If you’re serious about your lifting, you’re are going to need a dumbbell set that suits your specific lifting needs.

If you’ve been training for a few years, you will know how fast your strength increases with regular training sessions, and the last thing you want to buy is a dumbbell with a low weight range that you’ll outgrow in a year or so’s time.

Fast To Adjust – Heavy Duty Plates

To keep the gains coming with your lifting, you are going to need a  dumbbell set with a high weight range; this will allow for a dumbbell that can grow with you as your strength increases. Not many people will outgrow 71.5lb per dumbbell.

You’ll also need a dumbbell that’s fast and simple to adjust between sets, especially useful if you want to include Drop Sets into your weight training routine that require a quick weight change.

The ATIVAFIT 71lb dumbbell set ticks all the above boxes, it’s the heaviest set ATIVAFIT produces, it’s aimed toward the more serious lifters out there, and it’s one of the fastest to adjust dumbbells on the market.

Today we’re going to take a close look at this impressive set of bells, at the end of the review I’ll also compare the ATIVAFIT 71.5 dumbbell with Bowflex’s heaviest set their 90lb dumbbell pair, you should by the end of the review have a pretty good idea if the ATIVAFIT is the right set fo dumbbells for your needs.

First let’s take a quick look at the product specs!

Product Specifications


Product dimensions – 16.34″ x 7.5″ 8.67″


Weight – Single dumbbell max weight 71.5lb or 32kg


Adjustment System – Dial


No. Adjustment settings – 17

Why Do We Like The ATIVAFIT 71lb Dumbbell Set?

As with all of these new school sets of adjustable dumbbells, their most appealing selling feature is their space-saving design. And its what I like most about an adjustable set like this, the ATIVAFIT 71lb dumbbell set replaces 17 pairs of dumbbells that’s a heck of a lot of space you save!

Also, buying 17 pairs of fixed weight dumbbells is going to cost a lot more, so not only are you saving on space, you get to save a few bucks too.

Something we do need to point out is, at the time of writing this article, ATIVAFIT, for some reason, sells their dumbbells in singles.

A lot of people have purchased the one dumbbell thinking they were going to receive a pair, and yes, their advertising can be somewhat misleading, so make sure you order two if you want the set.

Unless you own a power rack and a barbell? You are going to need the two dumbbells for compound movements; otherwise, you will be stuck with isolation exercises.  And we all know compound exercises are essential if you want to increase strength and add muscle mass fast.

Adjustment System

The adjustment system of the ATIVAFIT dumbbells is super fast; it’s simply a dial, turn it press the red button and select the weight you wish to lift, and always make sure you do this within the cradle provided.

The adjustment system is very similar to the Bowflex SelectTech dials. However, with the ATIVAFIT sets turning just one of the dials will adjust the weight on both ends, with the Bowflex you need to adjust both ends, this makes the ATIVAFIT twice as fast to adjust compared to the Bowflex.

Durability – Build Quality

From the hours of research I’ve carried out on the ATIVAFIT Dumbbells, they score high on user ratings with over 90% of people who have purchased them giving 4 or 5 out of 5 ratings, with many complimenting how solid and well built they feel.

Yes, it’s great they receive high ratings now, but they havent been out long enough for any real test of durability and as with nearly all the new sets of adjustable dumbbells including Bowflex, Core Fitness, and ATIVAFIT they all use too much plastic in the build.

Weak plastic adjustment systems are the downfall of this type of dumbbell, there seems no way any of the manufacturers can avoid it.

Its a shame as it means you guys will have to be super careful when exercising with them,  a single drop could cause a crack or a serious break of the adjustment system and as you might have guessed drops are not covered in the warranties.

Don’t let the plastic adjustment system be a deal killer just remember to be careful when you train, you could get hold of some rubber gym flooring so if you do happen to drop one at least they’ll be something there to help cushion the fall.

Who Are They For?

With a max weight of 71lb per dumbbell, you would think that ATIVIAFIT’s dumbbell pair are only targeted towards intermediate and advanced lifters, but that’s not entirely true.

Even if you’re a beginner, your strength will soon start to increase as you train more often. Sometimes it’s a better idea for a beginner to buy a heavy set, especially if you think you are going to take your training seriously; it will save you having to upgrade in the future, thus saving you a lot of cash replacing lighter sets.

On the flip side, some of you may never need a dumbbell this heavy and paying the extra for a heavy set may be overkill, you really need to think about your training needs, are you training for strength, hypertrophy, etc.? How serious are you about lifting weights?

For the price, there isn’t much better out there in the 70lb range, the ATIVAFIT are a well-built set of bells faster to adjust than the Bowflex sets, and if looked after should last you years of use.

Too much plastic in the adjustment system? Yes, but if you want the super speedy adjustment times and space-saving design, it’s something you’ll have to live with. 

The Good

Fast to adjust, single-dial adjustment system

Space-saving – replaces 17 sets of fixed weight dumbbells

Ergonomic rubber grip handle

Impressive weight range – suitable for beginners to advanced

Good price for a heavy set

The Bad

Long handles

Fixed weight range – no expansion packs available



pair of bowflex 1090 dumbbells in home gym

Bowflex 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell

Bowflex, a company that’s been around for a couple of decades they are known well for their dumbbells and weight benches, their dumbbells are the top sellers in the adjustable dumbbell range, and there’s a good reason why.

These are the guys who patented the dial select system. All the others that came later, such as ATIVAFIT, got their ideas from Bowflex, just because Bowflex came first doesn’t mean they are the best, they’ve just been around longer, and they are a well-known company.

I prefer the ATIVAFITs adjustment system; the single dial is better (faster) than the two of the Bowflex.

Build quality is similar,  as the design almost mirror each other!

But what I don’t like about both the Bowflex dumbbells and dumbbells such as the ATIVAFIT  is their long handles.

When you’re weight training, you need a compact dumbbell; a compact dumbbell will give a more natural feel when you lift. Like the fixed weight dumbbells, you use in your local gym.

Because of the design of both the Bowflex and the ATIVAFIT-long handles with weights at each end-its impossible to avoid a long handle whatever weight you choose, you could select 20lb to lift, the handle will be the same length as it would if you chose to lift the max 71.5lb.

PowerBlock and CoreFitness are two adjustable dumbbells that address this problem, the length of their handles only increase as the weight does this leads to a much more compact design.

However, long handles are not a deal stopper; it takes a couple of weeks to get used training with long handle dumbbells.

Once you get used to the long handle design, you should be fine; there’ll never feel as natural to train with as a fixed weight dumbbell, but again like the weak adjustment systems, its something you’ll have to get used to if you want to benefit from the fast adjustment systems.

The Bowflex 1090 are Bowlfex’s heavest set; they weigh 90lb a dumbbell and are built with all the same pros and cons of their most popular set the 552’s

Just like ATIVAFIT, the 1090s are a  heavy dumbbell, and one aimed toward people who want to lift heavy. Fast to adjust thanks to the dial system, better than the ATIVAFIT, no, not really both fast to adjust both use a dial, and both long handle designs.

But if you are after a heavy 90lb set, this is probably the best dial select set available as ATVIAFIT does not make a weight set this heavy.


To Sum Up

The ATIVAFIT 71.5lb Set is a welcome addition to the adjustable dumbbell market; we’ve been waiting some time for a decent 70lb set!

Bowflex and CoreFitness both sell excellent 50lb sets and Bowflex also the 90lb (above), but neither gives the user the one in the middle the 70lb set.

71.5lb per dumbbell will suit most users’ needs; they will allow for years of growth, and best of all, you don’t need a ton of space to house the 17 sets these capable pair replace.

Yeah, they come with a few issues – the same as all of the fast to adjust dial sets, but nothing that should impact your training in a negative way. Be careful with them; no drops! And I’m sure most will be happy with this great set of bells.