Do you want to lose calories, build leg and arm muscles, keep joints supple, all whilst watching TV? If that sounds good to you then it might be time to get hold of an Ultrasport mini bike 50.

Great For Rehabilitation & Keeping Joints Supple

Aside from burning calories, mini bikes are also great for rehabilitation after an injury, excellent for the elderly for keeping joints supple and some also offer straps on the pedals which allow not only for a leg workout but for an upper body workout too.

In this review we’ll take a close look at the Ultrasport Mini Bike 50, one of the most thoughtfully designed mini bikes available, we’ll also compare it to a couple of other mini bikes priced similarly.

A short summary of the Ultrasport’s 2 closest rivals can be found at the end of this article. But first, let’s take a quick look at the Ultrasport 50’s product specs…

Product Specifictions


LCD display with computer function


Hand and foot pedals with an adjustable pedal strap


Maximum user weight: 100 kg


2 kg flywheel


Weight: approximately 6 kg


Dimensions: approximately 42 x 42 x 31 cm

Mini Bike Vs Pedal Exerciser Vs Desk Cycle

You may have heard of people talking about these relatively new mini bikes as pedal exercisers or desk cycles, so to clear up any confusion let’s quickly talk about all three, a pedal exerciser is basically a budget version of a mini bike.

Pedal exercisers are usually far more basic in design than a mini bike, most don’t have adjustable resistance settings ( you can’t change the difficulty of your workout) and many do not come with LCD screen.

The pedal exerciser usually consists of a metal frame and pedals.

Mini bikes and desk cycles are slightly more advanced and incorporate many of the design features of the larger exercise bikes, including built-in digital displays and adjustable resistances, they tend to be on the whole a much bulkier design than Pedal exercisers and a little more expensive.

Are there any differences between desk cycles and mini bikes? The only difference between a desk cycle and a mini bike is the height, most desk cycles are designed to be low profile as to fit underneath your desk at work.

The low profile design of a desk cycle will let your knees have enough room to use the pedals comfortably.

A low profile design is not so important with a mini bike for home use, most people will be using the mini bike from their couches or armchairs where a desk isn’t usually needed.

Ultrasport Mini Bike 50

What We Like About The Ultrasport 50

Purposefully Designed For Home Use

This bike has been designed purposefully for home use, with a weight of just 6kg you should be able to carry the Ultraport 50 exercise bike to any part of the house you wish to workout in with ease. 6kg is light for one of these things and it’s certainly a selling point for people who need a light piece of exercise equipment that is easily carried and stored.

A light bike makes for easy storage, once you have finished your workout you can easily pick it up and store it away in a cupboard until you need it next, so much easier than a cumbersome traditional exercise bike, which can weigh up to 50kg. 

 Choice of Difficulty Settings (Rotary Knob)

The Ultra 50 comes with a rotary knob, an excellent feature which allows you to choose the difficulty setting in which you wish to workout at.

All different fitness levels are catered for from beginners to advanced, young to old, you will be able to find a setting that suits your training level best. This is something you will not find with most pedal exercisers and it is, in my opinion, the selling feature of this mini bike.

 Built In Training Computer

A fantastic battery operated training computer with a large LCD display will show you the amount of time trained, distance traveled and calories burned. Great if you are using this bike to lose weight, you will be able to keep count of how many calories you are losing with each exercise session.

Generally, an hour on a mini bike will at a medium pace lose you around 105 calories, that’s equivalent to a 1-mile walk, and because of the low impact design of the mini bike, it will allow you to spend many hours on it without adding extra stress on joints.

7 or 8 sessions on this a week whilst watching your favorite tv programmes will really start to cut away at your calories, it won’t be long until you start to see the difference on the weighing scales.

ultrasport mini bike black

Lower & Upper Body Workout

Another great feature of this mini bike is that it has both handles and pedals, not only can you use a mini bike as a regular bicycle you can also place it on a table for an upperbody workout, making the Ultrasport mini bike a very versatile piece of equipment indeed.



66fit Folding Pedal Exerciser

Cheaper than most mini bikes the 66fit Folding Pedal exerciser is one of the top-rated exercisers out at the moment.

The 66fit has a small knob you can turn on top of the exercise bike which allows you to choose the resistance, which as mentioned earlier is great if you’re a beginner and need something that is fairly easy to pedal, to begin with. Later you can increase the resistance as and when you progress or need to.

Many people might love this pedal exerciser because of how light it is: 3kg! A great weight for moving this piece of equipment around, but being so light you will lose some of the stability you get from heavier offerings.

A more basic machine than the Ultrasport, the 66fit lacks a built-in computer, there’ll be no counting calories with this one, but if you need a cheap piece of exercise equipment to help with circulation or rehabilitation then this is probably one of the best cheap options available.

Definitely not for the advanced user as the resistance offered from this machine even on the highest setting will not be challenging enough.

Oypla Arm/Leg Mini Bike

Very Similar to the Ultrasport mini Bike, both have built-in computers, both have a knob to turn for different resistance settings, and yes both can be used either for leg workouts and arm workouts, the only real difference between them is the Ultra mini bike is a little bit more sturdy, a kg heavier and the flywheel weighs half a kg more than the Oypla.

What I do like about the Oypla is the built-in carry handle this will make it very easy to transport around the home, if you prefer something very similar to the Ultrasport but slightly lighter then maybe this would be a good choice, there’s not much between the two.

 Personally I’d go with the heavier of the two, the extra bit of weight will help keep this thing upright when in use and hopefully give less slippage, both the Oypla and Ultrasport mini bikes have antislip feet to help with slippage issues.

To Sum Up

One of the best mini bikes you will find under £50, this is a great allrounder and should appeal to both beginners and advanced users.

Well built and solid, the UltraSport Mini Bike also includes rubber feet which should help keep the bike from slipping on hard surfaces. If you don’t want to break the bank and are looking to lose a few calories whilst sitting at home, then this bike shouldn’t disappoint.