When it comes to working out indoors, treadmill workouts are probably the most efficient and most beneficial. There are countless benefits of regular exercising, such as the increase of heart strength, weight loss, and many others. Running or walking on a treadmill is an excellent source of exercise.

The health benefits of treadmill workouts are many, and it is very easy and time-saving using one, especially if you have one in your home. Treadmills are great for those of you that want to start exercising since they do not put a lot of stress on the body and are very easy to use.

Using a treadmill not only helps you to keep your heart healthy and get your whole body in shape, but it also helps you burn calories and lose unwanted weight. The treadmill is about 40% more efficient than other workout machines when it comes to calorie burn.

woman running on treadmill at home

How To Increase Fat Burn

There are several ways to increase fat burn using a treadmill. For example, you can change the inclination angle, and that way increase the number of calories your body burns while exercising.

A woman that weighs 60 kilograms on average burns 300 calories in an hour while she is walking fast on a treadmill; however, if she changes the inclination angle, she burns the same 300 calories in just 27minutes.

Diet plays a significant role in weight loss, and you should combine a healthier eating plan with your treadmill workouts to lose weight and better your health.

Very often, a diet poor in carbs was dismissed as an excellent way to lose weight, but several studies show that those diets can be much more efficient for weight loss than diets rich in carbs.

For example, in one study, researchers compared the effects of these two diet regimes and concluded that the people that had a diet rich in carbs lost about 3.4kg and 6.2kg in muscle mass. In contrast, people that daily consumed 1000calories and 10g of carbs lost 6.4 kg of fat without any significant loss in muscle mass.

The vast majority of studies also assess the efficiency of diets with a bit larger amount of carbs included ( for example, 50 to 80g a day ).

One of the studies compared the efficiency of a diet rich in carbs ( 60% of carbs, 20% of protein and 20% of fat ) in weight loss to a diet rich in protein with a moderate percentage of carbs ( 45% of protein, 35% of carbs and 20% of fat ).

Results have shown that the test subjects in both of the groups lost the same amount of kilograms and body fat. However, test subjects from the second group maintained the protein balance and lost less of the muscle mass.

Finally, some studies are done on the other two diet regimes: diet very poor in carbs and diet poor in fat and cholesterol. Test subjects in the first group lost about 8.6% of their total body weight and 6.5kg of body fat. Test subjects in the second group, on average lost 13.3% of overall body weight and 9.7kg of body fat.

All in all, the studies show that the diet poor in carbs can be much more efficient in weight loss than other diets, especially if they have moderate to a large percentage of protein.

man running on a treadmill in a gym

When To Exercise?

Time matters! You can make weight loss more efficient if you are working out at a particular time of day. The best time is early in the morning before breakfast. It is the best because, at that time, there is a low level of glycogen in your body, and the body uses fat as fuel.

One study had shown that the test subjects burnt 200-300% more fat when they exercised early in the morning before having breakfast than when they had workouts after a meal later on in the day.

The second most ideal time for workouts on a treadmill is right after you finish weight training. After weight training, the body has already used all the glycogen supplies and starts to use body fat as the fuel. This is a fat-burning trick that some of the professional trainers are using.


How Long To exercise?

How long should a treadmill workout last? To efficiently start using fat as fuel, your body needs 15-20 mins of nonstop walking or running on a treadmill. During the first minutes on the treadmill, your body usually uses glycogen as fuel. But the longer you are moving more fat you burn.

Many are advising that the ideal treadmill workout should not last shorter than 25 minutes and not longer than 40 minutes.

Both walking and running on a treadmill are good for fat burn. Ideal approach s the combination of those two. That way, there is a maximal consumption of both calories and body fat.

Monitoring heart rate can help you a lot to make your cardio training more efficient. All good treadmills have the device for monitoring heart rate built-in precisely because of that. What is recommended is that once you are no longer a beginner, it should be between 70-85% of maximum speed.

Best Way To Exercise

A unique technique in which you can use the treadmill most efficiently for fat burn is raising the intensity level of training to the extreme but only for a short period.

The goal here is to raise the level of growth hormone that leads to faster fat burn. Some experts point out that four changes should be induced to come to a significant release of growth hormone.

Those changes are raising the body temperature for one degree, larger consumption of oxygen, raising the level of milk acid in the muscles, and adrenalin response.

Moving at a moderate pace can’t induce those changes. That is the reason why the treadmill workout should contain eight sprints in 20 seconds each. Walking between sprints is allowed, and it should not last longer than one to two minutes. Also, some people that are exercising should hold the handles on the treadmill while sprinting.  The goal of this kind of workout is to achieve the maximum aerobic capacity.


Overall, if you want to lose extra body fat and get your body in great shape, think about getting a treadmill. Treadmill workouts are one of the best indoor workouts you can have, and also you do not have to worry that you will get run over or bitten by someone’s dog while running.

You can do your workouts in the comfort of your home. The best way to start is at a moderate pace and gradually increase the inclination level and difficulty. Change the pace of your walk and try to do your workouts early in the morning, and all your problems with body fat will be solved!