Have you ever felt you are doing all humanly possible to get in shape and gain that perfect look you always wanted, but nothing you do works, and you can’t seem to achieve the ideal body you ever dreamed of?

All those hours at the gym days on end. A proper diet and still no results? Don’t despair! There are some little tricks to get the perfect body, and we have them here for you.

So you are already doing the perfect combination of weight and cardio training which is ideal and essential to weight loss next to a proper diet, of course, one can’t achieve anything without the other always remember that.

One more thing you should know those with more significant weight see results much quicker, so if you are just a few pounds heavier than you would like to be, you must be patient to see the results don’t give up after only one month. Workout, eat, correctly, and the results will come.

Trust me, been there done that it takes good six months to see any changes at all, but when you do, it will make you feel so much better and make you workout even harder.

Ok, let us help you get to that perfect shape faster!

woman showing her perfectly tonned stomach

1. Lift Heavier Weights

There is a big possibility that you are lifting less than you need to shape your body perfectly. It is very often that people decide to lift weights that are a lot less than those they could handle.

Make it a rule for you and use the weight that completely tires targeted muscles after eight to twelve repetitions.

2. Learn How To Breath

Before you start the first series of any strength exercise, prepare your body muscles for it doing the following: breath in and then instantly breathe out. At the same time, you are partially tensing the muscles on your stomach. This causes the abdominal muscles that support the spine to contract and make you have better posture so you can do the exercise better.

Try to keep abdominal muscles tensed all the time during the exercise to maintain the correct form.

3. Close Your Eyes

If you keep your eyes closed while weight lifting, you will be able to realize much easier in which muscles are working in that particular exercise and also to eliminate all the distractions.

This method is the best for those exercises that you do sitting down or in the exercises where you are leaning your body back and forth.

4. Split The Training In Two

Split your usual 40 min training in two. Do one part in the morning and the other in the evening. This way, you will save energy for the second part of your training, and you will be able to work out harder.

5. Eat Well After Training

What you eat after training can considerably influence the overall success. If you eat protein and carbs straight after training, you will be able to workout 55% longer on your next training. Chose the meal that has about 200 calories, like fruit and low-fat yogurt.

6. Grab A Ball

While doing crunches, hold a tennis ball in each hand pressed right next to your ears. As you lift up, squeeze the balls to tighten the muscles on your arms, which will lead to the contractions of the abdominal muscles.

7. Smile

Yes, you read well – smile! When you are doing something difficult for you, most likely, you are clenching your teeth, and then neck muscles are tightening, and shoulders are going up, and that is bad for the training.

So if you start feeling lousy while, for example, running for a long time, a smile that will for sure stop you clenching your teeth.

8. Listen To Music

Listening to music during the workouts can make you spend more calories. Studies show that people who listen to music during their walks can walk 24% further than others that don’t. To achieve your maximum during the workouts, listen to the music that you really like.

young woman jumping rope outdoors

9. From One Machine To The Other

To maximize the calorie burn while you are working out at the gym, switch from one cardio machine to the other every 10 minutes (treadmill, bike, stepper). On each machine, warm-up for two minutes until you reach some moderate pace and then increase the intensity for the other eight minutes.

If you switch the machines, you will be able to maintain high intensity longer or even increase it while you are working on different muscle groups at the same time.

10. Change Your Fitness Partner

As you should regularly change your exercises the same way, you should change your fitness partner each couple of months. When you are working out with someone new, you can learn some new exercises.

11. Loosen Your Grip

If you are gripping the dumbells too hard, you can tire small muscles of your hand and forearm; also, tighter grip allows no complete activation of the targeted muscles such as biceps or shoulder muscles. So grip the dumbells well but do not squeeze them too much.

12. Determine Smaller Goals

Focus on smaller goals, for example, stay on the treadmill for five minutes longer. In the end, this will help you to achieve big goals like losing 10kg, and you will not be frustrated like you would be if your goal was huge in the beginning and so unreachable.

13. No Sitting

Do even those exercises you can do while sitting in a standing position, and you will be able to lift at least 20% heavier weight. If you are working out while standing, your body is forced to use secondary muscles more to maintain stability. This can lead to a 50% increase in calorie burn.

14. One Leg At A Time

Do leg exercises one leg at a time. This will help you train each leg more, and you will not be able to cheat leaning on a more dominant side.

15. Exercise On A Ball

If you want to have sexy abs, you need to strengthen the upper body muscles. Exercises on a ball are very useful in that.

16. Skip Breaks

The time you usually use to rest between repetitions is between 60 and 90 seconds. Use that time to train a different muscle group opposite to the one you were doing, for example, do upper body than legs.

Doing the exercises with no break can help you burn even 25% more calories than you usually do when you have breaks.

woman doing heavy workout

17. Three Different Ways

Most of the strength exercises can be done in at least three different ways. With dumbells, belts, or on a machine. If you change the approach to the same exercises, you will surprise your muscles and get better results.

18. Implement Changes In Your Workout Program

Prevent boredom by adding at least one new exercise each week. That way, your training will appear different, and you will not have to change the entire program.

19. Exercises Without Dumbells

You don’t have to exercise with weights all the time. Sometimes you can go for a long half-hour walk.

20. Get Enough Sleep

It is essential to sleep enough so you can keep progressing. People who do not sleep enough have a higher appetite and stronger need for high-calorie food rich in carbs like sweets.