What’s going to draw a lot of lifters over to the EverLast 25kg Adjustable Dumbbell is the price. For a pair, they’re around £100 cheaper than the Bowflex 552s and £200 cheaper than the Powerblock Pro 50s. The PowerBlock Pro 50s are perhaps in a different league to the Everlast adjustable dumbbells. Still, the Bowflex 552s share many of the same features as the Everlast 25kg dumbbell, making the Everlast dumbbells an excellent alternative to the Popular Bowflex Pair.

No Plate Movement – Speedy Adjustment Times

The first thing you’ll notice about the Everlast adjustable dumbbell is there’s no plate movement. A number of users have mentioned how solid this pair of bells feel, which is unusual at this price point as most I have reviewed have some plate rattle. Still its the adjustment system I like most about the Everlast’s, and its what sells this pair; it’s super-fast, easy to use, and adjusts in small weight increments crucial for some exercises.

Overall these guys seem to have got most of the essentials right with their 25kg adjustable dumbbell, and today I want to look at everything it has to offer, including the drawbacks, as there are a few! First, a quick look at the product specs.

Product Specifications


Product dimensions – ‎43 x 22 x 23 cm


Weight – 25kg per dumbbell

Weight Increments – 2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 17.5kg, 20kg, 22.5kg and 25kg

Solid in singles


Material – metal, plastic

Why Do We Like The Everlast 25kg Dumbbell?

As I already mentioned in the intro, the most impressive feature of the Everlast adjustable dumbbell is its adjustment system. There are no weight plates to load and unload manually. All you have to do here is press a button and turn the selection dial. Its takes just a couple of scends.

adjustment system everlast 25kg dumbbell

Fast adjustment system are so important because theres a few advanced and basic bodybuilding techniques that require quick weight changes. You’ll need a dumbbell you can adjust in under 5 seconds if you want to perform exercises like drop sets etc. You can adjust a pair of Everlast dumbbells quite easily in under 5 seconds, allowing you to perform any exercise. 

Small Weight Increases: Best For Progress

Something else I was happy to see featured on the Everlast dumbbell was the 2.5kg increments (5lb), as small weight increases are one of the keys to progress, and ideally, we look for 1.25kg or 2.5kg at most for dumbbells.

The Everlast 25kg adjustable dumbbell is one of the only more affordable adjustables I’ve seen that boasts 2.5kg increments. Most cheap adjustables use 5kg weight increments which is too big a jump even for seasoned lifters and almost useless for bodybuilding. So thumbs up to Everlast for getting this right.

Are Long Handles a Deal Breaker?

The Everlast adjustable dumbbell uses a fixed length handle. A fixed length handle is a handle that stays the same length no matter how much weight you’re lifting; whether it’s 5kg or 25kg, the length of the handle remains the same.

Fixed length handles are something you’ll find on most adjustables. The Everlast dumbbell handles are around 40cms long. A handle this long will take some time to get used to, especially when curling and setting up for presses.

They’re ok Once You Get Used To Them

Still, I’ve trained with many adjustable dumbbells that use fixed handles, and while they don’t feel natural, they won’t affect your training negatively once you’re used to them.

If you want to avoid fixed length handles, you’ll have to spend more cash and find an adjustable dumbbell whose handle only increases in length when you add more weight. The Powerblock dumbbells are a perfect example of an adjustable dumbbell with a compact handle. This type of dumbbell handle is more compact and feels natural to lift with.

single 25kg everlast adjustable dumbbell on wooden floor in a house

Drops – Not Covered In The Warranty

Most adjustable dumbbells have some plastic in their design, and if you drop them from height, something will break. And just like every other adjustable dumbbell on the market, the Everlast dumbbell warranty doesn’t cover drops.

This means no training to failure and dropping the dumbbell on that last killer rep because you’ll likely break the adjustment system.

Even though Everlast uses a fair amount of plastic in the adjustment system and the handle, they don’t use the plastic casings for the weight plates like the Bowflex and much more expensive Noridctrack 25kg adjustbales. Everlast chooses to paint their weight plates which is a much better idea. Not only does using paint instead of plastic mean less to break, but it also makes the dumbbell more compact, which is always a good thing.

Space-Saving Design

One of the reasons lifters choose adjustable dumbbells over fixed weight dumbbells is how much space they save. I know it’s why I choose adjustbales over fixed weight. The Everlast 25kgs replace ten pairs of fixed weight dumbbells; that’s a lot of space to save and space you can use for other equipment.

And it’s not just space they save, adjustable dumbbells save a ton of cash too. Ten pairs of decent fixed weight dumbells would cost at least £600, almost twice the price of a pair of Everlast’s.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

1. If you want fast, smooth weight changes? Make sure only to change the dumbbell weight when the dumbbell is sitting fully in its storage tray.

2. Should I buy one of two dumbbells? This is something else I know a lot of people think about before buying, and Id always recommend buying the pair, simply because with a single dumbbell, you won’t be able to perform compound movements. Compound movements build muscle mass and strength faster than any other type of exercise, and they’re something you don’t want to miss out on.

Still, if you only have the money right now for one dumbbell, one is always better than nothing, as there are many exercises you can perform with a single dumbbell.

The Good

Many users have commented how solid this dumbbell feels

Fast adjustment system –  can perform any exercise with these dumbbells even drops sets that require the fastest of weight changes

2.5kg weight increments – small enough for most levels of lifter

Space saving design – replaces 10 pairs of fixed weight dumbbells

Good price for a well made selectable dumbbell

Come with storage trays

The Bad

Fixed length handles take some time to get used to

No drops from height, plastic in handle, and adjustment system



Bowflex 552 adjustable dumbbells with storage cradles

Bowflex 552 Dumbbells

The Bowflex 552 dumbbells are the most popular adjustable dumbbells on the market, and they have been for quite some time. These were the guys who introduced the weight selection dial, and ever since then, other companies have copied this impressive design, including Everlast.

The Bowflex 552s are very similar to the Everlast adjustable dumbbells, as both pairs use fixed-length handles, adjust in small increments, and use a lot of plastic in their design.

I’ve always liked the Bowflex 552s; they were my first pair of adjustable dumbbells many years ago and offered a lot, especially for beginners. The small weight increments (Bowflex has the 1.25kg and 2.5kg) and the easy to use adjustment system are great if you’re just getting into lifting at home. They are an impressive pair of dumbbells. Except you pay that extra money for the brand name, as there really isn’t anything else here that makes them more appealing than cheaper pairs like the Everlast’s.

Perhaps the 1.25kg increments are worth that extra £100? but the 1.25kg weight increments of the Bowflex 552 only go up to 12.5kg, and after that the Bowflex adjusts in 2.5kg, so it seems a lot of extra cash to pay for that one additional feature.


To Sum Up

The Everlast 25kg Adjustable Dumbbells are impressive for the price point. The adjustment system is easy to use, solid, and best of all, the weight increments are small enough for any level of lifter.

The Drawbacks: The handles are long, and there’s plastic in the design, but these are issues that affect most adjustable dumbbells, not just the Everlast’s, and they are issues that shouldn’t affect training negatively; you can get used to losing handles, and if you’re careful with the Everlast adjustable dumbbells there’s no reason they shouldn’t last years of use. Certainly a dumbbell worth considering.