How To Clean a Treadmill

If you want to stay fit and healthy, exercise and a balanced diet are amazing ways to do it. It is not always possible to go to the gym because of our busy schedules, so having a treadmill at home allows us to exercise and burn calories without going to the gym.

Maintaining a treadmill is easy, but still, they require some attention. If you want your treadmill to operate correctly and last, it’s important to clean the surface after each use and vacuum inside and around the machine once a week.

Don’t forget to lubricate and clean the treadmill deck and belt as required. It’s a good idea to protect the treadmill with a mat and keep it on a level surface.

The treadmill is an important and expensive item, and spending some time taking care of it, allows it to function for a long time. A treadmill has different parts which need cleaning daily, weekly, or periodically.

If you also want to know how to clean a treadmill, then this article is for you!

all tools to clean a treamill

Collect Things To Clean

If you are in the mood to thoroughly clean your treadmill, you need to collect all the necessary things.

It is generally recommended to keep a dry cloth, damp cloth or sponge, vacuum, electronic cleaner, and disinfectant cleaner. All these supplies are perfect for cleaning any treadmill.

1. Wipe After Each Session

It is generally recommended to wipe your treadmill after each session. This is considered the best way to avoid the excess accumulation of sweat, and it prevents problems with the belt.

It means that you don’t have to replace the belt after some time, and by wiping regularly, there will be no issues with the motor. For this kind of wiping, a dry cloth is the best choice.

man vacuuming his treadmill

2. Vacuum

Vacuuming underneath the treadmill is commonly recommended. You can do this by using an attachment and moving the treadmill to vacuum the floor. This becomes even more important for affected areas.

Make sure to run the vacuum over treadmill vents on the bottom of the machine as well. This is an amazing and easy way to remove excess dirt, dust, and debris from your machine.

man cleaning his treadmill

3. Clean The Belt

For wiping the treadmill, a damp cloth or sponge and disinfectant are two things that will never disappoint you. It would help if you rolled the belt slowly to make sure that you clean every inch of it.

It is generally recommended that you turn off the treadmill to rotate the belt manually while cleaning it. By doing this, you can also adjust your treadmill’s belt and align it for a better workout.

Cleaning can remove lubrication under the treadmill belt, and it is essential to check that the belt and deck are properly lubricated. If you want to check lubrication, lift the belt and run your fingers over the deck.

If your fingers feel greasy, it means the machine needs no lubrication, but if they are dry, then you need to lubricate it. Get a lubricant from the market for this purpose. Most of them are 100% wax or silicone. Check the manual to know that which lubricant suits best for your machine.

4. Clean The Mold

If you think that mold is present in some parts of your treadmill, it will need an extra deep cleaning to get rid of that. For doing this, you need to use a vinegar solution, and then you can wipe areas that have growth.

Vinegar solution helps to kill the mold spores. It is not recommended to use bathroom mold cleaners because they are too strong for some treadmill parts.

5. Cleaning The Electronics

The final cleaning you need to do is of the display area of the treadmill. This is the area where you can find the treadmill’s electronic display. It may have a TV console screen as well.

For cleaning this part, an electronic cleaner is a good option. When you are finished cleaning your machine, then you can use it for your next workout.

How often does the Treadmill need Cleaning?

Daily – If your treadmill is being used regularly, some parts of the machine should be cleaned daily.

Sweat is transferred to many surfaces of the machine. Sweat contains salt, which can easily corrode the metal surfaces of the treadmill, and as a result, rubber grips and padded surfaces can also deteriorate.

Handrails, display panels, foot rails, and motor covers are the few areas that should be cleaned every day after exercise. You can use a damp cloth for this.

There is no need to use sprays or other cleaning materials until and unless the company recommends them.

It’s good to avoid using any kind of spray because it’s not easy to control where they land, and they can easily interfere with the electrical parts and the running belt of the machine. Also, remember never to pour water on any part of your machine.

man dusting his treadmill

Weekly – Some parts of your treadmill need weekly cleaning.

Vacuuming the area around and under your treadmill is important because it prevents dust and debris from entering the belt of your machine. It also prevents such particles from entering the motor compartment.

Brush the sides of your treadmill belt with a soft brush, and after this, vacuum the treadmill belt but be careful not to set the suction too high. Keep in mind to rotate the belt 180 degrees so that you can clean both sides of it.

In case if you are using a treadmill mat, then you need to clean it as well. Cleaning the accessories around your treadmill will prevent debris and dust from entering it.

These are some important things that can help to prolong the life of your machine. Always wash your hands before using the treadmill.

Remember not to wear outdoor shoes while using the treadmill. This will prevent the transfer of dust to your treadmill belt. Cleaning the treadmill will take just twenty minutes.