There is more than one way to get a flat tummy and a nice round behind. We made you a list of 50 tips to reduce body fat and achieve precisely that. These are just top tips. You do not have to do all of them at once.

Pick five or ten that you think you can fit in your daily routine. If you do not notice any change in your body weight after a while, add some more or switch to another ten.

Eat Soup

Eat soup. It contains a small percentage of fat and a small number of calories and still can fill you up. It lowers your appetite and helps you eat slower even if you have too much food on your plate.

Avoid Hidden Calories

If you find yourself drinking juice or milk often, you will intake too many calories, and you will not even feel full. Make yourself like water. To make water tastier, add extract of green tea in it, it doesn’t contain a single calorie.

Make Your Meals Smaller

Try and eat most of the food during the first part of the day. It is proven that people that do so and eat smaller and smaller meals as the day progresses eat less than people who have all meals of the same size in 24 hours.

Never Stop Moving

Play with a small ball while on the phone or tap your foot. People that are continually moving have a lower weight than others. The reason for that is that those few extra burnt calories lead to fat loss even without direct exercising.

Avoid Machines For Exercising

When you are working out, try to use dumbells. Dumbells activate more muscles and lead to more significant calorie burn also makes you stronger.

Do Not Buy A Lot Of Food

Try not to buy too much food. The more food you have at hand, the more you will eat.

Avoid the TV

Try and watch TV only while you are working out. If you really can’t do that, try to watch only a few favorite shows. That way, you will shorten the time spent on the couch doing nothing.

Weigh Yourself Often

Studies show that daily weighing motivates you. Of course, the scales do not differentiate muscle mass from fat, so use a mirror as a reference as well as measuring tape.

 Increase the Weight of Dumbells

In case the dumbells you are using are too small and don’t make you sweat at all, even after twenty or more repetitions, it is time to get something more challenging for your muscles.

Try Out New Exercises

In time muscles get used to the same movement, so it is good to change, especially for those that activate more muscles at once. This will also help you not to get bored with your workout.

Order Half a Portion

When eating out in the restaurant, ask the waiter to bring you half of the portion.

Eat Slower

Take your time to eat. The belly needs from 15-20 minutes to realize it is full, so if you eat in a rush, it is more likely that you will eat more food than you need and consume more calories.

Prepare Food In Advance

Most people give up on diets because they do not have enough time to prepare healthy meals, so they grab what’s at hand or buy fatty food when they are out.

You can solve this problem if you prepare the food you will eat in the next few days or on Sunday when you have more time. This way, you will have healthy food ready for you, and you will also have many different options.

Control Calorie Intake

Instead of putting the dressing on the salad, use your fork to dip in it before every bite. This way, you will eat less of the dressing and be able to control calorie intake with every bite.

Additional 25 grams

On the days when you are not working out, you do not need to eat a lot. But on the days you are, eat an additional 25g between breakfast and lunch and another 25g after training to start the recovery process.

Protein Bars

Keep protein bars in your car or desk drawer at work, so you always have a healthy and tasty snack at hand.

Low-Calorie Drinks

If you decide to drink in the evening, then at least try to consume the least possible number of calories. Stick to light beer or diet coke.

Smaller Meals

When you are eating out order from the children’s menu. The meals are healthy and much more modest.

Breakfast Is A Must

Never skip breakfast! Studies show that women that eat breakfast regularly have much more success in keeping a healthy body weight than those who don’t. This meal does not have to be significant. One glass of yogurt or some cereal will do.

Workout Standing Up

Do as many exercises as you can while standing up. In that manner, you will burn more calories and activate more muscles than doing them while sitting.

Eat Boiled Vegetables

Instead of baked potatoes or french fries, ask the waiter to get you boiled vegetables.

Do Superseries

Do exercises that activate groups of muscles like squats and rowing and do a series of those exercises without a break in between. This way, the training will be a bit shorter, and you will burn more calories.

Write A Diary

Even if you have never kept a diary, try to make yourself write down all that you eat and all the activities you had during the day. It is doubtful you will eat something you are not supposed to eat if you know you have to write it all down later on.

Eat Fiber

Consume at least twenty to thirty grams of fiber during the day. It is not that difficult as it might seem to you. All you have to do is eat some fruit, a slice of dark bread and a big bowl of salad for lunch.

Do Not Go Grocery Shopping When You Are Hungry

Eat before you go grocery shopping. If you do that you will purchase less food and not only that you will buy healthy food and avoid things like sweets and icecream that are so appealing to us when we are hungry.

Drink More Tea

Studies show that women that drink at least one cup of tea ( hot or cold ) a day weigh less and have less body fat than those who do not drink it.

Drink Low Fat Milk

Buy dairy products with a low percentage of fat. This way, you will still consume all the nutrients you need just without additional calories.

Go Shopping Regularly

Yes, you read well! While you are shopping, you are walking from store to store and also you are carrying bags which, as insignificant as it seems, does help you build up strength and help you burn calories. Every little effort counts, remember that.

Avoid Coffee With Milk

Coffee with milk can contain up to 500 calories. Instead of that order, plain coffee or even better tea.

Avoid Snacks

Do not buy snacks. Do not go near snacks; they are absolutely the worst when it comes to piling up that unwanted fat and also so delicious it is hard to resist them if you are anywhere near them.

Do Not Eat All That Is On Your Plate

Yes, I know mum taught you to eat all that is on your plate and not to waste food. But she also taught you many other things that you do not do. It doesn’t have to mean if something is on your plate, you necessarily have to eat it.

Make A Photo Of Yourself

Take a photo of yourself and photoshop it, so you remove all the fat you want to lose from your body. Print it out and stick it on the fridge. This will motivate you to endure in your efforts to lose weight.

Eat Out Of Small Plates

The less space on the plate, the better. This is the way to ensure not too overeat.

Avoid Fried Food

Instead of frying a chicken, cover it with olive oil and spices and bake it in the oven. It will be as tasty but with a lot fewer calories.

Eat Cayenne Pepper

You can put it on a salad or eat with eggs. All that matters is to eat it. It is proven that one active ingredient of cayenne pepper increases the body’s ability to burn fat.

Meet New People that Have Healthy Eating Habits

If your friends like beer and eating pizza, meet people that do not have these eating habits. Studies show that social circles affect our eating habits a lot.

Consume Fish Oil

Include fish oil in your diet. It is proven that people who consume large amounts of omega-three fatty acids have a lot less body fat than people that do not.

Make Shorter Breaks Between Repetitions

Shorten the time of the break between every repetition while you workout. Heart rate will be faster if you do not let the body rest entirely, so this way, you will lose more calories.

10 Most Important Tips

1) Lower The Intake Of Carbs

I  know you heard this before, but it is valid and useful! Reduced intake of processed sugar ( the one that is in junk food, white bread, and pasta ) leads to a lower level of insulin in the body. The lower the level of insulin lower is the piled up fat.

2) Eat More Fruit And Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are the only kind of carbs you should eat. They are rich in fiber, which can make us feel full quickly without consuming a lot of calories.

3) Eat More Protein

Proteins build up your muscles and speed up metabolism. Eat proteins instead of carbs.

4) Do The Whole Body Workouts

You will burn a large number of calories in a short period if you train all of the muscles at once.

5) Do Intervals

Maximal fat burn is caused by high-intensity training. Switch high and normal intensity while working out. Increase the number of intervals in time. Eat small meals often. It might seem to you that you are eating more, but regular small meals will speed up your metabolism.

6) Do Exercises That Activate A Large Number Of Muscles

Squats and rowing should be in all the workouts since they burn a lot of calories and build up the muscles faster.

7) Always Change Something In Your Training

Start with changing the number of repetitions. The body adjusts to the number of repetitions more than to the exercise.

8) Reduce The Number Of Calories You Intake For 500

This way, you will most definitely lose half a kilogram in a week. And remember those calories should be from carbs that don’t contain fiber.

9) Drink Water

Not only that, water can make us feel full; it helps the food travel through our system faster. If it’s cold, the body has to burn more calories to heat up. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

10) As Soon As You Wake Up Go Straight To The Gym

It is more likely you will do your workout if you plan to do it first thing in the morning. Besides that, morning training helps us to speed up our metabolism and burn more fat throughout the day.