You are working out really hard and not seeing any results? Science perhaps finally has the answer to this phenomenon. For years, scientists thought that chubbier people lie to themselves when they say they are eating almost nothing.

The same was with the people who are not in such good shape and say they have been working out for years. You would think that maybe they are just not training hard enough or often enough.

But nowadays, researchers are talking about people who simply do not react a lot to any form of physical activity, so they do not get any results even though they are physically active.

Since the early nineties, it was noticed that inactive people get very different results on a sports field. Some people, for example, have excellent cardiovascular endurance even though they are spending most of the time sitting in front of the tv with a bag of chips in their hand, while others do not have that kind of endurance at all.

It was also discovered that people react very little to changes in the maximum oxygen consumption and changes in the submaximal capacity of training, blood pressure, heart rate, level of lipids in the blood, and glucose metabolism.

This is the reason why different reactions occur and not only regarding physical activities. Also, there is the hereditary factor that influences this kind of reaction from twenty to sixty percent. In other words, your ability to progress physically can greatly depend on your genes.

very weak and skinny man lifting small orange dumbbells

Is For Some of Us Exercising Just A Waste Of Time?

Luckily, the answer to this question is no. Some people do not react by exhibiting the typical changes that we expect the exercising will cause.

That is in no way different from, let’s say, taking the meds. Different people react differently to the same med, while they do not react at all in some cases.

But, same as some pain you may have does not react to paracetamol; it will perhaps react to ibuprofen.

The fact that exercising does not benefit you at all, for example, for enhancing aerobic capacity does not have to mean you will stay immune on some other influence, for example, to the change of levels of cholesterol.

It simply can’t be true that there are people that do not react to anything at all.

Physical fitness is a very individual thing. A person who does not react to one form of training can normally, or even intensely, react to some other form of training.

Everyone will benefit from an active lifestyle even if their maximum oxygen consumption never changes. Perhaps you should simply change your workout program.

There is almost no data about the effects of different training programs among those who react poorly to physical activity.

So it is possible that a person that does not react to one training program can benefit greatly from some other training program.

The intensity of your workouts can also be an issue. Maybe all you need to do is train a bit harder to start reacting to the physical activity you are practicing.

Also, you should not measure the benefits of exercising by liters of consumed oxygen. To beginners, the burning of calories alone can help to maintain their weight.

Let’s not forget the social and psychological benefits of exercising. We should remind ourselves of the vast majority of exercising benefits and not just look at its outcome.

Chances to stay motivated are much better if we realise that there are numerous reasons for us to be active and one of the best reasons is -it is fun!

Are You One Of The People Who Do Not React To Physical Activity?

If it seems to you that your workouts are giving no results, ask yourself the following:

  • Did you train regularly and consistently (at least three times a week)?
  • Did you gradually increase the intensity and volume of your workouts?
  • Did you seek advice from a qualified person to see if your training program is efficient?
  • Did you experiment with different intensity, duration of workouts, types of exercises?
  • Are you sure you did not over-train (this can also stop your muscle growth)?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you probably react badly to physical activity. But do not give up just yet.

It is proven that some people are not just the ones of those that react badly to physical activity but also ones of those that have a delayed reaction to physical activity.

Remember, exercising benefits you in many other ways; it is great stress relief, good for your overall fitness, and enjoyable.


Even though you may not see the results as fast as you would like to, do not give up. Try changing your diet, including some new exercises into your training program, workout harder and more often, and the results will come.

All you need is perseverance and patience, and you will be rewarded with a fit, healthy and beautiful body. After all, good things are worth waiting for!