Time of tyranny and starvation is over! All those women that tried every possible diet to make their butt even a little bit smaller can now relax. Nowadays it is no longer fashionable for a woman to be super skinny. Big butts are trendy!

Nice round butt looks very sexy though there is no easy way to get it. Don’t despair tho there are exercises that lift your butt and give you the best possible results if you only make sure you do them properly and regularly.

Glutes are not just there to fill up your jeans they are vital for the strength fo the kinetic chain that your neuromuscular skeleton system includes. The name glutes stand for three separate muscles.

Gluteus Maximus is one of the biggest and the strongest muscles in our body. It stretches across ilium and connects to the back of the femur.

Gluteus medium and minimus start from the same place as Maximus and are located directly underneath it but they connect to the lateral side of the femur.

Wherever there is a weak connection in this chain another body part has to complement this insufficiency. Many issues in the lower part of the spine occur when the glutes are weak and can’t support the spine in an appropriate way.

Strong glutes serve as support for the upper body, minimize the risk of injuries correct the body posture, and to be honest look amazing in a bikini.

The best exercises that lift your butt are definitely squats and lunges. When you do squats you should have between 25 and 50 repetitions.

You should always make sure to squeeze the glutes when you are lifting up. When you are contracting the glutes that makes that entire body part participate.

If you want your butt to be nice and round you should definitely do kickbacks since this exercise isolates these muscles much better than any other complex exercise.

Cardio training is great for reducing the overall body weight but can also help you tone your glutes. Workout on a stepper or a treadmill at a certain inclination is great since each step makes you put in more effort. Stationary bike tho is a machine that you should avoid if you’re trying to tone the glutes since it will not help you at all.

young fit woman doing squats


We are suggesting that you do two to three series with at least 25 repetitions of these following five exercises at least three to four times a week to achieve the maximum results.

When you are doing exercises for multiple muscle groups at the same time, your plus speeds up, which speeds up your metabolism, and your body starts burning more calories.


Step-ups are an exercise that includes quadriceps and glutes at the same time. They are a bit more knee-friendly than squats and lunges, so they are a good replacement for those in case you have knee issues.

To do step-ups, you will need a step that you can get in any gym equipment shop. Make sure it is stable and sturdy, and you can begin.

Take the dumbbells in both hands and raise your left leg on the step. Using quadriceps and glutes of your left leg lift your body until your both legs are on the step.

To keep the balance, the toes of your right leg must be touching the step while your foot is lifted. Push the pelvis to the front and squeeze the glutes before you go back to the starting position.

You can alternate legs or first finish the series with one leg than do the other. Do twelve to fifteen repetitions with each leg. If you start to lose, balance takes a short break and then continue with your exercise.


Lunges will help you shape your glutes and quadriceps and will also strengthen all the muscles around your knees. When you are doing lunges, make sure you maintain the perfect form to avoid pain and injury.

Take the dumbbells in both hands. Start the exercise by placing one leg in front of the other. Your left foot should be in front of your body a the distance that will allow you to get the straight angle between the knee, thigh, and the calf once you bent your knee.

Make sure that the knee is always behind the toes of the same leg. Slowly bend the knee while lowering your hips. The right knee should almost touch the floor.

Remain in that position for a couple of seconds and then slowly lift the body up in the starting position. Do three series of ten repetitions with each leg.

Lift With Straight Legs

This exercise will mainly target the muscles on your lower back, tendons, and quads. The way to include glutes in it is to firmly squeeze them each time you are returning to the starting position.

Gather your legs and keep your body straight. Take the dumbbells in both hands and hold them next to your thighs. Start bending upwards and keep looking straight in front of you at all times.

Allow the weights to stretch your tendons and glutes almost to the point where dumbells are touching the ground. Start lifting slowly like you are lifting the dumbbells along the front side of your body until you return to the starting position.

Pull back your shoulders and squeeze the glutes hard. Do three series of ten repetitions of this exercise.

fit woman doing lunges


This exercise is excellent for shaping the glutes. Making them look nice and round, and it is also not that difficult.

Go down on the floor on all fours. Keep your arms fully stretched in the shoulder width. The back should be straight, and thighs, knees, and calves should form a straight angle.

Stretch your left leg backward and tighten it as hard as possible, making sure that the body muscles are tight at all times. To get the best results with this particular exercise, it is crucial to focus on the contractions of the glutes at all times during the exercise.

Do not try to lift your foot too high because you can injure yourself by doing so.


Squats are probably the best lower body exercises of all time. Squats help a lot in building muscle mass and are also great for shaping and strengthening the muscles. They also speed up metabolism.

If you perform squats correctly, you should not be able to feel pain in your lower back or your knees. Stand in a way that your feet are apart a bit wider than shoulder-width. Keep the toes of both feet parallel that will make you use the gluteus to lift your body.

To increase the resistance, hold one dumbbell in each hand in shoulder hight. It is very important to keep your back straight at all times and your chin up.

Slowly lower your hips until you get your thighs in a parallel position to the ground. Once you get to that position, go back to the starting position. Do not bend forward or arch your back.

Do three series of ten repetitions of this exercise.


Now you know which exercises are the best for you to lift your butt and make it look exactly like you want it. Combine these exercises with cardio and a healthy diet, and results will be visible in no time. It’s all up to you, remember you can look the way you want to look as long as you try hard and don’t give up!