Every person has a certain part of their body they would like to change. Methods like esthetic surgery are too evasive and not many would decide to take that path. Good news is there are different less evasive ways to shape your body the way you like it and that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym in order to do it.

Of course, we all want to see the results as soon as possible otherwise we lose interest and give up. So if you are asking how to get perfect abs fast here are a few tips that might help you. If you implement some changes in your diet and workout program you will be able to achieve your goal fast.


When we talk about the protein, carbs, and fat there is always a question, what’s the number of calories that a person should consume in order to continue losing weight and fat? This question has been piling up on the belly for years.

Early studies have shown that in order to lose weight a person should consume 500 to a 1000 calories less a day.

It is known that 3500 calories are approximately 0,5kg of fat. So if you consume 500 calories less you should lose about half a kilo in a week’s time. If you double the number of calories you would be able to lose an entire kilo.

Nutritionists for years now are aware of the fact that the human body doesn’t work this way. Why this seemingly simple law of physics can not be applied to a human body?

The answer lays in this: Once the food gets into the body’s biological system there are too many variables. The human body is a living organism and the survival instincts allow the system rules to change which is all based on adjusting to the environment that lasted for thousands of years.

Scientists discovered that when a person consumes too few calories the energy consumption slows down. That is called the adjustment to starvation conditions which occurs only in extreme situations allowing the body to survive longer than we could foresee based on the normal consumption of energy.

This phenomenon has been known to scientists for a long time now, however, nowadays there is an opinion that even in the conditions of mild calorie deficit the energy consumption slows down. It means that if you consume fewer calories than your body needs you will not lose weight as you expect.

They came to the conclusion that you should consume 300 calories less than usual in order to burn the biggest percentage of fat in the shorter possible period.

Avoid diets with a very low-calorie number. Your diet should contain about 1800 calories which are enough for you to feel full and have enough fuel for your training.

Carbs, Protein And Fat

Scientific studies shed some light on the confusion about how many carbs, protein, and fat you should implement in your diet and still keep losing weight and burning fat.

Many of the studies shown that in the case of lower intake of calories a fewer number of carbs and protein can really boost the fat burn and preserve the muscle mass.

If you manage to burn fat but preserve the muscles this will help you keep your desired weight for a  longer period this is because muscles allow for a high level of energy burn.

To repeat, more protein helps the body keep more muscle mass and at the same time burn more fat. There is something else concerning protein. If you consume more protein you feel full and one of the main reasons people give up on diets is that they are constantly feeling hungry.

Diets with a low percentage of carbs rarely get good long term results even though they can lead to a fast loss of weight. Without enough carbs, you will be too tired to exercise regularly.

Carbs also affect your mood and it is known that people that are on low carb diets can be grumpy and depressed. Low carb diets are monotonous and not really tasty so sooner or later you will just want to quit.

What would be ideal is that you have a diet with enough carbs to be satisfied and happy but not too much to slow down the weight loss.

What Else Do We Need Apart From Carbs, Protein And Fat?

The percentage of protein, fat, and carbs in your diet is just a beginning. Type of protein, fat, and carbs also have a huge influence on your ability to lose weight.

Believe it or not but the kind of fat you use in your diet probably has the biggest influence on the burning of body fat.

Scientists have been for years now studying fish oil and its influence on health.

Those fats have recently been tested because of their ability to activate or deactivate the genes that create protein and hormones which send a signal to the body either to pile up fat or to burn it.

A diet that contains a high percentage of saturated fat will lead to piling up weight even without overeating. On the other hand, a diet with omega 3 fat can actually prevent you from gaining weight.

Monosaturated fats help to maintain the level of blood sugar and cholesterol with overweight people. You can find monosaturated fat in olives and olive oil, nuts, avocado… Diets with a large amount of monosaturated fat help to preserve the muscle mass and lose weight at the same time.

Dairy Products

Whey that can be found in dairy products is the most important protein for building muscle mass and burning fat.

It is proven that whey helps to prevent synthesizing fat in the liver and speeds up the burning of fat in the muscles. The best source of whey are dairy products.

Take low-fat milk or yogurt three times a day to really start burning fat.

Also, whey shake helps you to raise the level of protein and maintain the supplies of amino acids after a workout at the gym.

Last But Not Least

As always drink enough water so your kidneys and liver can detox your body. If you are dehydrated liver have to work additionally to help kidneys detox and that slows down the burning of fat.