Does eating a certain kind of food really help us to lose weight? As long as you have a healthy diet and workout, experts say the answer is yes! So, what is the best food for burning fat? We made a little list for you and we hope it will help you in your efforts to burn that piled up fat.


The most recent research shows that grapefruit can speed up weight loss.

In one study eating half a grapefruit three times a day before a meal helped people lose an additional 6kg in a twelve-week period without any other changes in their diet. Grapefruit juice has a similar effect as the fruit itself but the grapefruit based pills are not as efficient.

Scientists believe that Grapefruit induces weight loss because of its ability to lower the level of insulin in the body.

Since insulin helps the regulation of fat metabolism, a lower increase of insulin after a meal means that the body processes the food more efficiently and piles up less fat.

Also, high levels of insulin stimulate the hypothalamus to send signals of hunger and since grapefruit lowers the level of insulin after you eat one you feel less hungry.

After all, people are talking about a diet based on grapefruit for years now and its efficiency plus now we even have data telling us that grapefruit is really helping people lose weight.

As it turns out even after they finished their grapefruit diet people maintained these eating habits and even raised their workout intensity. So as you see grapefruit is good for you and it takes no effort losing weight if you take only one and a half a day.

Calcium And Dairy Products

Most people wouldn’t use the words’ milk and diet for weight loss in the same sentence but in the last few years, research has revealed dairy products have many advantages when it comes to regulating body weight.

Calcium in dairy food is more efficient to weight loss than calcium in the form of a supplement because dairy products contain whey and vitamin D which together with calcium lead to less piling up of fat in fat cells and help to burn the fat that is already there.

In defense of dairy food with a low percentage of fat, studies show that people that drink yogurt three times a day lose 61% more fat than people that do not drink yogurt at all.

Not only that yogurt helps us lose weight it also helps us maintain pure muscle mass. This is very important when you are on a weight loss diet! You need to lose fat, not muscle!

Muscles help us burn calories but we will often lose them if we are on a weight loss diet.

People that consume more dairy products also lose more fat from the abdominal area, this is generally the most endangered area when it comes to piling up fat. You can lose more than 2 cm in the waist area only by drinking yoghurt.

Some studies show that calcium starts affecting the fat after only 24 hours upon intake. Others show that calcium can help you maintain the weight after you finished with your weight loss diet.

Not only that it is essential to maintain a high level of calcium so you do not endanger the bone density it also helps us maintain the muscle mass and increases the burning of piled up fat.


Study after study has shown us that fibre can help us lose weight and burn fat. Fibre gives you a sense of fullness and delays the absorption of fat while it goes through the bowels. They can also replace other high-calorie components making us feel full even if we had less to eat.

Fibre contains a large number of different substances of which each has a different chemical structure but all help us when it comes to weight loss. They come in two different forms: soluble, which slows down the digestion process and help the body to absorb nutrients and insoluble.

Soluble fibre can be found in fruits and vegetables and insoluble in wheat products and fruit peel. It is recommended that you consume 25-30 grams of both kinds daily.


Do not underestimate the potential of nuts! Nuts very often have a bad reputation since they contain a high percentage of fat but nuts also contain fibre that is a natural barrier to absorption of that very same fat.

The fibre in the cellular walls of almonds prevents the absorption of fat in the bowels and this makes almonds together with other nuts perfect as a snack.


Many studies in the last fifty years show a positive connection between consuming tea and weight loss. People that consume tea on regular bases, meaning once or more times a week, have a less percentage of body fat. This especially applies to people that consume tea for ten years or more.

Drinking tea is one habit you should think of implementing into your lifestyle. Also, it has been discovered that green tea makes you more fit if you consume it for longer than ten weeks. In order to get more fit, you burn fat.

A study was done on weight loss and reduction of body fat in the Japanese population.

It was concluded that people lose more body fat if they daily consume a bottle of tea with the extract of green tea in a period of three months then people that drink a bottle of any other tea daily in the same time period. Both study groups did lose weight but weight loss was bigger in the group that had green tea.

Tea is good for weight loss but green tea is even better. Tea reacts to fat because it contains catechins which are polyphenols and which stimulate thermogenesis and oxidation of fat. Catechins stimulate the muscles to use fatty acids as a source of energy instead of carbs and amino acids.

 Stay Informed

After you start consuming all this tasty food you should keep an eye on other useful studies about other food that helps you lose weight. Once you create a healthy diet for your self you will see it is not really that hard achieving your goals.

Remember, along with diet you have to include physical activity, one does not work without the other and do not expect results overnight, all that extra weight you put on did not come overnight as well. Be persistent and results will come.