

14. Drink milk and yogurt and eat cheese to consume a healthy amount of calcium. It is proven that consuming calcium from dairy products helps with weight loss and controlling body weight.

15. Use whey. Most women can’t consume enough protein, especially after the workout when those are the most needed. Whey gives you an abundance of amino acids that are necessary for quick recovery.

16. Consume soy. Soy helps us to keep the muscle and burn the fat and soy fiber helps us diminish the overall absorption of fat.

17. Chose low-fat meat. In that manner, you will reduce the intake of fat and calories and at the same time, your heart will be healthier.

18. Include linen oil into your diet. Alphalenolic acid turns into omega3 in the body which helps burn the fat.

19. Take a walk instead of having a snack.

20. Turn off the TV. It is too tempting to sit still in front of it and have a snack so turn it off and go outside.

21. Find yourself a hobby. Keep your mind and hands occupied and what’s more important away from food.

22. Don’t drink juice, eat fruit. That will help you lose calories and at the same time, you’ll consume fiber.

23. Implement nuts into your diet. Even though it is in the category of food rich with fat and calories nuts are very healthy and give you the feeling of satiety. Just make sure to portion them and don’t eat from a bowl.

24. Eat breakfast. People that eat breakfast can control their body weight much better compared to those that do not.

25. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals does not help you to lose weight it just slows down your metabolism and gets you further from your goal.

26. Consume enough calories. Low-calorie diets are efficient in the beginning but soon they start slowing down the metabolism until you stop losing weight. Eat enough so you always have fuel for your training. This will help you train harder day by day to add to your muscle mass, speed up your metabolism and in the end start burning fat.

27. Workout to gain strength. Muscles are actually fat-burning machine in your body. The more muscles you have and activate the more calories you’ll burn throughout the entire day.

28. Get yourself a training ball. If you have to sit a lot behind the desk sit on the ball. That way you will always have training for keeping balance and burn calories at the same time.

29. Use your hands as much as you can.

Even some small action like doing the dishes manually instead of with a dishwasher burns additional calories. So by the end of the day, overall calorie burn is bigger.

30. Eat more fruit, vegetables and salad.

Fiber and water will increase your sense of satiety and reduce the overall intake of calories and you will not have a feeling you are denying yourself anything.

31. Keep track of protein intake. That way you will be able to reduce the intake of calories.

32. Drink green tea. Studies show that one cup of green tea five times a day can help you burn more calories and lose weight.

33. Stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol can slow down or even stop the weight loss.

34. Increase your intake of protein. When you reduce the number of calories you need more protein. Protein helps you control your appetite, burn calories and maintaining the muscle mass during weight loss.

35. Don’t drink sports drinks. Sports drinks slow down the process of fat burning and add unnecessary calories. Instead of them drink water.

36. Eat most of your carbs before 18 o’clock. After that time the level of insulin drops.

37. Eat after training. You have to refuel and recover so you have enough energy for the activities during the rest of the day and also for the training the next day. Straight after the training eat some protein and carbs.

38. Eat soup. Eating soup on a regular bases helps you lose weight.

39. Limit the intake of the restaurant food. Restaurant food is full of fat and hidden calories. The best way to have control over what you are eating is to eat at home.

40. Stop eating fried food. Fried food is rich in fat and calories so the best thing is to eliminate it entirely from your diet.

41. Don’t eat crisps. Replace it with something else like like soy crisps or nuts.

42. Get enough sleep. Most recent studies show that if a person has enough sleep it is much easier controlling the hunger and losing weight.

The ideal would be if you could sleep 7-8 hours. There is a big possibility that if you don’t get enough sleep the hormone of stress will grow and that leads to piling up of fat.

43. Eat small meals often. That way you will be able to control your appetite and your metabolism will be accelerated during the day.

44. If none of this works chew a gum. Sometimes you really can not control your desire for certain food. In those situations, it would be best to try with sugar-free chewing gum.

45. Start the diet with a friend. It works.

46. Go shopping. Celebrate success in other ways than going out for dinner.

47. Focus on the company and not on the food. On social events stay away from the buffet and mingle.

48. Bring your own food. If someone invites you for dinner offer to bring your own food. That way you will be sure you’re eating something that fits in your diet.

49. Use small plates. Choose a small plate instead of the big one in that manner you will limit the amount of food you can put on your plate.

50. Brush your teeth earlier in the evening. Maybe brushing your teeth will stop you from eating again.

51. Drink a lot of water. If you’re waking up at night to eat try drinking more water during the day. There is a bigger possibility that you are thirsty than hungry.

52. Go on an active holiday. For your holiday do some cardio, for example, like cycling.

53. Find a training partner. A little pressure will help you continue the program when you lack incentive.

54. Drink low-fat milk. Low-fat milk contains all the calcium and protein you need but doesn’t have as many calories and fat.

55. Make lettuce rolls. They are a perfect substitute for sandwiches.

56. Eat grapefruit. Grapefruit can really help you lose weight.

57. Consume egg yolk. One egg yolk a day can improve your mood and help you continue sticking to your plan.

58. Look forward to dessert. Eat dessert once a week. That way you will feel you treated yourself with something.

59. Eat at the table. Avoid eating standing up or in a car, in front of the TV. If you are eating at the table your brain will realize you really had a meal.

60. Eat unprocessed food. The less the food is processed the richer it is in vitamins, fiber and nutrients. It also has fewer calories.

61. Focus on what you have to eat. Do not focus on what you mustn’t eat next. When you consume all the liquid, fruit, vegetables, cereal, milk and protein you need on a daily bases there won’t be much room for anything else.

62. Eat right before you feel hunger. This will help you control your appetite and your metabolism will be accelerated all day.

63. Take supplements based on minerals and vitamins. When on a diet it is hard to consume all the nutrients you need.

64. Consume iron. If you consume additional iron you feel less tired and get better results in sport.

65. Get the best from sweets. If you like eating sweets eat them after training. That’s the time when your body can use all that sugar in the best way to refuel the muscles.

66. If you are going out for dinner choose a sushi restaurant. Sushi is a great source of protein and doesn’t have a lot of fat.

67. Transfer from regular alcohol-free beverages to diet ones. In that manner, you will reduce the intake of calories and carbs.

68. Play. Go outside and play ball with your children and friends.

69. Motivate yourself. Put photos or sayings describing how you would like to look and feel on your fridge.

70. What about fast food? You cant avoid it? The best solution there is a sandwich with cooked chicken.

71. Tap your foot. Studies show that people that are constantly restless burn more calories a day and are able to maintain their body weight easier.

72. Form a band. Playing an instrument helps you clear your mind and also burns calories.

73. Get a dog. You will have to take it out for a walk at least once a day.

74. Park your car far from your workplace. That way you will have to walk a little.

75. Set the table. Before you have lunch set the table.

76. Don’t be a garbage disposal. Eat only the food you have on your plate. Do not eat the food that was left on your children’s plates.

77. Do not bring the bread, please. Avoid eating the bread before the main course arrives. Ask the waiter to bring the bread along with the main course.

78. Exchange the sofa for a treadmill or a stepper.

79. Easy on the salad dressing. Adding the dressing transforms a salad from low-calorie meal to high-calorie meal.

80. Eat for yourself. Do not try to follow people that can eat more than you.

81. Do not take pride in “cleaning your plate”. Stick to your portion.

82. Be active even during a break. If you are at the desk during the entire day you will feel tired and be depressed. The first thing you will do is grab a candy. After each hour get up and stretch. That will make you feel better, work better and in the end look better.

83. Turn coffee break into a walk.

When coffee and doughnuts arrive you just get up go out and return after 10 minutes of nice energetic walk.

That will give you more energy than coffee.

84. Take it easy. If time is your biggest obstacle do not hesitate to eat canned vegetables. It is much better to eat canned vegetables than not eating vegetables at all.

85. You have a lot of protein available. Use 100% pasteurized egg white when you are not in the mood to break an egg to separate the yolk.

86. Going grocery shopping? While at the store stick to those shelves with vegetable, fruit, meat, and dairy. Be careful with the pastry shelves.

87. Only for chocolate lovers. Stick to supplements with the taste of chocolate.

88. Choose the right food. Products without fat and carbs can not satisfy you and you end up eating what you want to eat.

89. Prepare dessert in advance. In order to easier control the size of the portions when you decide to treat yourself prepare your dessert in advance.

90. Read the labeling on the products. Many products such as beverages and snacks are packed so they contain more than one portion.

91. Decorate your plate. Place the food in a manner that it together with tasting good looks good. This is one more way to satisfy your appetite.

92. What about combined food? Here you should watch for hidden fat and calories.

93. Slow down. If you eat slower you can activate your body’s built-in control system. If on the contrary, you eat too fast your tummy won’t have the chance to send your brain the signals you are already full and you will eat more than you need.

94. Clean your closet. Get rid of all the clothes you wore when you were bigger so you don’t grow into it again.

95. 100 calories a day equals 5kg less per year. You can lose them or gain them it is up to you. 100 calories are equivalent to one slice of bread with a bit of butter, half a bun, small piece of chocolate or half a liter of juice.

96. Excuse yourself from the table. After you finish eating excuse your self from the table so you do not get tempted to eat more.

97. Do not go on social events hungry. If you eat something before you go it will be easier for you to control your appetite.

98. Stick to your program. Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. It takes weeks, months, years. If you stick to your plan you will get the desired results.

99. Stay away from the scales. Changes in liquid and distribution of fat can influence the numbers on the scale showing more or less.

100. Give yourself realistic short term goals. Decide to take more liquid, to eat more vegetables and fruit, to work out every day. This actually helps you get to your long term goals.

Now that you know what kind of changes you can implement in your diet go ahead and do it. With a bit of imagination, you will be able to burn more calories each day. Good luck!