Let us say your situation is as follows: you’ve been into fitness for years now, you have a healthy diet, you look at yourself in the mirror often and assess the percentage of body fat, you weigh yourself at least once a week.

If you recognized yourself in this sentence, it’s very plausible that you are very much into fitness. You probably already know how to get fit and healthy; the tough part is to stay that way.

When you look at fitness magazines and see all those beautiful and muscly men and women, all your goals seem doable and possible to you.

The process of achieving this and similar goals is a very individual thing, but maintaining the results is a matter of principles.

No matter how different you think you are from other people, your heart still pumps blood; your body still secretes insulin and still uses the energy in the same manner as the next person.

So the following advice you can use to get fit and healthy and also to stay that way in many years to come. The most important thing is that you realize that motivation and desire to be fit are essential.

Every single cell in your body needs to long to be fit since the goal is simply not that easy to achieve. Discipline will be the key to success.

There is one thought I want you to hold on to. The fact is that there is not a single person that achieved a perfect muscly look and didn’t enjoy it afterward.

The entire process of burning fat comes to this; you need to reduce your body mass, change old habits, and get used to an entirely new lifestyle. Also, you have to train your body to become an efficient fat-burning machine.

scale, vegetables, dumbbells, jump rope and protein juice on a notebook with a pencil

Workout To Become Uneconomical In Energy Consumption

You have to do enough aerobic exercises to burn more calories than you consume. Anaerobic workout has to be dedicated to burning fat as well.

The goal is to consume as much energy as you can. During this process, you have to remember that too many aerobic exercises without anaerobic exercises can stop you from achieving that goal of burning fat.

So many obese people are doing aerobic exercises and not losing weight at all. You can not allow your body to sense that it will lose fat because then it will rebel and try to burn muscles instead of fat, and that will slow your metabolism.

Also, it is not all about the training and carefully planned programs. The entire process needs to be carefully coordinated with a proper healthy diet to succeed.

Influence of Carbs On Burning Fat-When To Eat them?

Carbs are essential for the human body. They give your brain, heart, and kidneys the energy to function correctly.

If your diet does not have enough carbs, your body starts a chemical process of breaking down the proteins to get carbs from them and will also use the carbs stored in the muscles.

That can cause muscle loss and can put a lot of strain on the kidneys since they will have to deal with disposing of unused protein by-products.

So yes, carbs are vital, but a diet rich in carbs is not precisely right for weight loss. But if you eat healthy carbs, you can still be healthy and lose weight. Time is also very important; try to eat all the carbs you need before 5 pm.

Carbs with a high glycemic index have a terrible impact on weight loss. The higher the levels of insulin are in the body, the harder it is for the body to burn fat.

What you need to do is to eat those carbs with a low glycemic index such as oatmeal and vegetables. Minimize the use of rice, bread, and fruit.

Fats Are Healthy

A bit higher consumption of fat in a diet is a new approach, but you have to understand that without fats in your diet, you simply won’t be healthy.

Even worse, if you have a minimum of fats in your diet, you will look soft without any muscle definition. The ideal diet for most of the people is high consumption of protein, moderate consumption of fats such as olive oil or linen oil, almonds, nuts…and vegetables that provide enough fiber.

When And How Often To Eat?

This is something all of us already know. Frequent small meals will secure lower insulin levels in the blood, and the body will constantly be getting sufficient amounts of nutrients, so it will not need to pile them up and store them like fat tissue.

In this manner, food will be digested much quicker, and your belly will be always full, which is very important in any healthy diet.

If you feel that you have to eat carbs, try to do so before noon. This is very important, especially for women.

 What To Avoid?

What you should definitely avoid are the sports drinks that are used to rehydrate after the workouts. Those kinds of drinks are full of free sugar.

You just managed to start a fat-burning process on your workout, and then you ruined it all with sugar. While you are burning fat, you should avoid all the food that contains free sugar.

If you are still skeptical about the advice we gave you, here is what you can do. Start with a classical approach to workouts and diet and do it for a few weeks then write down your results.

Then try our method for a few weeks, and compare the results, see what works the best for you and stick to it.


The only way to get fit and healthy and to stay that way is to combine a healthy diet and a good training program. One without the other will not help.

Also, it would be best if you were decisive and dedicated to your goals since no change happens overnight, and it might take a while since the results become visible, which is the main reason why most of people give up so easily.

But just think about it, you did not put that extra weight on overnight all that fat was piling up on your body for a long time so it will take a long time to get it all off.

Just find a good training program that suits you and goes well with your daily routine and a proper diet that will not be too difficult for you to maintain, and results will come.