Recent study showed that when you make a man, through a certain association, think about a female beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is the female body, then all the other attributes of female gender. Is this the reason that most women and girls want to tone up their body to the limits their constitution allows, remains unknown.

The question is how to tone up female body? First of all, before you start any training program, you need to know some basic facts that will help you to get better results.

Even though women are of smaller body mass and lower in height, this is not a deciding factor when it comes to toning up. We will just talk about those differences between male and female body that you need to know no matter if you are a person that is already training or a person that just plans to start training.

Women have lighter, and thinner bones, and that makes them less resistant. Another weak link are the joints. This makes women more prone to injuries of joints.

Compared to men, lumbar curve of the spine of women is more pronounced, so it is also more likely to get injured and you have to take certain precaution while you are training.

The pelvis in women is wider which causes a different shape of thigh bone and all of that changes the relation of the lever and the transfer of the muscle strength.

The situation is very similar with the elbow and knee joints. Muscle mass compared to body weight in women is much smaller and that causes much lower values of work effort with more energy used. Womens muscles are softer and more elastic than men’s.

Differences in hormone levels cause the increase of level of fat in totall body mas in women due to the level of estrogen, while level of testosterone in men, together with other effects, causes the increase of muscle mass in totall body mass.

What we can conclude from this, and which is also proven in many studies, is that women that genetically have higher levels of testosterone have the ability of manifesting more strength.

Due to the lower center of the body, during the activities like lifting and carrying, women have to overcome higher resistance than men.

This was just a short list of certain specific characteristics of the female body that differentiate them from men in terms of motoric, functional abilities as well as morphological characteristics. There are many more, but the specifics we mentioned are what you must be aware of so you can train properly.

suntanned well toned young woman

How To Tone Up Female Body?

After all that has been said, lets go to specific advice. These are really not easy to give since each woman has an image of her body that represents the goal that should be reached.

Mostly all those goals can be divided into two groups: first group are women that want to tone up without gaining large muscle mass and second which is much smaller are the women that want to have big and enlarged muscles. We are going to focus on women from the first group only because there are many more of those.

Aerobic Activities

First thing that every woman needs to know is that aerobic activities such as riding a bike, running, using the treadmill and so many others can greatly help in correcting the body weight and even tone up certain body parts.

But if your goal is to correct your complete figure, the dumbbells are at some point be inevitable. Since this might scare a lot of ladies, we must say there is not a single reason for that. Your body will just properly tone up and gain a lot in aesthetic. Enormous hypertrophy that scares a lot of women is very hard to reach, so fear not.

Tips That Will Help You Tone Up

Do not forget if you are just starting first you should consult your doctor, and once you do start, give it your best to stick to the following principals since if you do not do that you will not be able to reach your goal.

1) Exercise every other day

2) Each muscle group train on average with two exercises

3) At the beginning do exercises in one set till exhaustion, later on increase the number of set to maximaly three

4) Use the weights that will allow you to do between eight and fourteen reps (this number is the standard, so in the beginning you can do more reps, use a bit lighter weights)

5) In the beginning you should make sure that exercises cover all larger muscle groups and each exercise should have its individual weight

6) During the first few trainings makes sure that the technique of preforming exercises is correct, do not worry too much about the weights

7) Never skip warm-ups (in which you can very nicely combine the aerobic segment, that is not the same as an aerobic workout, but still gives great results) at the beginning of the training and stretching at the end of the training

8) Do not neglect the pain that you are feeling or the swelling that does not go down

These tips are of a general nature and will need some modifications in case you are not in the general average or in case you have extreme goals. No matter what, these tips can be used by anyone in the beginning.