Updated February 18, 2020 

The Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells are an extremely well-designed bit of kit, with a maximum weight of 50lb per dumbbell, this adjustable set should suit most home gyms.

Super Fast Twist-Lock Adjustment Technology

Core Fitness’s patented twist lock adjustment technology allows you to change the weight of the dumbbell with a single hand when sat in its cradle.

The Core Fitness dumbbells are much quicker than the pull and push pin system of the PowerBlock dumbbells, and slightly faster tan the Blowflex 552’s.

So if you are looking for an adjustable dumbbell pair that includes a quick weight adjustment system with a more than substantial weight range, the Core Fitness dumbbells should be worth some serious consideration.

The weight range may be a little low for the seasoned weightlifter, 50lb per dumbbell could be limiting for some and with no way adding any extra weight to the dumbbells, I feel the more extreme of weightlifters may want to take a look at the Power Blocks Elite range where you can add up to an extra 50lb – 100lb

But for most, the 50lb weight range of each dumbbell will be more than enough to keep you training for years and with a 2 year guarantee, Core Fitness show their confidence in the durability of their adjustable dumbbells.

I wouldn’t like to drop one on a hard floor, anything that involves plastic and heavy metal together is likely to cause some breakage if dropped from a height, especially the grip handle. Be very carefully and/or invest in some rubber gym flooring.


Set of two 50lb dumbbells with support cradles
Dimensions – 14.5L x 7.5W x 7.5H inches (each)
Contoured soft grip handles
Compact design
Adjustable weight setting between 5-50 lb on each dumbbell



The only weight available for the Core Fitness dumbbells is the 100lb set, 2x 50lb dumbbells, adjustable in, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50lb lb increments.

It would have been nice to see a 50lb add-on like some of the other adjustable sets in this price range but even without the extra weight add-on options, 50lb per dumbbell will still be a more than adequate amount of weight for a variety of isolation exercises even for the more experienced lifters.

Ease of Adjustment

Probably the most efficient and time saving designs I have seen with an adjustable dumbbell, very similar, or if not the same design Stairmaster use with their adjustable sets at twice the price, but definitely one of the best you will find in the adjustable dumbbell market today.

It’s quite simple in practice, all you need to do to adjust the dumbbell, is to place it in the cradle and simply turn the twist lock to the desired weight, it’s that easy!

No more unscrewing collars, removing and adding plates just a turn of your wrist and you’ve changed the weight load.

You will be happy to know both dumbbells come with their own cradle. And no accidents with plates falling off as the handle actually enters through the weight plates holding them secure.

To note, no offset weight configurations with Core’s dumbbells, the twist lock works for both ends of the dumbbell in parallel, meaning in if you twist the handle it will adjust the weight to the same amount at each end.

I’ve never really understood quite why some lifters would want it any other way with a dumbbell set, offset lifting is better left to barbells, not a good idea with dumbbbells, you will end up putting unwanted pressure on your joints.


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Durability & Build Quality

A solid compact build makes these dumbbells highly desirable. Shorter in length than the Bowflex and Powerblocks, creating a dumbbell that is much easier to train with, almost the same natural feel as using fixed weight dumbbells.

Firm but comfortable contoured grip handle made from steel but coated with a layer of rubber provides a handle that’s pretty grippy, even in humid sweaty weather, slippage will be at a minimum.

The plates are coated in high impact PVC, good for keeping the plates rust and rattle free, but if you’re like me, and like to train to failure some of the time and drop the dumbbell pair, you might have to watch it with the core plates.

The PVC coating I  feel could quite easily crack after a few drops, so I’d recommend you be extra careful dropping the dumbbells from any height even if you do have rubber flooring. They could probably handle bench drops but from any higher I wouldn’t risk.

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Video

The cradles are of similar quality to the dumbbells and as you have seen are a necessity for changing the weight range of the dumbbell. 

Both cradles are made from aluminium and PVC, the dumbbells fit snuggly inside the openings at each end of the cradles, keeping the pair firmly in place so as not to fall out when moving dumbbell and cradle around.

Overall the build quality is top draw for the price range, nothing I would say here is under par and no real complaints to talk of.


Compact construction
Space saving, easy to store away
Good range of weight 5-50lbs
Featuring the twist lock quick adjustment design
Includes two cradles


PVC weight coating could crack if dropped.
No option to add any extra weight plates

The Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Stand

There is also a stand on offer for the dumbbells where you can simply sit the cradles into the stand, nice option to have if budget allows, the stand is made from heavy gauge steel tubing and looks and feels quality just as the dumbbells, great idea if you don’t want to bend down to pick your dumbbells up everytime..

  • 30″ tall
  • Heavy duty frame keeps dumbbells securely in place
  • Makes the workout faster, safer, and easier.

If you are interested in the stand, it is cheaper to buy the stand with the dumbbells, below is the link for both.


To Sum Up

The twist lock adjustment system is the dumbbells main selling feature for me, it saves time and is easily adjusted with one hand, couple that with the compact design and the Core Fitness pair really don’t feel much different to standard fixed dumbbells.

Bowflex and Powerblock should be worried, the Core Adjustable pair take some beating.