This is an excellent weight loss training that you can have with a single weight plate. You do not need to spend hours and hours on a treadmill to lose weight.

Equally beneficial effect you can get by using a single weight plate with short rest periods between sets.

We have for you a few most efficient weight plate exercises for weight loss that you can include in to your training program on those days when your workouts are at the highest intensity.

To do this kind of workout, you will need a single weight plate about 10kg of weight and 15 minutes of free time.

Grab the weight and go through all six exercises with no breaks. The movements are continuous. Most of this workout uses your body weight and fat burns immediately after the workout. Doesn’t get any better…

three different size and colour weight plates

Weight Plate Exercises

1) Steering Wheel

Hold the weight plate with both hands. Arms fully stretched to the front in shoulder height.

Spin the plate to one side as far as you can same as you would spin the steering wheel and then to the opposite side in order to complete one rep. Keep the chest lifted in order to minimize the strain to the lower back.

2) Squat And Thrust

Bend your knees and lower the weight plate at the height of your ankles. Lift chest, straighten your back, go in an upright position and raise the weight plate above your head.

In full thrust, the biceps are aligned with the ears.

3) Lunges With Weight Plate Above Head

While holding the weight plate above your head, make a big step forward with one leg. 

Go down until the knee of the other leg almost touches the floor. Knee of the leg to the front should be aligned with the foot and the thigh should be parallel to the floor (knee at the right angle).

Return to the starting position and do everything the same with the other leg too. This is one rep.

Make sure you are pushing the weight plate up so the upper back would help you to keep the weight stable.

4) Weight Plate Orbit

Stand straight and hold the weight plate next to your head. The trunk muscles are tense and the head is motionless while you are moving the weight around it from side to side.

Return to the starting position makes one rep. Try to do the movement slowly in order to strain the trunk muscles as much as you can.

5) Jump Squat

Hold the weight plate firmly pressed to your chest and go down in a squat. Then swiftly rise up through your heels until you jump. 

When landing, slightly bend your knees and continue down to the next squat. Go down slowly and the next phase of the movement when you are going up do explosively.

6) Rotating Lunges

Hold the weight plate in front of your chest with the arms slightly bent. Make a big step forward with one leg. 

While you are lowering your knee to the floor, turn the torso to the side towards the knee of the leg that is in front.

Return to the starting position and do the rotation of the torso to the other side in order to complete one rep.

Clench your buttocks before the rotation of the torso to stabilize the body and so you do not twist your knee.

7) Floor Press

Lie on back, legs straight, grip the plate by its sides and hold it just above chest to start.

Press plate toward the ceiling and return to start for one rep. For additional core work, activate abs by lifting legs about an inch off the ground.

8) Weighted V-Sits

 Sit up into a ‘V’ position, bringing your legs up at the same time while keeping them straight.

Reach the weight up to meet your toes and then lie back down again. Your body and legs should come up together.

Really squeeze your abs in the top position before you lower yourself back down.

9) Squats With Rotation

. Stand up straight with the weight close to your chest. Then squat down while pushing your weight back.

In this position, twist once to the right taking the weight plate all the way round to the side of your hip. Return to the middle and then do the same on the left-hand-side.

Then stand back up straight to start again. It’s important to make these movements slow and controlled to help you build strength.

10) Overhead Plate Crunches With Reach

Start off by lying on the floor with your knees bent. Take the weight plate up over your head, then bring it back over.

As you sit up, straighten your arms and push the weight plate up into the air as high as you can.

Make sure you elevate your chest and straighten your back at the same time. Then bring the weight plate back into your chest as you lie back down to start again.

Workout Plan

This workout you should do two or three times a week with the weight of the weight plate that allows you to complete the workout without putting down the weight plate through the entire workout.

Not only that this workout will help you burn fat, you will also strengthen your grip.

Week 1 

Three sets, six reps, ninety seconds of rest period

Week 2

Three sets, eight reps, ninety seconds of rest period

Week 3

Three sets, ten reps, sixty seconds of rest period

Week 4

Four sets, ten reps, sixty seconds of rest period


Weight plate exercises are great for building strength while allowing your body to move naturally. They are the most effective way to strengthen your abs and as well to burn fat.

Add them to your workouts once or twice a week and you will see the changes on your body in no time.