Professional cyclists in a famous race Tour de France burn on average, burn 5900 calories a day by just riding a bicycle. On sections with a climb, they can burn an incredible 9000 calories.

You as well can increase your fat burn potential without even having to go to France. With a good spinning workout program, you can burn fat by cycling indoors on your stationary bike.

This kind of training is ideal for the high consumption of fat. However, only high-intensity spinning workout can affect the consumption of calories.

While you are doing high-intensity training, your body uses carbs as fuel, and while carbs are the primary fuel during the workout, your body burns fat after the workout in the period of recovery.

So, while you are resting after the high-intensity workout, you should be proud of yourself continues to burn fat.

Since nothing affects burning the fat better than high-intensity cardio, we are giving you one special spinning program, prepare to lose a few pounds!

If you really want to lose weight, spinning will help you burn 500 to 800 calories in just one hour. Do this kind of workout three times a week, and that unwanted weight will melt before you even notice, and your body will look stronger and healthier.

Before you jump on those stationary bikes and start pedaling, you must know a few things connected to this type of training.

woman exercising on a spin bike

Resistance, Rythm, Task And Duration

Spinning training is on its own quite simple. You determine resistance, rhythm, task, and the duration of the training.


You adjust the resistance on your bike to as much as you prefer. According to the resistance you set, your training can be as easy as cycling downhill or as hard as cycling uphill; it’s all up to you.

When it comes to resistance on stationary bikes, there are usually several difficulty levels. Because of the possibility of injuries to knees and ankles, very fast pedaling is not recommended at higher difficulty levels.

If you want to make your training more intense instead of raising the resistance, you can speed up the rhythm.


Rhythm is the speed at which you are turning the pedals. During your training, you can speed up or slow down the rhythm, depending on the task you plan to complete.

Keep in mind that fast rhythm affects your cardiovascular system in the same way as cycling at high resistance. So, in case you think that your training is not hard enough, know that your body is still burning calories.

When it comes to rhythm, there are three levels. You can calculate the rhythm by counting the times of spins of pedals in six seconds and then multiply that by ten.

Slow rhythm is between 40 and 90 spins in a minute. Medium rhythm is between 90 and 140 spins, and fast rhythm is from 140 and higher.


Task implies to are you sitting or standing during your training and what else do you do, for example, are you warming up, sprint, take breaks to recover…


Duration is simply the time you spend training.

Stages Of Training

Training is divided into three stages; warming up, main stage, and recovery. Each stage is crucial for safe and successful training.

Warming up

This is a stage of training you should never skip. At this stage, you are preparing and adjusting your body to the bike. Start without any resistance on the bike. While you are turning the pedals focus on relaxing your upper body.

You can start with the lower back to relax the spine and then continue by stretching your shoulders and neck. It is also essential that you stretch the tendons before the main stage of the training.

What you should do is to, after you have been warming up for a few minutes (after you were turning the pedals),  get up and stretch the back of your legs.

Main Stage

During the main stage, your body burns the highest number of calories. You must be focused on the task of your training and the way you are training in the main stage.

Since it is very easy to forget how we are training when all we are thinking about is how to burn as much fat as we can we will point out a few very important things for you:

Relax the upper body. Release the tension in the shoulders, place your hands gently on the handles without any unnecessary squeezing, and try to relax your arms as much as you can.

Breath deeply, breath in deeply and continuously. Use your diaphragm and your chest while breathing. In this manner, a larger amount of oxygen will reach the most active muscle groups. Focus on breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth.

Take enough liquid. Water is a great choice, but sometimes energy drinks are better, especially if you are training longer than 90 minutes.

By consuming energy drinks, you can make up for energy loss and liquid at the same time since they contain carbs and water at the same time, and they also taste good.


Recovery is very important. After the workout, lactic acid piles up in the muscles. If you just get off the bike, you won’t even be able to walk normally. What you have to do is lower the resistance to the lowest and pedal slowly until lactic acid flows out of your quads.

Repeat the stretching you have done during the warm-up, and you can also include the stretching for all those parts that you felt the tension during the training.


Spinning training is an excellent way to burn that unwanted fat that piled up over time. It is also not hard to do it, and if you purchase a stationary bike (which nowadays you can find at a very reasonable price), it saves you a lot of time that you would waste on the trip to the gym.

There are no excuses for you not to look and feel great. And remember training will not help you without a healthy diet one does not work in burning fat without the other.