Suppose you are one of those who prefer exercising at home, you should definitely consider purchasing a good cardio machine. One of the best, most comprehensive cardio machines is a treadmill.

Nowadays, there are so many different treadmill manufacturers, so it is not very difficult finding a good quality treadmill at a low price. We decided to review for you the Finether Running machine, which is in the category of good quality, low priced treadmills.

Let’s first look at the product specifications.

Product Specifications


Product dimensions –  47.24 x 23.62 x 48.42 inches – Folded  23.62″ Wx 22″ D x 48.42″ H


Weight – 51.8lb


Type – Electric, Motorized Treadmill


Inclination levels – 3


Frame – Metal Frame


Weight Capacity – 220lb

Why Do We Like Finether Running Machine?

What got our attention with the Finether treadmill is the adjustable incline feature which you usually can’t find in cheaper treadmills.

Having an adjustable incline in your treadmill is important since it lets you target different muscle groups while exercising instead of just doing the same muscle group the entire time.

The incline adjustment is manual so you need to step off the machine to change the incline but considering the price of the Finether treadmill this is not too much of a hassle and you take only a minute to do it since the system is very simple.

The Finether treadmill has three different inclination levels and the workout surface’s incline level can be adjusted from -1.5 degrees, o.3 degrees to 2.1 degrees.


Top Speed levels on treadmills range from 8km per hour top speed to 14km per hour. Finether running machine has a top speed of 10km per hour, which is the lowest speed for a jogging machine since the treadmills that have a top speed of 8km per hour are just for walking and fast walking, not jogging.

Don’t let this trouble you tho; if you are smaller or new to running and fitness the speed of 10km per hour will be just fine for you.

Belt Width

Some cheaper treadmills have really small belt width, which can be a problem for those of you that are bigger, so that is definitely something you should look into before purchasing your treadmill.

Fienether treadmill has a 5layer belt with a textured non-slip and wear-resistant outer layer, sound insulation foam, shockproof cushioning, PVC sound dampening coating, and pressing layer.

The belt is wide enough for you to put both feet on it and run with no issues although we still recommend that if you are a taller, large person you should check some heavy duty treadmills.


This is an entry-level treadmill,, so you can’t expect it to have too many console features. We think it really has enough for the price, and also, for many of you might be more convenient having a simple console that is easier to use.

On the console of the Fiether Running Machine, you have all the basic functions that you might need. There is a display on which you can see heart rate, speed, time, distance,  calorie consumption, which is basically all you need while running.


This might not seem like such a big deal to you but believe me, if you are considering a smaller treadmill that means you are using your shared areas in the house for your workouts and a noisy machine can be a real nightmare for other people that live with you.

Also, sometimes it can be very pleasant listening to music or watching tv while running, so it is very important that your machine is not too loud.

With the Fienether treadmill you do not have to worry about the noise since they construct it with 600W low noise motor.


For safety and stability, the Finether treadmill has a safety key with a clamp that is attached to your clothes while you are running.

The machine immediately stops if the key gets detached from it. So in case you trip and fall the machine will go off to prevent any injury.

There are also two padded handles that you can grip while running for additional stability.


This treadmill is foldable, so you can store it out of the way when you are not using it. It is very easy folding it and securing it with two knobs.

All you have to do is loosen the bottom knob which you tighten to secure it while you are using it unfolded, then lift the bit with the belt up towards the handles and use the top knob to secure it in place.

On the bottom of the machine, there are two wheels so you can easily move it to wherever you need. When folded, the machine is small enough to be stored in the closet or behind the door, not small enough to be stored under the bed, tho since the handles are long.


The Finether running machine comes to you almost fully assembled. There are just a few bits you need to add yourself, which is very easy if you follow the instructions that come with it.

The only part you need to add is the monitor with the handles literally just 4 screws and safety knobs. Shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes and the instructions in the box are very simple tho I’m sure most of you won’t even need them.

The Good

Electric Motorized Treadmill With 600W Low Noise Motor

Sturdy Metal Frame

3 Levels Of Inclination

Compact Folding Design

Transporting Wheels

Safety Key To Avoid Injury

10km Per Hour Top Speed

The Bad

No workout programs

Short running deck – not good for taller users with wide strides

Low max weight capacity (220lb)


To summarize. What you get if you purchase Finether Running Machine is a neat piece of equipment for your home gym. It is of good quality and great features for the price. Great for all of you with limited workout space since it is foldable and mobile.

Finether treadmill has three different inclination levels to make your workouts more challenging. The speed goes up to 10km per hour, so it is a machine good for walking, slow jogging and running.

The motor is quiet so you can listen to your favorite music or watch tv while working out and also you can workout disturbing no one in the house.

For your security, there is a magnetic key attached to you with a clamp that turns of the machine if it is detached from it so if you trip or fall the machine shuts off and also there are two padded handles that you can grip while running to provide you additional stability.

If you have any questions about the subject or need any help, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.