You need a compact, foldable treadmill that you can use at home or in your office that is not ridiculously expensive? If that is the case, Nero Pro treadmill can be an excellent choice for you.

With its compact design, three inclination levels and bluetooth connectivity Bluetooth Nero Pro treadmill is a great bargain for the price.

In our detailed review of Ner Pro Treadmill, we will tell you what this treadmill has to offer, but first let us give you the basic specs.

Product Specifications


Product dimensions –  49.6 x 23.6 x 47.2 inches


Weight – 52.9lb


Incline type – Manual


Incline levels – 3


Frame – Steel


Weight Capacity – 242.5lb


Speeds -5


Display type – LCD

Bluetooth Nero Pro Treadmill

Nero Pro Treadmill

The Bluetooth Nero Pro treadmill is a compact home treadmill that is designed and built by Nero Sports. It is foldable and lightweight, so it is easy to store it out of the way after exercising in case you have limited space.

The Nero Pro treadmill is shipped to you almost fully assembled, only some small bits to ad so you can use it straight away. This is a treadmill that is good for beginners and it is suitable for walking or light jogging, the stride is not big enough for any serious running.

The Nero treadmill has a large display that can measure your speed, distance, time and calories. Pretty simple and basic, but what more could you need! It also has 12 preset interval training programs, 3 inclination levels which you need to set manually (don’t worry, it is simple) and the speed range between 2 and 10kmph (good enough for walking and light jogging).

What Do We Like About Nero Pro treadmill?

What we must point out is the storability. Nero Pro really folds to a very small size and has wheels so you can store it out of the way with no effort at all. It is great for those of you with small space or people that are recovering from injuries and older users.

Many users have limited space or use shared rooms for exercising, so the fact that you can easily fold your treadmill to a very compact size and wheel it out to a storage area is a bonus for them.

The Nero Pro is also relatively quiet, which is great since the time you spend on your treadmill can get really boring unless you have something to watch, and with Nero Pro you can watch the TV with no need to crank up the volume.

Easy To Use Display

The display on Nero Pro treadmill is quite basic and very simple to use. No complicated menus and shifting through different screens.

What the display offers you is an input on calories, speed, distance and time so you can at any point see how well you are doing. There’s a big button for speed and on the sides of the display there are buttons for interval training.

Simple displays are a great thing, and usually cheaper treadmills do have those. Advanced monitors can be really difficult to navigate through, and you can find yourself wasting time trying to figure that out instead of burning some calories. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Another amazing feature and actually the feature that separates Nero Pro treadmill from other treadmills in the same price range is bluetooth connectivity. 

This can make your running so much more fun since with integrated google maps it allows you to run through any track in the world and you can also connect to other Nero Pro users to run together or even compete. 

All you have to do is to download a free ap first and set it up. The app is called Fitshow, and it is compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

Manual Incline

The Bluetooth Nero Pro treadmill has a three-level manual incline. Manual incline is not really an ideal option, but it is expected with a treadmill in this price range. 

Three-level incline is still a good thing, since you can adjust your difficulty level and make your workouts more challenging.

Running/Walking Surface

Because of its compact design, Nero Pro treadmill has a smaller belt and narrow and short walking surface.

Even tho it can support heavier weight it is not suitable for taller runners or for running at all.

This is a treadmill that is suitable for beginner runners, older users, or people that are recovering from injuries.


Let’s not forget safety! The frame is made of solid, sturdy steel. There are two handrails with pulse monitors on them and also you get the safety tag that you can attach to your top in case you fall or trip it will detach from the treadmill and stop it immediately.

To Sum Up

The Bluetooth Ner Pro treadmill is a great piece of exercise equipment suitable for light to medium workouts.

It is compact and foldable, lightweight, and has wheels for easier storage. This makes it ideal for all the users with limited space as well as for older users. 

The Bluetooth features are great and fun to experiment with and help to keep you motivated to keep training.

The treadmill is designed to be user friendly, display is basic and simple but still you get all you might need while exercising.

The Nero Pro treadmill is not suitable for more experienced users or those of you that are taller or need more challenging workouts, but for beginners or users that need walks and light jogs this is a really good piece of home gym equipment, good enough to keep you in excellent shape.

For the price under $400 I would say this is a real bargain and definitely a product worth looking into.