What are V Cut Abs and how to get them? Most of the people know very little if anything about these muscles let alone how to build V cut abs. So let us first tell you a few things about them.

Anatomically speaking, these muscles are diagonal muscles that lead from hips to groin and their shape forms a letter V, which is why they are called the way they are.

Usually they are called lower abdominal or the lower end of side abdominal muscles. Both of these names are both right and wrong and here is why.

What’s unique for abdominal muscles when compared to other muscles in the body is that they are not only moving in x, y axis they are also moving in z axis.

What I am saying is that your upper body moves up, down, to front to the back, around while other muscles lets say biceps, which only lifts the forearm up, are not doing the same.

The point of the story about abdominal muscles is that their biomechanical structure is very complicated, including several directions of contractions and layers of muscles and this is exactly what allows our upper body such complexed movements.

From this we conclude that V muscles are built of several layers of different muscles so in order to get that V cut look you need to strengthen all the layers of the lower abdomen.

Fit man showing V Cut Abs

Specific Anatomic Structure

As we already mentioned, there are more layers of muscles that form so called V shape. Those muscles are:

A) Transverse abdominal muscle (transversus abdominis)

B) Internal lateral muscles (obliquus internus abdominis)

C) External lateral muscles (obliquus externus abdominis)

Do not trouble yourself with the terminology if it sounds too complicated for you. All you need to know is that V muscles are actually a combination of three layers of muscle groups and each of those groups contracts in its own direction. In order to activate all of these muscles you need to do more exercises in different directions.

Other Factors That Influence V Muscles

Some other muscles can contribute to the visual effect of V cut abs. Even tho there are several muscles that can do this we will mention just the most important ones.

Abdominal muscles so called abs (rectus abdominis), erectors (erector spinae or extensor spinae) and quads (quadriceps femoris).

We are not going to tell you about the exercises for these muscles since they are in the category of basic exercises, but you should pay considerable attention to those muscles as well, so do squats in different variations as well as exercises for the abs.

There are a few more factors that influence the look of V muscle:

You have to have a reasonable amount of body fat. Even tho you do not have to be extremely skinny you still have to be slim.

You need to correct your posture. Maybe this does not apply in your case, however good posture, strong and straight lower back and correct posture of hips greatly influences the visibility of V muscle.

Learn how to flex V muscles. Do this in front of the mirror and in no time you will be able to see the changes on them.

fit man in blue shorts showing his 6 pack abs

Exercises For V Cut Abs

So far we have told you everything you need to know about V muscles. Following exercises have proven very useful in defining those muscles.

Standing Side Bend

This is a modification of an exercise you have probably done already. Take a bit heavier dumbbell with your right hand and stand completely straight with your arms next to your body and feet together.

Left arm is not hanging freely it is tight next to your thigh during the entire rep. Eyes are looking straight ahead, spine is straight to the maximum. Bend to the right side and let the dumbbell pull you to the floor as much as you can.

After that, slowly come back to the beginning position and bend to the left as much as you can while keeping your left arm tightly next to your thigh.

That is one rep. After you complete the set with the dumbbell in the right hand, switch hands and repeat the set.

Standing Side Bent With A Bent Backwards

This exercise is the same as the previous one the only difference is that when your arm with the dumbbell is the closest to the floor, you bend to the right towards your back.

You have to be careful that you do not hurt yourself when doing this movement so in the beginning it will be the best if you use lighter weights. One bend is one rep so after you finish a set with one arm, change arms and repeat the exercise.

Standing Side Bent With A Bent Forwards

Same as previous exercises with the difference that after you bent to the side where the weight is you bent forwards, the dumbbell should be parallel with the knee.One bend is one rep so after a finished set switch the weight in the other hand and repeat the set,

Planking With Straight Arms

Planking is a very powerful exercise for abdominal muscles. Go into the position for pushups and move your feet back a few inches.

Hold that position for a while.The more you move your feet to the back, the larger is the angle between your arms and the floor and the exercise becomes harder to do. Remain in a static position from 30 to 60 seconds.

Side Planking With Straight Arms

Similar to the previous exercise, only difference is that you isolate one side of the upper body. Put one arm on the floor and extend it and another arm place on your hip. Your body should be parallel to the floor. Stay in the static position from 30 to 60 seconds, then repeat the exercise for the other side.

Seated Leg Extension With The Dumbbell

Sit on the bench with the dumbbell between your legs. Place your hands behind your bottom for support and raise the dumbbell with your feet and then straighten your legs.

You will have to bend your back a little bit to keep the balance so make sure that your posture is right. After extending your legs, return them to the previous position. That is one rep.

Standing Lateral Leg Raise

Stand straight behind the chair and place your hands on it. Straight left leg lift to the side as high as you can while the right one is also straight in the knee.

You should feel the left side of the muscles of your upper body contracting and the more stable this movement is targeted group of muscles is better activated. Put your leg down. That is one rep.

These are some of the exercises that can help you get those perfect V Cut Abs and remember to wear low waist pants since those muscles go pretty low and after all that effort to get them toned perfectly you might as well show off.