You lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. Simple as that! Well not really. Starving yourself is not the solution. There is a way to lose weight and get 6 pack abs fast with a balanced diet and a good workout plan.

It’s common knowledge that in order to have nicely defined abs you have to reduce the percentage of fat on your upper body and perform effective exercises for abdominal muscles.

It is impossible to reduce fat on only one part of your body, but if you lose enough weight you will lose that belly fat as well.

Here are a few tips that will help you get the results you want. We are not saying it is going to be easy but after you see that perfect belly in the mirror you will realize it is worth it.

fit man wearing a blue shorts showing 6 pack abs

1) Plan Ahead

Planning your meals will help you the most when it comes to dinner. Instead of eating anything at hand, you will have a nice healthy meal planned, and you won’t consume any unwanted calories.

2) Avoid Syrup With High Percentage Of Fructose

If you avoid this one ingredient, you will manage to eliminate most of that unhealthy food that made you pile up fat in the first place.

3) Limit The Intake Of Sugar

If you consume too much sugar, you won’t burn the fat; you will just keep piling it up, so limit the intake of all additional sugar to 4-6 spoons a day.

4)Allways Combine Carbs With Protein Or Fat

Combining carbs with protein or fat will slow down their absorption and maintain healthy levels of sugar in your blood.

5) Avoid Juice, Eat Fruit

If you avoid drinking juice ( that is by the way full of unhealthy sugar ) and instead of it eat fruit, you will consume fewer calories and a large amount of healthy fiber at the same time.

6) Never Skip Meals

It is very important not to skip meals, especially breakfast. Skipping meals will not help you lose weight, on the contrary, that will just slow down your metabolism, and you will not be able to work out as much as you are supposed to.

7) Consume Enough Calories

Low-calorie diets might work in the beginning, but soon your body reacts, and as a response, the metabolism slows down up to the point where you stop losing weight.

You need to give your body enough fuel for workouts, to increase your muscle mass, speed up metabolism, and burn fat.

8) Workout Regularly

Muscles are real fat-burning machines. The more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn during the day, especially after a weight training session.

9) Rest

It takes between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a day for a person to rest and recover. Insufficient sleep leads to higher levels of the stress hormones that make the body pile up the fat and not burn it.

These are just a few changes you can implement in your daily program, and that will benefit you a lot, but if you want your body to be healthy and look good as well, you also need to exercise regularly. Only when you combine a healthy diet with good workouts, you can expect to see the results.

fit blond woman holding weights showing 6 pack abs

Outdoor Exercises

1) Walking

Take long, one hour walks each day if this is the only exercise you plan on having. If you want quicker results, walk at a quicker pace.

2) Running

While running you will burn twice as many calories than while walking. Increase the pace gradually since running can cause pain in joints and muscles if you overdo it.

3) Riding A Bike

This is a great way to exercise also a very fun one and will benefit you. Riding a bike is great in the spring or the beginning of summer. Just chose safe locations you will enjoy riding through.

4) Swimming

Swimming is not as beneficial as running or riding a bike to help you lose weight but it helps you build up muscles and feel good.

5) Skateboarding

This is great for burning a large number of calories and it looks really cool though it’s not for everyone.

6) Rowing

Rowing is great for building muscles in your upper body and belly.

7) Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is perfect for strengthening leg muscles and also is super fun.

Sports And Games

1) Basketball

Throwing the ball through the hoop is not only for professionals it’s also a great way to train and burn fat.

2) Tennis

Tennis is great for toning the muscles, increasing your aerobic capacity and fitness.

3) Golf

Golf is great for burning calories. Simple walking on the golf course helps you burn 500 calories.

4) Football

Chasing the ball on the field helps you be fit and this sport is suitable for anyone for 5 to 70 years old.

5) Dancing

Why not have some fun and workout at the same time? while dancing you are working out as much or as little as you want. This is a great activity for combining a workout and social life.

Exercises While Working At Home Or At Work

1) Be More Active At Home

Home can be a place where you vegetate or can be a fitness paradise! There are literally hundreds of ways to be active at home. Get rid of your remote. Use the stairs several times a day, reorganize furniture, sort your garden…

2) Be More Active At Work

Exercise at work. Strengthen your abs by doing isometric exercises at work. Instead of the lift use stairs. If there is a gym next to your office building, go there during your lunch break. Park your car a bit further from the office. Try to get up from your chair and stretch at least once per hour.

3) Household Chores

Did you know that cleaning your house or apartment can be a great aerobic training? With a little creativity, even simple household chores can become excellent training. Do not walk up the stairs, try running. Jog on the spot while doing the dishes and stretch while putting them away.

4) House Painting

Paining the walls is not a joke its really physically exhausting. This makes it a great workout! Time to repaint the walls at your flat!

Gym Workouts

1) Weight Training

Weight training burns as many calories as cardio and it also strengthens the muscles so you will be fit and healthy as well.

 2) Treadmill

The treadmill is the best machine for burning calories and raising your aerobic capacity in the gym. A workout on a treadmill can be much better than a workout outside on a hot summers day.

3) Stationary Bike

This machine increases stamina and strengthens the leg muscles.

4) Elliptical

Using ellipticals helps you to increase heart frequency without putting your knees, hips, and spine under a lot of pressure.

5) Rowing Machine

Rowing machines increase aerobic capacity and strengthen large muscle groups of the upper body.

No more excuses! If you can not implement one of these tips you can ten or twenty others. With just a little bit of persistence, you can burn calories wherever you are.