Are you still working out in the same way you used to work out for months now? And how is that going for you-not that great, I’m sure? You see, no changes in the way you look. You are straining, sweating, lifting…and nothing.

Every fitness trainer will tell you that if you do not plan to introduce some changes in your workout program, you better get used to the way you look like now. We have a few tips for you on how to improve your workout.

If you really want to look better, you need to change the way you are working out; it’s as simple as that. If you are ready, we can help you by showing you the ways of how to intensify your training, burn more fat, and tone muscles.

The secret is in the following: you can increase the volume of the training (more series, more repetitions, more exercises), increase the intensity of the training (bigger weights), decrease the speed of lifting (longer time under tension) and decrease the time of the break between the series.

In other words, you need to start doing something differently. For starters, try using one of the few described methods. But whatever you do, do not increase the volume and intensity of the training at the same time. Too many things at the same time can only lead to injuries and exhaustion.

man preparing to lift a weight to improve his workout

First Tip

Reduce the weights you are lifting for 10%. That way, the focus is on the targeted muscle again. Do this for two weeks, and you will notice that you look more toned as a result of better training techniques.

Why Does This Work?

When you are lifting the weight that is a bit heavier than the weight you can easily control, you activate other muscles that help you do a particular exercise. Those muscles remove some tension from the targeted muscle.

Unfortunately, that means that the training isn’t giving the maximum results for the body part or muscle you are trying to build, which leads to slower progress.

When you reduce the weights, you are enhancing the technique of the exercise, and that way, you are increasing the tension of the targeted muscle group.

Second Tip

Slow down the pace of the training. Instead of doing standard ten repetitions at a regular speed (two seconds in positive and ten seconds in a negative part of the movement), try to do six repetitions in that time. You can achieve that by doing the positive contraction in two seconds and negative contraction in eight seconds.

Why Does This Work?

When you are doing slower repetitions, you are changing the elastic energy in muscle tissue. Result? Muscle needs to produce greater strength to put in motion the same weight.

Of course, this strength is created by engaging the maximum number of muscle fibers with each repetition. When you are doing the movement faster, you are making it easier on the muscle because you are partially releasing them of tension.

Try exercising at this slower pace for a couple of weeks since it makes the muscles work harder; this way, you will pay more attention to muscle tension, which is very important for our looks.

Third Tip

Shorten the breaks between the series. This does not mean you should shorten the duration of recovery between the two trainings though.

Why Does This Work?

You will increase muscle endurance if you make the muscle recover fast between the sets. Once you are back to your normal duration of the breaks between sets that are usually between 60 and 120 seconds, you will be able to lift heavier weights during your consecutive sets.

In this method, you will shorten the break between sets for the duration of four weeks: 75 seconds during the first week, 60 seconds during the second week, 45 seconds during the third week, and 30 seconds during the fourth week.

Try using the same weights and doing the same number of repetitions during this period.

young woman holding dumbbells

Fourth Tip

Do interval training. If you set your cardio machine to moderate/high intensity and you do the entire workout at that intensity, you will burn less fat. Instead, it is better to do one minute of running and one minute of walking during your cardio.

Why Does This Work?

As the training progresses, you use more and more oxygen, meaning that your metabolism has to be on a higher level after the training to help in the recovery of muscles. That means you will burn more calories even after the interval training.

Here is how you will do that: warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes in the way you usually warm-up. In the next minute, increase the speed to maximum. After the minute has passed, slow down and recover for a minute. Repeat all this for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the level of your fitness.

At the end of the workout, decrease the speed and walk at a normal pace to lover the pulse.

Fifth Tip

Go to the gym twice a day. That way, you’ll make the most of the money you paid for the membership. Do cardio training in the morning and strength training in the afternoon or the evening five times a week.

Why Does This Work?

This is the way you increase the volume of your workout, but you have to be careful not to exhaust yourself since it is very easy to do so if you are training twice a day.

Sixth Tip

Start the sets with the weight which you can lift only five times and not one time more. When you can’t lift anymore, lower the weight, and again use the weight that you can lift just five more times. Then again, lower the weight and do the last five repetitions.

Do two series in this manner. You can do this on the machines where you can easily adjust the resistance and if you’re using dumbbells make sure you prepare all that you are going to lift before you start your training, so you do not have to go around the gym trying to find it in the middle of your workout.

Why Does This Work?

First, you will activate one part of muscle fiber because you will be using very heavyweights. Second, as you are lowering weights, you will also strain those muscle fibers of higher capacity.

Seventh Tip

Add to your training two or three series that you will do with a training partner. Your training partner should push the weight while you are trying to lower it slowly.

Do this for each exercise. As we are stronger when we are lowering the weight, than when we are lifting, you should be able to do this very controlled. This is good to be done on the machines since then you do not have to worry about the balance of the weights.

Why Does This Work?

This will strain your nervous system, which will then engage the maximum number of muscle fibers. You have to remember to warm-up well before trying this, though, and if you feel any pain or burning sensation, stop immediately.


These are handy tips that will help you boost up your performance and stop wasting time in the gym. You do not have to try all at once. Chose a few that you feel most comfortable doing, and you will see the changes in your body very soon.