28 Way To Get Rid of Unwanted Fat

Are you having trouble getting those abs to show? No matter how hard you try, the abs are not visible enough, aren’t they? Discover 28 Ways To Get Rid Of Fat once and for all.

When you feel the desire to have perfectly sculpted abs in general, you want to get them fast, overnight.

This is what probably applies to the majority of people that are not into sports professionally but only recreationally.

Most of the time you spend thinking about work or some family obligations and when you think about pretty sculpted waist you want it as soon as possible.

How much time does it take to have such a look? A few weeks? A few months? More than that?

If there was a concrete answer, someone would probably already know it and apply it in practice.

However, that depends on many factors, one of which is your starting point. In case you already have visible upper abs you might be just a few weeks away from your goal.

Whatever the situation is and your current status, we get it that you are in a hurry, so let’s cut to the chase.

With following 30 ways, you will most definitely burn that extra fat that is covering the abs that we all have, but just a few of us can actually be proud to show.

All 30 ways you can use in a day and as a bonus you will get to burn fat even while you sleep.

Of course, you will not stop applying them after just one day. Stay consistent until you reach your goal. Will you maintain it afterwards is solely up to you.

fit man doing abs

1) First Thing In The Morning

Have one to two coffees. Coffeen is an ingredient in almost all fat burners since it prevents the pile up of fat and is responsible for burning it during the workouts.

You should have a cup of coffee before cardio workout but make sure that there is no sugar or milk added to it since additional calories reduce your progress in burning the fat.

What would be even better is to take 200-300mg of concentrated coffeen through some of the supplements since then you do not have to think about the additives that coffee you buy could contain.

2) Have Supplement BCCA and Carnitine Before Cardio

Cardio helps you to burn fat but it can also burn muscle tissue. That is the reason why you should take five essential amino acids BCCA and 1-2 grams of carnitine together, 30 minutes before your workout.

BCCA lowers decomposition of protein and carnitine increases fat burn during the workout and also helps with the maintaining of levels of testosterone.

3) Do Cardio Before Breakfast

It is only logical that if you do cardio on an empty stomach, the body will use piled up fat as the primary fuel because the levels of glycogen are used up during your sleep the night before.

Morning cardio maybe requires getting up 30 minutes earlier than you are used to, but in order to achieve your goal, trust me, it’s worth it.

4) Exercises In Intervals

Any cardio is better than none, and interval training is proven to burn more calories than the training with the same speed of movement.

It is proven that the interval training burns 9% more fat than cardio training with same speed of movement.

Try 20-25 minute workout with the ratio of 1:1 of intensity and speed of movement. For example, do one minute of sprint and half a minute of slow walking.

5) Breakfast

 After a good cardio workout it is time for breakfast and nothing is as good as whole eggs. 

Egg yolk contains healthy fats and lecithin that stimulate muscle growth, weight loss and improvement of mental functions.

The cholesterol contained in the egg has its advantage and that is that it helps to synthesize the testosterone that is indirectly included in the burning of fat because it induces the muscle growth.

Fats in the egg give essential energy to muscle cells and they are not stored in the body as fat.

2-3 eggs will give you much more energy and make you feel full than pastries, so they are a great choice of breakfast food.

6) Together With Protein And Healthy Fat Also Have Carbs For Breakfast

What is recommended is two slices of whole grain toast or a cup of oatmeal. Those carbs stimulate fat burn by keeping the insulin level stable and that way they increase the amount of fat you burn during your workout.

They also provide the energy for several hours since the whole grain is digested slowly in the belly that way, gradually feeding muscles and the brain.

Also, the fibres that are in the whole grain toast give you the feeling of fulness longer and that way you avoid overeating.

7) With Breakfast Always Have Half Of A Grapefruit

This fruit should be observed as a joker in fat burn. Grapefruit lowers level of insulin and is very rich in vitamin C, which is great in burning fat.

fit woman drinking water after workout


8) Eat Oatmeal

Let’s say that it has been a few hours after breakfast and that is time for a snack since fat burn requires you to eat 6-8 small meals so that you would speed up your metabolism.

Oatmeal is a great fat burner since it is rich in fibre. This is the time of day where you can have it, but make sure it contains very little added aromas and sugar.

9) Eat Cheese

Every meal is complete only with a good source of protein and cheese is good since it contains a large amount of protein and very little carbs.

10) Drink A Lot Of Water

Large amount of water during the day can speed up metabolism and stop you from overeating since it also creates a feeling of fullness in your belly.

On the other hand, dehydration decreases the process of fat burn. So, drink two glasses of cold water between meals to keep the metabolism faster and do it regularly, on average, drink 3,5l of water per day.

Afternoon/Workout Time

11) Supplement With The Extract Of Green Tea

Green tea contains caffeine and catechin that help fat burn. Good advice is to take 500mg of green tea extract 3 times a day before meals, since the extract is better absorbed in the body than the tea.

12) Warm Up Before You Start Lifting Heavy Weights

If you find additional 10 minutes before the weight training to warm up on the treadmill or a bike, you will have a backup with fat burn. You can burn additional 150 calories if you do a short cardio warm up before the weight training.

13) Work On Larger Muscle Groups

You burn more calories during the training for chest and back than you do during the arm workout because more muscle mass is engaged.

Best thing is to have a moderate exercise plan for the entire body where you will, for example, do chest, back shoulders and legs on one day and then on the other you will do arms, calves and abs.

This way you will burn more calories. Do one to two exercises per each body part in 3-5 sets and each muscle group do twice a week.

14) Lift Heavy Weights

Workout with heavier weights in sets with about 6 reps increases the metabolism and the level of testosterone long after workout which is very important for burning the fat.

15) Keep Rest Periods Short

Because you are lifting heavy weights in 6 reps per set it does not mean that rest period between sets should be 3-5 minutes.

Short rest period increases fat burn. What is recommended is 30 seconds of rest between sets. In case you are lifting very heavy weights, it is ok to have 1 minute rest periods between sets.

16) Expand Your Sets

Increase in the number of calories you need to burn means doing as many exercises as you can in a shorter time period.

You can do drop sets or rest-pause. Let’s say you are doing a set of 6 reps till cancelation. After the last rep, you can either reduce the weight and repeat the set till cancelation (drop set), or rest for 15-20 seconds and do additional reps with the same weight (rest-pause).

By implementing these techniques into your workout, you are increasing the number of burnt calories and fat. To avoid over training, use these techniques only in the last set of each exercise.

fit young woman holding an apple

Late Afternoon/After The Workout

17) Consume Free Carbs After The Workout

Carb contribute fat burn only once a day and that is right after the workout. Right after physical activity, muscles need glucose or they will start to decompose.

Fewer muscles mean slower metabolism, and that is the opposite of your goal. That is why you need to intake 60-100 grams of carbs that are quickly absorbed straight after the training.

18) Drink Protein Shake

Yous muscles also need protein to avoid the decomposition of muscle tissue. Protein shake is ideal for that straight after the training because it is easily absorbed. Drink a protein shake within one hour after the training.

19) Take Creatine

Creatine increases metabolism and burns additional 100 calories a day. Take 3-4 grams of creatine together with carbs and protein after the workout.

20) Almonds

If you have a big gap between the meal after the workout and dinner, have one handful of almonds. That will help you maintain your metabolism.


21) Eat A Salad Before Dinner

Salad, as an appetizer, helps you eat less through the main course.

22) Eat Fish For Dinner

 Omega-3 fatty acids that are in fish are very healthy for our body. People that eat fish on daily bases lose more weight then those who eat it only occasionally.

23) Include Broccoli Into Your Diet

Broccoli is very rich in calcium, which contributes to weight loss, vitamin C which is great in fat burn and chrome, which helps you diminish hunger for carbs and normalize the levels of insulin.

24) Drink A Glass Of Low Fat Milk

Milk contains calcium and protein which help you burn fat so it is a good choice of drink for dinner.

25) Fruit For Dessert

If you must eat something sweet after dinner, have some fruit, for example, apple or pear. Fruit has low calories and rich in fibres and antioxidants.

26) Take A Walk After Dinner

Walking helps you burn calories, which is very useful after dinner. Even if it is only a 20-minute walk, it will still do you good. Make sure to keep a good pace.

Late Night

27) Avoid All Carbs

What you should not do is as important as what you should do. Avoid all night meals since all that you eat at night goes straight into those fat deposits.

28) Sleep 7-8 Hours

Lack of sleep can mean a lack of time for muscle recovery that occurs at night. So if you get up for work at 7 make sure you are in bed before midnight. 

When you wake up repeat all these steps.