Schwinn calls the 810 treadmill their affordable option, which when you look at their other treadmills, I suppose it is, but don’t let the word affordable fool you. This machine is a mid-level treadmill at a great price, boasting some impressive features such as power-adjustable incline and an excellent sized running deck.

Designed For Walking & Jogging

Ok, it hasn’t been designed for serious runners, and the 1.3HP motor is evidence of that. What the Schwinn 810 treadmill has been designed for is walking and jogging.

The 810 treadmill is perfect for home use thanks to its foldable design, and because of its long-running belt, even taller people should be able to jog on this machine comfortably.

Before we get on with the rest of the Schwinn 810 Treadmill Review, let’s take a quick look at the product specs!

Product Specifications


Product dimensions – 72.05 x 29.92 x 11.81 inches


Weight – 155lb


Speed – 0 – 10mph


Max user height – 6’2″ – jogging


Anti-shock system


Folds for storage


Motor – 1.3HP


Weight capacity – 275lb


Running belt size – 20” X 55″

Why Do We Like The Schwinn 810 Treadmill

Without a doubt, the best feature of the Schwinn elliptical is the size of its running belt.

Most machines hovering around this price offer a running belt 18″ x “50, which isn’t bad as were not talking heavy-duty gym-quality treadmills here. 18 x 50 is ok for a home treadmill, but it can be limiting, especially for taller users.

Schwinn has included an excellent sized running belt for their affordable option, 20″x 55.”

A 55″ running belt is going to allow taller users jog in comfort. The recommended length of the treadmill belt for people over 6ft for walking is 52″ and 54″ for jogging, which rules out most treadmills in this price range for anyone over 6ft which is why the Schwinn is such a good buy.

As you can see, the length of the running belt is important, and it really does determine who can use the treadmill.

Also, what’s impressive about this running belt is its width at 20″ it’s going to feel nice and wide, you won’t have to worry about keeping your knees together to keep your stride on the belt, it should feel almost like the ones you’re used to in your local gym.

Power Adjustable Incline

I always recommend if you are going to buy a treadmill, make sure you get hold of one with an incline feature.

Incline workouts bring that something else to your cardio sessions; when walking or jogging on an incline, you work different sets of muscle groups such as your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and the higher the incline, the more you’ll strengthen and build these hard to train muscles.

Also, you burn a ton more calories when walking or jogging at an incline. Walking at 4mph for 30 mins on an incline burns 375 calories; that’s 3 times more than you’ll burn walking for the same amount fo time on a flat surface.

So if you’re looking to burn some unwanted fat, a treadmill with an incline option is one the best ways to achieve it.

Most budget treadmills (under $500) do provide a manual incline. However, when we move up a level and pay a little more, we come across power-adjustable inclines, and thankfully the Schwinn boasts a 10% power-adjustable incline; this is what I’d hope to see in this price range.

You can control the level of incline via the monitor.

demonstration of schwinns 810 monitor and running app

Monitor/Control Console

At this price, we cant expect to see advanced monitors with HD screens and built-in apps. Still, what we do have with the 810 is better than most on the market. I’d think you could say featured-packed for the price point.

We have preset work out programs that are excellent for providing extra challenges, they’ll also great for keeping away the monotony of long workout sessions.

Plus, if the 16 workouts programs aren’t enough to keep away the boredom and the clothes turning your treadmill into a clothes horse, you can also download apps such as Run Social that include a ton of global routes for you to run. You get 15 routes free, and then you can buy if you wish extra full routes from $1.99

(you need to download the fitness apps to your tablet or phone they do not come with the machine)

If apps aren’t your thing, users have said the motor on the 810 treadmills is surprisingly quiet, so you could set the treadmill up in front of a TV and watch your favorite shows to pass the time.

And let’s not forget BlueTooth, where you can plug in your phone and listen to your music through the integrated treadmill speakers.

Other features of the monitor include pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate. You can also change your level of power incline though the monitor and choose your workouts.

The monitor allows for two users, and finally, its tracks all of  your usual workout data such as time, distance, calories, speed, etc.

And I should mention there is a handly cooling fan, plus a tablet shelf which, surprisingly, when loaded with a tablet, doesn’t hide the monitor screen of the treadmill. I say this because so many of the treadmills I’ve used as soon you put the tablet up, you can’t see the monitor of the treadmill. So thumbs up to Schwinn for addressing that issue.

schwinn 810 soft drop folding system

Folds For Storage – Soft Drop

Treadmills have large footprints, so a folding feature for some is essential. The folding feature of the Schwinn 810 treadmill almost halves its original length, great for people tight on space, but even when folded, these larger machines will still take up a lot of room.

You have to remember we have a long-running belt on the 810, so it makes for a larger treadmill, its good idea to measure before buying as sending a 200lb large piece of equipment back is a headache!

What I love about this fold folding system is the Soft Drop. All you have to do is give it a little kick, and folds down almost effortlessly, so much better than the nightmare fold systems we had to put up with a few years ago. This system is super easy to both fold and unfold, anyone can do it.

To move after folding, just tilt and roll on the integrated transport wheels.


Any treadmill costing over $400 should come equipped with an anti-shock system.

Good anti-shock systems take away some of the impact of running on the treadmill.

Even fast-paced walking puts extra stress on your joints and running almost twice as much, owning a treadmill that includes an anti-shock system will reduce the impact on your joints by up to 40%

Schwinn call their anti-sock system ‘SoftTrak deck cushioning.


The majority of users found assembling the 840 Treadmill relatively easy with an average assembly time of 1-2hours.

Most of the treadmill comes pre-assembled however, there are few parts you will need to assemble. It’s always easier to do this with two people as some parts may need to be held in place.

The only part a couple of users had difficulty with was aligning the running belt; as one user says,

” Aligning the deck took some time and patience, the alignment ports are on the ends of the deck, and you just use the included Allen wrenches to adjust the centering of the belt. However, each adjustment needs a couple of minutes of the belt running before you see the difference, so patience is key.”

The Good

Good sized running belt – 22″ x 55″

10% power-adjustable incline

High info monitor for price range

16 preset workout programs

Easy to use soft drop folding system

Pulse sensors

SoftTrak deck cushioning

Integrated transport wheels

Built in speakers and fan

The Bad

An HR chest strap is not included

The USB port doesn’t allow workout data transfer only device charging


To Sum Up

The Schwinn 810 treadmill offers a lot of bang for your buck, normally you’d have to spend over $1000 to find a machine with this many features and a 55″ running belt.

Yes, its not a heavy-duty machine for running, but for most of us who want to improve cardio fitness at home, its has all the features you will need.

The only drawback of this machine is the weaker motor. I would have liked to of seen at least 2HP for this price bracket, still, I havent heard of any complaints of the motor not being able to match people’s needs or weight. With user ratings of around 4/5, most people seem to happy with their purchace.