Do you want to get fit in 28 days? With adequate diet and training, this is more than possible. In this article, we will talk about the diet and how to stick to it to reach your goal.

You are working out hard. You are following your training program to the letter. You are overcoming big weights and sweating on cardio workouts. However, all that work, although very important for reaching your goal, isn’t enough to get rid of body fat in the way you would want.

You must stick to an adequate diet to reach your weight loss goal. Why? Even if you spend an hour working out, there are still 23 hours left to neutralize all that hard work with one single mistake, such as a bag of chips, beer with your buddies, or a big mac. 

Diet is More Important Than You Think

Diet is a huge and very important part of the weight loss equation, essential in building a stronger body. Diet can determine your success or failure; it is 65% of what you need to get fit in 28 days. 

Since you are in for a month of hard work, there is no time to waste, so start immediately. You should go to the store to buy some groceries, and starting with tomorrow’s breakfast, you can document the changes (if you stick to the plan, of course).

carton of 10 eggs surrounded with vegetables

Get Fit In 28 Days Diet Plan

Principle Of Weight Loss

Strict. Strict. Strict. that should be your mantra for the next 28 days. There is no excuse for mistakes when it comes to a diet plan. This diet plan is full of healthy, fresh food that is not processed or processed very little.

1. Eat At Least 2gr Of Protein Per Kilogram Of Body Weight

If your daily intake of protein is too small during the diet with low-calorie intake, you will lose too much muscle mass instead of fat that you actually want to get rid of.

A sufficient amount of protein will allow you to preserve the existing muscle mass during this weight loss period. Choose a healthy source of protein, such as egg white, chicken, red meat, and protein supplements.

This diet plan contains an amount of 220-250g of protein a day which is sufficient for a healthy man weighing between 90 and 110kg.

Raise the amount of protein only if you are heavier than that or if you are hungry and need to add an extra meal during the day. If that is the case, we recommend you drink a protein shake as a fast meal (if you weigh less than 80kg, you need to deduct 85g of meat or chicken from your daily meal).

2. Level Of Carbs Should Be Low To Moderate During This Diet

There will be days when the intake of carbs will be limited to 100g, while on moderate days, you will be able to have 150g of carbs.

It is good that you rotate those days to preserve energy. Good sources of carbs are potatoes, rice, whole grain bread, and oats.

3. Drink at Least 3.5l of Water Per Day

3.5L of fluid will help with hydration and detoxication. Water is your basic drink during this diet.

Even though many people fool themselves with diet drinks without sugar, water should be the best choice for every occasion.

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How To Stay On The Right Track?

Habits and cravings are a real challenge during the process of a healthy diet. It takes one to two weeks to develop a habit of an eating regime.

Fast food is available at every corner. The hardest thing is developing a habit of preparing food you need to take with you.

The first weeks are tough, considering that. Be prepared for a challenge since you need to abandon your daily routine.

For example, you probably get out of work to buy a sandwich at a nearby fast food stand. Now you have to take the food from home with you to work and avoid everything you used to eat. That can be a real mental struggle.

Here are a few good pieces of advice on how to stay motivated and fight the craving for food.

First, plan a day when you will cheat with a meal. This should be every 7th day. Most people choose Sunday to be back on track starting Monday and the new work week.

If you feel depressed during the week, think about that day when you can eat absolutely anything you want. Of course, we are talking about one meal, not a whole day eating spree. After that meal, you are returning to the diet’s rules.

Second, take a few photos of your body at the beginning of this process that will motivate you during this period. Most people start this diet with a goal (competition, holiday, and similar), and thinking about that goal is what can keep you motivated.

Take a photo of your front, side, and back and put all those photos on the mirror in your bedroom. Think about how you will look in a few weeks.

Choose Protein Bars Instead of Sweets

When it comes to craving food, protein shakes, and protein bars can be a good substitute for sweets. You can mix a protein shake in the blender with a lot of ice, so it tastes like a milkshake.

Some protein powders contain berry fruits, which will help you fight the craving for food. Once or twice a week, you can eat a protein bar with a small amount of sugar. There are plenty of protein bars on the market nowadays, so you choose the one you like the most.

Healthy habits are easily ignored when dining out. Have your diet in mind at all times, and make sure you look closely at all you order. Ask for the meat to be grilled with no oil and the vegetable to be steam cooked, not fried.

Salads should not contain any dressing and should be light. If you have a good choice of restaurants in the area, choose the ones that will meet your needs.

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What Can You Expect?

Some men can lose up to 2.5kg per week if they stick to this diet plan. However, it is best to aim to lose 1 to 1.5kg weekly for a more lasting effect. You don’t want to get it all back after you stop being on this diet.

Weigh yourself once a week without clothes, at the same time, at the same spot, and with the same scale. That will give you the most precise information about your progress.

If you didn’t lose weight after the first week, it is time to implement some changes to the diet. Next to your regular workouts, the first thing you can do is add more cardio. Instead of one cardio a day, you can do 45 minutes on an empty stomach in the morning. And perform another cardio of 30 minutes in the afternoon or evening.

If this doesn’t help either, you need to lower the carbs. During the day, aim for 60-80g of carbs instead of 100g. Do this for two days, and then have a day with moderate carbs (150g).

Best Groceries

What is the best to eat when you want to lose weight?

Egg whites – don’t contain fat or cholesterol, just pure protein. They are easy to prepare in a matter of minutes.

Oatmeal – low level of sugar, high level of fiber. There are many brands on the market, so make sure you read the labels for sugar and additives. They are easy to prepare; you only need to pour boiling water over them and stir.

Green vegetables – are very healthy and nutritious. Contains a lot of fiber, vitamins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Since they are a great source of carbs, you will feel full with a small amount of vegetables.

Be Persistent On Your Road to The Goal

Your 28-day diet plan is in progress. You look better, and you want to keep it that way. Planning to preserve the way you look is very simple and allows you to be flexible in your diet.

Eating a good and healthy diet is simple if at home. Prepare a few egg whites, add integral pastries and some fruit.

If you are also eating dinner at home, a healthy meal should consist of some source of protein, green vegetables, and whole grain bread.

Take a protein shake or protein bar when it comes to a mid-day meal at lunchtime.

These are three very healthy meals that you should have in your diet. The rest of the meals should be strict as planned with no sugar or fat added.

Diet Plan

1. Day

Meal 1

45g of oatmeal prepared with water, 90g of strawberries, 1 boiled egg, and 5 boiled egg whites

Meal 2

200g of green vegetables, 225g of chicken breast

Meal 3

Tuna sandwich (170g of tuna), 2 slices of whole grain bread, 2 spoons of low-fat mayo, lettuce

Meal 4

40g of whey shake

Meal 5

Chicken salad made of 225g of chicken breast, 2 spoons of Italian dressing, 1/2 a tomato of medium size, lettuce, and 40g of broccoli.

2. Day

Meal 1

45g of oatmeal prepared with water, 1 boiled egg and 5 boiled egg whites, 1 fruit

Meal 2

200g of green vegetables, 225gr of chicken breast

Meal 3

200g of green vegetables, 170gr of steak, 1 bigger baked potato

Meal 4

Protein bar

Meal 5

Omelet of 7 egg whites and 1 whole egg, 40g of cooked broccoli, 2 mushrooms, fresh salsa

3. Day

Meal 1

Medium size bagel, 2 spoons of peanut butter, 1 boiled egg and 5 boiled egg whites

Meal 2

190g of cooked integral rice, 200g of green vegetables, 170g of chicken breast

Meal 3

200g of green vegetables, 170g of steak

Meal 4

30-40g of whey shake

Meal 5

225g of red snapper, 80g of broccoli

4. Day

Meal 1

200g of cereal, 70g of low fat milk, 1 fruit, 1 spoon of peanut butter

Meal 2

1 bigger baked potato, 170g of chicken breast, 200g of green vegetables

Meal 3

1 bigger baked potato, 170g of steak, 200g of green vegetables

Meal 4

30-40gr of whey shake

Meal 5

450gr of tuna, 1 spoon of low fat mayo, 6 sticks of asparagus

5. Day

Meal 1

45gr of oatmeal prepared with water, 90g of strawberries, 1 boiled egg, and 6 boiled egg whites

Meal 2

200g of green vegetables, 225g of chicken breast

Meal 3

1 bigger baked potato, 200g of green vegetable, 225g of baked turkey

Meal 4

30-40g of whey shake

Meal 5

200g of steak 6 sticks of asparagus