Power adjustable inclines, good-sized running belts, and heavy-duty frames are just some of the features you can find when looking for the best treadmills under 800.

For years, I’ve been reviewing treadmills in this price range, and I’m always surprised at just how good some of the treadmills are. In fact, we rarely review any treadmill that costs over $1000 on this website because there’s no need to spend more than this unless you need a treadmill for intense cardio.

Research First and You’ll Find a Few Gems.

You can get hold of some excellent treadmills for under $800, some that boast more impressive features than many treadmills on the market that cost $1500+. Just make sure to do your research, and you’ll find a few hidden gems; full-featured treadmills built by reputable companies but with price tags that you can afford.

What Do You Look For?

Thankfully you won’t have to spend too many hours researching as we’ve done that for you. Still, it’s always a good idea to know what features to look for. So here are some quick tips; if you’d like a more thorough guide, scroll past the reviews for our in-depth guide.

Quick 2-Minute Guide

  • Weight (build quality) – The weight of the treadmill is more important than you might think. A heavy treadmill will be stable because that extra weight will help keep it planted to the floor; you want a solid treadmill. Also, the heavier the treadmill, the higher the quality of the materials used in the build.
  • Good Length Running Belt– The length of the running belt determines who can use the treadmill and for what. If you can find a 55″ x 20″ in this price range, you’re doing very well. This size running belt is suitable for users up to 6’3″ for walking and jogging.
  • Motor Power – 2HP or more
  • Power Adjustable Incline – You should always look for a power adjustable incline as it saves having to get off the treadmill in the middle of a workout to adjust the incline manually.
  • Folding system – Treadmills have large footprints, so a folding system is essential if you’re tight on space. Look for soft drop systems. This type of system uses hydraulics and makes folding the treadmill effortless.
  • Ans lastly – Deck Cusinining – A decent anti-shock/deck cushioning system can help protect your joints from the impact of running by up to 40%. This is another essential feature that all treadmills in this price range should include.

Best Treadmills Under 800 Comparison Table

Xterra TR300 Treadmill
  • xterra tr300 with power incline
  • Foldable
  • Weight – 200lb
  • Running belt – 20″ x 55″
  • Speed – 0.5 – 10mph
  • Motor – 2.25HP
  • Weight capacity – 300lb
  • Power Incline – 0-10%
Schwinn 810 Treadmill
  • schwinn 810 treadmill reviews
  • Foldable
  • Weight – 155lb
  • Running belt – 20″ x 55″
  • Speed – 0.5 – 10mph
  • Motor – 1.9HP (peaks at 2.5HP)
  • Weight capacity – 275lb
  • Power Incline – 0-10%

Reviews: Best Treadmill Under $800

side view of the nordictrack 6.5s treadmill

Nordictrack T 6.5S Treadmill

NordicTrack has been making treadmills for decades. These guys have more experience than most in home cardio gear, and it really shows with their mid-level treadmill, the 6.5 S. There are two versions of this treadmill, the 6.5 S and the 6.5 Si. The Si version comes with an HD screen, but because of that screen, it costs an extra $400!

You can get the same high-quality treadmill without the HD screen for $700, which is a bargain when you consider what features the 6.5 S includes.

First, the weight of this treadmill is impressive. It weighs just over 200lb which is reassuringly heavy for a treadmill in this price range. That weight gives T 6.5 S treadmill some extra stability that you don’t usually find with a treadmill in this price bracket. Also, that extra weight is a telling sign this machine has been made with quality materials.

Large Running Belt

But perhaps what’s even more even impressive about the Noridctrack 6.5 S treadmill is its running belt measuring 20″ x 55″. This is a large belt for a mid-level machine. Most $700 treadmills come with 18″ x 50″ running belts. The NordicTrack treadmills 55″ belt will allow users up to 6’3″ to jog comfortably on the treadmill, and with a 20″ width, there shouldn’t be any issue with stepping off the side of the treadmill in the middle of a session.

The belt size and build quality are this machine’s most impressive features. Still, you also get a power-adjustable incline with a max of 10%, great for building those hard-to-train muscles like your glutes, calves, and hamstrings.

Monitor With 20 Workouts Programs and iFit

You also have a decent monitor, which includes 20 workout programs and pulse monitoring, and the monitor is iFit enabled.

iFit is one of the most popular fitness apps out there; the app includes 1000s of workouts from its extensive online library that include studio classes, global routes, and a ton of other stuff too much to mention here.

The only downside of iFit is that it’s a paid app for around $1 a day, which isn’t cheap. Still, even if you don’t take advantage of the iFit app, you can use the 20 built-in workout programs to help you reach your fitness goals and keep away the boredom of long cardio sessions.

And lastly, the T 6.5 S is equipped with a hydraulic folding system that allows you to fold the running deck effortlessly with a single hand and an excellent deck cushioning system to protect your joints. It really is a treadmill that has everything, and best of all, these guys have managed to keep the price low enough that most can afford it.

The Nordictrack 6.6 S has been around a few years, and since its release, its become the most popular mid-level treadmill on the market. There’s tons of positive feedback on this machine, more than any other treadmill out there, so if you’re still unsure about it, you can read some of the hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon.

The Good

Impressive size running belt allows users up to 6’3″ to jog comfortably on the machine

Well made solid treadmill doesn’t feel cheap

Decent monitor with 20 built-in workout programs, and IFit enabled

300lb weight capacity

Power adjustable 10%  incline with one-touch controls

Soft drop folding system

Built-in transport wheels, just tilt and roll to store

The Bad

Subscription to their iFit app is expensive

T series range of treadmills is not equipped with cooling fans

NordicTrack are known for having slow customer service


side view xterra 300 folding treadmill

Xterra TR300 Treadmill

I’ve owned a couple of Xterra treadmills, and the one thing I noticed about their treadmills was the quality for the price point. Xterra Fitness has really upped their game in the past few years, producing high-quality treadmills at a great price. They are starting to challenge and, in some cases, overtake the likes of Nordictrack and Schwinn, especially when it comes to treadmills.

The TR300 is their mid-level treadmill, and as I just mentioned, if it’s quality you’re after, you won’t go wrong with the TR300. Just like Norictracks T Series Treadmill, the TR300 is a heavy machine for the price. It weighs over 200lb. It’s a solid treadmill which is what you should be looking for.

It also boasts the desirable 20″ x 55″ running belt, which is about as large as you’ll find in this price range meaning this machine can accommodate users up to 6’3″.

It’s very similar to the Nordictrack 6.5S treadmill in that both are heavy sold treadmills, both have a large running belt, 10% power inclines, and both include excellent folding systems and impressive deck cushioning systems.

The only thing this treadmill lacks is a built-in fitness app, but it does include 26 workout programs which is impressive, and you can always download fitness apps on your iPad if you need something extra.

A cool feature of this treadmill is that it includes handrail buttons for adjusting speed and the level of incline. These are handy because it saves you from heaving to reach forward to the monitor in the middle of a session.

Overall another impressive treadmill from Xterra Fitness, and one that easily deserves to be in the top 2 treadmills for under $800.

The Good

Solid treadmill, many users have commented how good this treadmill feels when jogging on it

Large, wide running surface for the price point, suitable for users up to 6’3″ for walking and jogging

10 levels of power-adjustable incline, you’ll burn 50% more calories jogging on an incline and build those hard to train muscles in your legs

Can adjust speed and incline from the handlebars

Easy to fold thanks to the soft drop folding system

Cushioning system reduces the impact on joints by 40%

Easy to use monitor with 24 workout programs and wireless heart rate monitoring

Built in transport wheels, just tilt and roll to move

The Bad

If you place a tablet on the holder you’ll  your cover part of the monitors LCD

Lacks bluetooth

The monitor may feel dated for some users


side view schwinn 810 treadmill with woman running in her home gym

Schwinn 810 Treadmill

Five years ago, the Schwinn 810 was my favorite treadmill under $800. Since then, Xterra and Nordictrack have produced more impressive treadmills in this price range, and despite Schwinn updating their treadmill, it’s still lacking compared to the top 2.

However, even if you chose the Schwinn 810 treadmill, you wouldn’t be disappointed. This is, after all, a treadmill from Schwinn, and you can usually rely on these guys to deliver quality, and they do. Still, it doesn’t feel as solid as the Nordictrack or Xterra fitness machines, and that’s probably because it’s slightly lighter, weighing 155lb which is still good for this price range, but it doesn’t have that near gym quality feel of the other treadmills.

On the positive, the Schwinn 810 doesn’t lack when it comes to features. It too can boast the 20″ x 55″ running belt and a 10% 10-level power adjustable incline. It also has an excellent hydraulic folding system and Schwinns’ own anti-shock system reducing the impact of each foot strike by a whopping 40%.

And I feel the Schwinns monitor outshines everything else at this price point because it gives access to the Schwinn fitness app, which includes 16 global routes and many other features. It’s a cool app, and it’s FREE.

I still think this is one of the best treadmills around it offers everything you need for cardio workouts at home, and I’m sure if you’ve owned a Schwinn product before, you’ll love this treadmill because it offers a lot of bang for your buck and the usual Schwinn quality is there.

The Good

Good sized running belt suitable for user up to 6’3″

10% power adjustable incline 

Excellent deck cushioning system – reduces impact of each foot strike by up to 40%

Can be folded with one hand – soft drop folding system

Decent monitor for price point with 16 workout programs and access to their free app

Built – in transport wheels just tile and roll to move

Speaker and cooling fan

The Bad

Only contact pulse monitoring no wireless capabilities

Would of liked to of seen a more powerful motor

A few people found assembly tricky


sunny sf-t7917 treadmill in home gym

Sunny Health SF-T7917 Treadmill (best under $600)

Sunny Health & Fitness are the kings of affordable cardio gear. These guys have been specializing in low-cost fitness equipment for decades, and I just had to show you their SF-T7917 treadmill. I reviewed this machine a couple of days ago, and while it’s not quite a mid-level treadmill, it offers more bang for your buck than any other treadmill I’ve reviewed this year.

For under $600, Sunny Health & Fitness has managed to produce a high-quality treadmill (this thing weighs 170lb) with a 15% 15-level power adjustable incline, a 52″ running belt, a monitor with 15 workout programs and Bluetooth, plus this treadmill includes a soft drop folding system and Sunny’s deck cushioning system.

It’s a full-featured treadmill for under $600. There’s no other company that has the experience to produce such a treadmill for a price tag this low. As I already mentioned, Sunny Health & Fitness has been specializing in low-cost gear for decades.

A 15% power adjustable incline is excellent in this price range, so is a decent-sized running belt; those two features alone make this machine unbeatable for the price point. And the quality is there too.

The perfect choice if you’re under 6’2″ and only need a treadmill for light to medium cardio. It is designed for that purpose, and the power of the motor reflects this.

An excellent low-cost treadmill for walking and jogging.

The Good

Well made, heavy duty frame feels solid

Impressive 15 levels, 15% power adjustable incline

Good sized running belt , suitable for users up to 6’2″ 

Handrail control buttons saves having to reach to the monitor in the middle of a session to change speed and incline

Easy to use monitor with workout programs and Bluetooth

Soft-Drop folding system

Deck cushioning system to protect your joints

Buil in transport wheels – just tilt and roll to move

The Bad

Would of have been nice to of seen a more powerful motor

No wireless heart rate monitoring – just pulse sensors

No built-in fan


side view of proform 400i treadmill in a bedroom

3. ProForm 400i Treadmill

The ProForm 400i treadmill offers more features than any other treadmill in this price range. And if its workout programs you are after, this is the treadmill for you as it offers 50 built-in workout programs and a 1-year free subscription to iFit.

One year free subscription to start with is worth over $300, so not only do you have the most built-in workout programs, you get 1000s of trainer-led workouts from iFit, which can all be viewed through the 7″ color HD screen.

Yes, this treadmill comes with its own HD color screen, so no need to use a tablet or a phone.

You can view all your studio training classes and jog anywhere in the world – viewed through your very own HD screen. The only treadmill in this price bracket to include an HD screen.

A cool feature of the iFit app is the self adjust option; the app will self adjust the speed and incline to mimic the terrain you are running on; not only does this make the cardio session more realistic it lets you focus more on your workouts as you don’t need to adjust any of the settings yourself from the monitor.

You might be wondering if the ProForm offers all of this, including an HD screen why isn’t it one of the Top 2 in this price bracket? Simply because the running deck is a lot smaller than both the Horizon and the NordicTrack.

A running belt this size is only suitable for walking and jogging. Even jogging for users over 6ft is going to cause issues.

And it’s narrow at 18″, ideally, you want as much space as possible to walk-jog on your treadmill we need to feel safe and comfortable when we are exercising. A narrow running belt can be offputting, especially for larger users.

However, smaller belt sizes aren’t deal-killers; they just limit what you can use the treadmill for. If you have been looking for a treadmill for walking and light jogging, the ProForm should suit your needs fine.

Overall we like what the ProForm offers by way of workout programs, and it’s nice to have the built-in HD screen, especially as we have the free year of iFit. The running deck size and motor power are the only downsides of this machine, but as I mentioned, if you are under 6ft the deck size shouldn’t be an issue

The Good

Solid, stable build – 180lb should feel like quality when your using it

iFit enabled 1000’s workouts to choose from including global routes 1yr subscription included

High info monitor for price range

Power incline 10%

HD touch screen

50 built-in workouts

Impressive warranty – Lifetime on frame, 25 yrs on the motor, and 1 yr parts and labor

The Bad

Not powerful enough for serious runners

Small track rollers

No wireless heart rate monitoring


side view reebok jet 100 series treadmill

5. Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill

The Reebok Jet 100 is the lowest priced treadmill in this review, and even though it’s priced under 700, this thing provides you with everything you are going to need for a calorie-burning workout at home.

The monitor is probably this machine’s best feature as it comes with 24 workouts programs, more than enough to keep away the monotony of long workout sessions. If that isn’t enough, Reebok provides their very own FREE fitness app.

The Reebok fitness app includes a ton of global routes which you can either use on your own, or you can hook up with friends and jog alongside them wherever you wish in the world, one of the only treadmills you’ll find that includes global routes for free. You will, however, need a tablet or phone to access them.

When we get to the important features such as running belt/deck size and incline, the Reebok doesn’t shy away there either, with 12 power adjustable incline levels and a 51″ length running deck.

The only drawback with this treadmill is how narrow the running belt is. At 17,” it is on the cramped side of things. Jogging with a belt this narrow might be an issue for larger users as stepping off the machine while jogging is a problem with narrow belts.

At least the length of the belt is decent at 51″. It’s going to allow users up to 6’1″ to walk/jog comfortably on the machine.

The Reebok Jet 100 includes the excellent SoftDrop system, which makes folding and unfolding the machine a breeze. It’s so easy you can do it with one hand.

And something I know users praise about the Jet 100 is its air cushioning system, usually reserved for high-end treadmills; it was good to see Reebok have included the anti-shock system on one of their lower-priced treadmills.

A good anti-shock system can take up to 40% of each stride’s impact, so it’s always worth looking for a treadmill that incorporates a cushioning system into the design. It’s never too early to protect your joints from the stresses of exercise.

The Good

Built by a reputable company/solid build, long warranty

12 levels of power-adjustable incline

Easy to use high info monitor

SoftDrop folding system


24 built-in workout programs

Sync with free Reebok fitness app

Air Motion Deck Cushioning – protect joints

The Bad

Weak cooling fan

The console is not telemetric


Buying Guide – Treadmills Under $800

Because of the vast difference in quality on offer in the under $800 price bracket, it’s worth taking some time to read up on a few important features a good treadmill in this price bracket should offer.

Many people find themselves having to send back treadmills because they didn’t suit their body sizes or fitness needs. Sending back large fitness equipment is a headache; it’s the last thing you need!

We’ve written a handy guide of some of the most important features you should check and consider before purchasing.

1. Incline

There’s a ton of treadmills out there that don’t offer a power-adjustable incline in this price bracket; heck, I’ve seen a few costing $1000+ that don’t provide this essential feature.

When you choose a treadmill, you at least want a treadmill that offers a 0-10% incline power adjustable incline. We’re not going to find a 15% incline for under $800. Still, 10% is good enough for a home treadmill and will provide enough extra resistance for faster calorie burn and muscle strengthening/toning.

Most budget treadmills come with a 3 level manual incline. While theeres nothing wrong with manual incline, they require you to get off the machine and change the incline level. This is why we love power-adjustable inclines; there’s no getting off the machine in the middle of a workout. You can simply change the inclination level with a touch of the button on the monitor.

An incline cardio session will tone the muscles much faster, improving quads, hamstrings, glutes, and ankle strength. A higher incline tones muscles and burns calories 3 times quicker for fast fat loss.

Walking or jogging at an incline will also push your heart rate even further than jogging on a flat, increasing your cardio fitness.

man walking up 10% power adjustable incline treadmill

2. Running Belt

The length and width of the running belt are more important than most people think. The length of the running belt will determine whether you can walk, jog run on the machine.

Typically we see running belts with a length anywhere from 36″- 50″ on budget machines.

36″ – 43″ running belt is best-suited for walking or power walking – shorter users may be able to jog on a belt this length. However, it will still depend on the motor; if the motor is under 600W, it may not be powerful enough to keep up with a jogging pace.

43″ – 50″ running belt is usually ok for both walking and jogging. If you’re over 6ft, I’d recommend paying more and finding a machine with at least a 55″ – 65″ running belt, especially if you want to run on the machine.


3. Monitor/Control Console

We certainly won’t find any advanced monitors VR and 100s of pre-set workouts in this price range. What we will find are basic monitors that track useful workout data such as speed, distance, time, calories and hear rate etc.

I often think basic is better when it comes to monitors of fitness equipment. Some monitors I’ve used on high-end cardio machines take half an hour to figure out before you can use the thing.

What’s nice about basic is you can switch it on and get going with your cardio session, and that’s all a lot of people need, and I don’t blame them because over-complicated monitors are troublesome, and half of the features most won’t use anyway.

So what can we expect from an entry-level monitor? Some of the more impressive basic monitors provide workout programs; preset programs are great for providing extra challenges that help push your cardio sessions harder. They’re also excellent for keeping you interested and coming back for more.

All of the treadmills in this review include tablet holders – if you own a tablet, take advantage of some of the free treadmill apps. Long workout sessions can get boring – prest workouts, fitness apps all help to kill time.

Not as accurate as heart rate chest straps, we do see a lot of treadmills that include built-in pulse sensors. If you can, choose a machine that has the pulse sensors built into the handlebars; they are easier to reach than the thumb alternative that are built into the monitors.

The best entry to mid-level treadmills will include:

  • Preset workout programs
  • Pulse sensors
  • Tablet holders
  • Option to control speed from monitor and handlebar buttons
  • Power Incline
  • Workout fans
  • BlueTooth

Fold For Storage

Most treadmills in the under $400 price bracket are foldable. This is a good thing as a treadmill has a large footprint, and finding one that folds to half its original length is going to save you a lot of space.When it comes to the folding feature – Look for one that includes systems like the soft drop! Systems like this make unfolding the machine hassle-free. A few budget machines are a nightmare to fold and unfold, so look out for easy to use folding systems.If you’re super tight on space, then a fold-flat is your best option. These machines will fold almost completely flat. They can be stored under beds or propped up against a wall.


Unless you are buying a treadmill just for walking, you will need a motor of at least 1.5HP anything less will have trouble with keeping up with your pace even when jogging.

A rough estimate to motor power is 500W – 1.5HP for walking, power walking | 1.5 – 2.5HP jogging |  2.5 – 5HP running

To Sum Up

Nordictrack got everything right with their T Series Treadmill. It’s the only treadmill on the market to offer a 20″ x 55″ running deck, a high-quality build, a built-in fitness app, and an excellent power adjustable incline.

The NordicTrack 6.5 S Treadmill is currently unbeatable for the price point, the only other treadmill that comes close is Xterra Fitness’s TR300, but when you consider the TR300 costs $100 more than the Nordtictrack’s 6.5 s  and still doesn’t offer as much, you start to realize what a good buy NordicTrack’s mid-level treadmill is.

If you want a slightly smaller treadmill and want to keep the price under $6o0? Then the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7917 is the treadmill to buy. The features on this treadmill are more impressive than the majority of mid-level treadmills, and it’s $200 cheaper. It’s certainly a treadmill worth taking seriously and a great choice for beginners or intermediates who need a machine for light cardio.

Best treadmill Under $800 FAQS

Are Treadmills Under 800 Worth It?

Yes, if you can find a treadmill that has got all the essentials right. The essentials a treadmill under $800 must include are a heavy-duty frame. This will give the treadmill some weight and keep it planted on the floor. You should also be able to find a 55″ running belt and at least a 10% power adjustable incline, and a motor with more than 2HP. These are the essentials you need for a home treadmill for walking and jogging. What you won’t find are all the bells and whistles like HD screens, VR, etc. None of these are essential features, and all they do is bump the price of treadmills up. The more fancy features you choose, the higher the cost of the treadmill.

What Brands Make The Best Treadmill In This Price Range?

The most popular brands in the under $1000 and $800 price brackets are Schwinn, NordicTrack, and Xterra Fitness. Sunny Health & Fitness also makes some excellent low-cost treadmills.

Can You Find Treadmill With Power Adjustable Inclines For Under $800

While not all treadmills in this price bracket include power-adjustable inclines, some only boast a manual incline. At least five treadmills include a 10% power adjustable incline. The NordicTrack 6.5 S Treadmill and Schwinns 810 are good examples of treadmills under 800 with impressive power adjustable inclines.