Marcy has never been a company that builds commercial-grade cardio gear. I’ve been reviewing their products for years and what these guys specialize in is low-cost well-built gym equipment for our homes. They have a ton of experience, and it’s great to see they’ve released a couple of impressive affordable water rowers.

The Marcy Water Rower NS6070RW is a steel frame water rowing machine weighing close to 85lb; it’s sturdy and heavy, and because the frame is made from steel rather than the more labor-intensive wood, we save ourselves a load of cash.

Dynamic Resistance, Smooth Rowing Stroke & Quiet.

This rower features a dynamic resistance system, so it’s suitable for all fitness levels, a reasonably long rail accommodating users up to 6’3″, a smooth rowing stroke, a monitor with workout programs, and a belt drive system to keep everything smooth and quiet.

It’s a well-designed water rower that seems to have got all the essentials right, which is what you’d expect from Marcy. And today, we’re going to take a close look at everything Marcy Water Rowing Machine has to offer, including its drawbacks.

First, a quick look at the Marcy water rower product specs!

Product Specifications


Product dimensions – 79 x 22 x 42.5 inches


Weight – 83lb


Resistance type –  water


Max user height – 6’3″


Storage – vertical


LCD multi-function monitor – time, distance, strokes, strokes/min, room temp, clock, pulse


Weight capacity – 300lb


Frame – alloy steel

Why Do We Like The Marcy Water Rower?

What you have to like most about this rower from Marcy is the build qulaity for the price point. This thing weighs nearly 85lb, and thats without the water tank being filled. This is heavy for a low-cost water rowing machine, and it’s a telling sign that the Marcy rower is made from quality materials.


Not only does the extra weight give a good clue to the overall quality of the Marcy rowing machine, but that extra weight is going to help with stability; it will keep the rower planted to the floor.

It’s not going to feel like some cheaply made lightweight rower. It will feel sturdy and of quality, and thats what we’re looking for from a home rowing machine.

Smooth Rowing Stroke

The Marcy water rower has one of the smoothest rowing strokes you’ll find in the price bracket, thanks to the smooth belt drive system, its silky smooth resistance system, and the high-quality ball bearings that allow the seat to glide effortlessly across the rail of the rowing machine.

Angled Rail – Intensifies Leg Push Phase of The Rowing Stroke

Also, the rail of the rowing machine is angled. This is something we dont see on all water rowers, but I’ve always preferred it as it puts you in the best position to row, and an angled rail intensifies the leg push of the rowing stroke ‘great for the legs’ and speeds up the recovery phase.

man rowing on marcy water rower

Water Resistance – Dynamic – Quiet 

The main selling feature of the Marcy Water Rowing Machine is its water-resistance system. People love water rowers because they mimic the feel of outdoor rowing more closely than any other type of rowing machine.

And thats because water resistance is dynamic. The resistance strength you feel from the rower’s handles only gets stronger the faster you row, just as it would if you were rowing outdoors on the water.

You also have the sound of the blades pushing through the water in the rower’s water tank, which adds even more to that natural feel, if this is your first water rower? You’ll be surprised how soothing this sound can be. It’s an awesome feature.

Limitless Amount of Resistance Levels – Suitable For any Fitness Level

Dynamic resistance systems have a limitless amount of resistance levels making a water rower such as the Marcy appealing to a complete beginner or a seasoned rower. Anyone can easily find the correct resistance strength for their workout.

6 Water Levels To Choose From

As with any dynamic resistance system, the primary way to control resistance strength is through your workout pace, as we just mentioned. Still, most water rowers come fitted with a marked water tank.  The Marcy includes six water level marks.

Adjusting the levels of water in the tank can also affect resistance strength.

You need to think of the levels in the water tank as people in the boat with you. If you fill it to level 1, it’s like you are rowing in a boat on your own. If you fill to level 6, it will feel like you are rowing in a boat full of people. Thus, the resistance you feel from the rowing handle will be much stronger because the blades of the resistance system have more water to push through.

I like to fill the water tank to just under half full which will be level 5-6 on the Marcy. I find this allows for strong smooth resistance at a medium stroke rate, perfect for a 30-minute cardio session.

marcy water rower monitor

Decent Monitor For The Price

We can’t expect to find many workout programs, any fancy apps Bluetooth, or HD screens in this price bracket. Nearly all the monitors are basic.

Basic isnt always a bad thing. Basic monitors are easy to set up, easy to use, and best of all, you dont need to plug them into a wall; it runs on two batteries.

While this is still a fairly basic monitor, it is more impressive than most I’ve come across on water rowers under $500 as it includes a couple of workout programs and can be used with a heart rate chest strap the most accurate way to monitor pulse rate.

Plus, there’s a recover button that allows you to monitor how quickly your pulse returns to normal after a workout.

The downside: you will need to buy an HR chest strap to take advantage of this feature. ($30 for a good one)

The monitor tracks all your essential workout stats such as time, distance, strokes, total stroke, and calories burned. And lastly, its height-adjustable allows you to view easily whatever your height.

marcy rower storage system

Any Other Features Worth a Mention?

Something worth mentioning is how this rowing machine stores. It doesnt fold like most rowers instead it has been designed to be stored vertically, which isnt a bad thing as it takes up less room than a folding rower. Just 0.20 square meters of space when stored against a wall

Also, we have the transport wheels built into the front stabilizer bar, just tilt and roll to move.

Contoured Seat

I like the seat on the Marcy mainly because the padding is made from high-density foam. This is the good stuff. It’s not too hard to be uncomfortable or too soft to cause stability issues it’s just right.

And it’s nice to find the Marcy includes a contoured seat, designed to prevent slips in the leg push phase of the rowing stroke, something you won’t find with all rowing machine seats.

Another handy feature I was happy to see are the adjustable levelers, as these are excellent for keeping the rowing machine stable on uneven surfaces.

Assembly – 1 Hour

I wouldn’t say any rower is easy to assemble. They are large machines and come in a heavy box, so two people are recommended for assembly. Still, most of the complicated stuff comes pre-assembled, such as the drive system and the frame for the water tank, etc. All you’ll need to do is connect the rail to the front of the machine, attach the seat to the rail, attach the stabilizer, footpads and the console, and then fill the tank, with water and you’re done.

Illustrated instructions and the basic tools for the job are provided.

The Good

Heavy-Duty frame can handle up to 300lb

Dynamic resistnace system suitable for any fitness level – mimics the feel of outdoor rowing

Space-saving design can be stored vertically 

Good monitor for the price point with workout programs and pulse monitoring

Smooth rowing stroke

Contoured seat with high density foam padding

Adjustable levelers to keep rower stable on uneven surfaces

Pretty easy to assemble

The Bad

HR chest strap isnt included

The monitor isnt backlit, making it hard to read in low light conditions

Some users had issues getting the monitor to work



snode water rowing machine in gym

Snode Water Rower

The Snode Water Rower is very similar to the Marcy in that both rowers include the 16 blade water resistance systems, both are steel frame rowers weighing around 80lb, both have quiet belt drive systems, contoured seat, adjustable levelers, and both can be stored vertically and include great monitors for the price.

There really isnt much between the two rowing machines, but I wanted to show you the Snode because it boasts a long rail. It can accondate users up to 6’5″ comfortably, so it is an excellent choice for larger users.

It shares the same price tag as the Marcy, and the build quality is just as good. The only difference there is rail length.

If you’re a teller user and you want a water rower with similar quality and the same features as the Marcy? The Snode is one of the best choices out there for under $500, and it includes BlueTooth and access to a free fitness app which is nice to see in this price range.


To Sum Up

Marcy has done it again. They have built a high-quality cardio machine and are selling it with an affordable price tag. And what shines about this rower is its build quality. It’s heavy and sturdy and doesnt feel cheap.

Boasting a dynamic resistance system and smooth rowing stroke, the Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower is an excellent low-cost alternative to wood-framed water rowers.