You think you could look better from behind? We can help you with that. In this article we will give you the basics, but in the end it is all up to you.

First let’s see what muscle groups do we have at the back of our body and how can we sculpt them so they look exactly like we want them to. There are back and deltoid muscles, your behind and tendons and claves.

Back And Deltoid Muscles

Out of all muscle groups, back muscles are the most complex one. Back deltoid muscles (even tho they are by definition in the shoulders) also influence the overall look of this part of the body.

Women very often neglect back exercises. Since these muscles are not visible when you look at yourself in the mirror, people think they are not that important for the overall look.

But do not let yourself be fooled. Nicely sculpted back greatly contributes to the symmetrical body. Together with nicely developed shoulders, it makes the waist seem more narrow.

Every back muscle has a very important role in keeping the right posture. Tight and sculpted back muscles make you taller and help you seem more confident, which is much more than just aesthetic.

When it comes to training the best machine to sculpt your back muscles is lat machine. Traps and rhomboids that are in the middle of your back can be toned the best with exercises that require connecting the scapula. One of those exercises is dumbbell row. Back deltoids can be toned the best if you do horizontal extension.

photo of a young fit woman taken from behind

Bum And Tendons

Bum and thighs are a soft spot for many women. This part of the body is prone to piling up fat due to factors related to childbirth (fat in the lower body acts like an energetic reserve in the expecting of pregnancy and breastfeeding).

Multiple hormones and enzymes are combined in order to increase the activity of the fat piling up mechanism, thus creating the pear shape that is characteristic for women.

To make things even worse main muscles of this part of the body (gluteus and tendons in the back of the knee) start to atrophy in time (in other words start to shrink).

Luckily targeted workouts can eliminate the effects of aging and make a loose bum firm. Even tho they won’t directly affect reducing the body fat, they will help to speed up the metabolism and in that way they will better the fat burn.

Exercises like kick backs and squats are ideal for the activation of gluteus. Even tho the tendons are stimulated by doing hip extension, they can also be successfully isolated by doing knee flex. Main exercise for achieving this goal is knee flex in straight body position.


Out of all the muscle groups in everyday life, you use calves the most. You activate them each time you walk, run or climb the stairs.

Even if you are standing still, calves have a significant role in your body posture. However, all of this makes it very difficult to isolate the calves and very difficult to tone them.

Considering all that, if the genetics is not in your favour in this part of your body it will be very hard to see any results in toning the calves. Hard does not mean impossible though.

If you do your exercises correctly and if you are persistent, you can overcome some limits in genetics and better the development of your calves.

Even tho there are ten muscles in the muscle group of lower legs only two of those ten influence the shape of the calves largely and those are soleus and gastrocnemius.

If you manage to tone those muscles correctly, thighs can even look thinner and your figure will look more symmetrical (as you can see toning your body mostly comes down to visual effect).

For toning the calves you can do two basic sets of exercises, ones with straight knees and ones with bent knees. For gastrocnemius, the muscle that goes over the knee, the best exercises are ones where you raise on your toes with your body straight.

On the other hand best exercises for soleus, that doesn’t go over the knee are those with raising on your toes in sitting position with your knees bent.

young woman doing kick back to look better from behind


Routine consists of ten targeted movements that are activating all main muscles of the back of your body. Once your body gets used to this training, you can replace these movements with something similar.

Do not forget the variety of exercises is very important for any training program. When you constantly combine your exercises in various ways, you will avoid having your muscles used to the movement and in this way they will constantly be stimulated to grow.

You should do three sets of each exercise. In order to burn fat, keep the rest period between the sets to minimum on average about 30 seconds.

This method not only increases the calorie burn during the workouts, it also speeds up the metabolism for 24 hours after the training.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should do the movements quickly. You should have 1 second for upward movements and for the downward movements you should have 3 seconds.

This will not only influence the muscle tension (that is a very important factor in the muscle growth), it will also diminish the risk from injuries during your training.

This routine you should do once or twice a week depending on the time that you have and the goals you are planning to achieve.

Just make sure you have at least 48 hour break between two trainings. That will give your muscles enough time to recover.

Toning the back part of your body will of course help in decreasing the body fat. It has a direct and indirect influence on the metabolism.

In order to maximally stymulate fat burn and get a slim toned figure, you should include cardio exercises to your training. The best thing would be to choose a few different types of cardio and then switch them from training to training.

There are two very important reasons for that. First of all, if you do the same exercise over and over again the body gets used to it very fast, which leads to lesser results.

Changing the exercises prevents adjusting to one type of training and in that way you always stimulate the muscles which leads to better results.

Second reason is that changing the exercises lovers the probability for the injuries to occur since different exercises activate different muscles. Some of the cardio exercises have a double effect: they help you burn fat and at the same time they tone the muscles of the back of the body.

That is why it would be the best that you chose a treadmill or a stepper for cardio exercises. With stepper try to make deeper movements and with the treadmill increase the incline by doing this you will activate gluteus and tendons the most.