First, you slow down with your healthy diet. Then you start gaining back all the weight you have lost, and then 7 deadly diet sins happen.

In this post, we will tell you what 7 sins are those exactly and what is it that you need to do after you stumble on the road to your goal.

You look great. You are on a balanced diet with fruit, veggies, protein, little bit of fat and complexed carbs.

And then it happens that you sin and make a cardinal mistake. Someone persuades you to get a meal together, and of course, that meal has to include french fries, a big fat juicy burger and a drink big enough to raise your blood sugar to the max.

You are upset and you feel remorse while the drama continues. You comfort yourself thinking:” Well the damage is already done I might as well eat something else”.

After that, when you come home you eat something else that you haven’t had on your menu lately.

Then you probably come to the point when you say to yourself, “tomorrow is a new day I’ll go back to healthy eating”.

Recognised yourself in the paragraphs above?

young woman sitting in front of a plate with an apple and a fork

Mistake #1

Food As A Trigger

Principle of moderation is a key to success of any weight-loss diet. Some people during the weight-loss diet completely exclude certain food, claiming that high calorie food (ice cream, pizza and cake) leads to gluttony.

Those people claim that one slice of pizza can be a trigger for you to, for example, eat an entire pie after it.

That’s the reason why some people practice abstinence during the weight-loss diet, meaning no cake, no pizza, ever.

Experts claim that this can be very counterproductive. Instead of that, you should have a moderate diet with the food that is in the category of triggers.

Instead of completely excluding that food, you should consume it moderately. Eat really small amount of that food but do not eliminate it from your diet.

Women can allow themselves about 150 calories of snacks a day while men can eat about 200 calories of snacks a day.

This means that a smaller bowl of ice cream is allowed. Also, you can have a small slice of pizza or half of a chocolate bar.

The point of this advice is to recognise the soft spots in your diet and to recognise what food is a trigger for you and to consume such food moderately.

Mistake #2

Late Night Snacks

The testimony of a person that was on a weight-loss diet: ” I eat 3 egg whites and a slice of dry toast for breakfast, an apple for snack, healthy lunch that contains soup and a salad without oil and for dinner fish with some vegetables somewhere around 5pm.”

This sounds like a very strict diet regime, doesn’t it? But after all this she makes a mistake by eating a bag of chips and a few cookies around 8pm.

Big mistake, according to the experts, is in the lack of fuel. People that have a habit to eat late at night should reexamine their habits.

If you do not eat enough during the day, inevitably, you will feel the desire for food at night due to a strong feeling of hunger.

To make bad things worse, that is the time when you usually reach out for something available in the moment, which is usually snacks or fast food.

If you do not eat enough during the day, and in the evening you eat a lot to compensate for that, you are already having a perfect scenario to become overweight.

Another common problem is standing during the meal since you have a different notion of being full when you are standing to what you have when you are sitting and you might end up eating more than you need.

Our advice for dealing with these problems is to eat two-thirds of all the calories you need daily before dinner.

That will give the body enough fuel to function during the day and at night when the body is less active, cut down on the meals.

Feel free to overeat for breakfast and then cut down the intake of the calories during the day. This will eliminate the mistake number 2.

scale, vegetables, dumbbells, jump rope and protein juice on a notebook with a pencil

Mistake #3

Fast Food Accident

When you are out, and you are hungry, make a right choice of meal. Not all fast food is a weight-loss diet transgression.

Some professional athletes adjust the diet to the location they are at. For example, if they are supposed to eat 220gr of chicken with veggies and rice instead of that, they will eat baked potatoes with grilled chicken breast and a salad.

Every respectable food selling establishment has chicken breast, rice and vegies on the menu and they can cook it without the use of oil.

When it comes to fast food, you can stay in shape if you avoid the greasy stuff that fast food is full of.

You can eat a hamburger and fries from time to time but on one condition – to train regularly and to not neglect your healthy diet.

You can afford to eat a meal at McDonald’s about once a month, but do not make it a habit.

Mistake #4

Temptation With The Sweets At Work

You planned the day perfectly in accordance to your diet and then someone at work decides to treat everyone for some reason and your perfect diet day goes down hill.

Worse option is if you have a canteen at work which daily has some food that is opposed to your diet regime.

These sorts of traps can be avoided as well. Always take your own food to work and never go to the canteen hungry that way you will be able to resist bad calories.

Mistake #5

All Or Nothing

A person that constantly counts calories in order to keep a perfect visible set of abs should realise the reality. Being strict the whole time is a question of self-rejection.

Rejection overcomes the boundaries of will. It is considered that the compulsive behavior is what leads to failure.

When a person on a strict weight-loss diet eats something that is not allowed, the mood deteriorates and overeating starts.

Experts say that a strict weight-loss diet is better to be done 80% of the time, so if you have 5 meals a day you can have one that is food rich in fat or sugar.

You can also eat low calorie protein rich food for 4 days and on a fifth day you can increase the intake of carbs through a bigger portion of pasta or bread or enjoy dessert or some favorite meal.

The goal is to enjoy the food you eat that is healthier than snacks and junk food, even with the strict weight-loss diet you are on.

Fit body is a result of dedication to a single diet regime but not constantly and excessively rigorous.

When it comes to food, the ratio is 80% of strict weight-loss diet and 20% of the food you enjoy.

huge burger

Mistake #6

Sugar Seesaw

For some people, sugar is the enemy number 1 while there are those that believe that sugar is not all that dangerous.

First, probably go through serious hunger, and basically they would do much better if they would just mitigate their opinion a bit.

Sugar is really not that big of a problem, generally it is the number of calories. Human will breaks when something that you like is completely denied to you much easier than when it is just reduced.

This is the reason why the people that completely avoid the food with sugar, including fruit juice once they eventually “break” have a marathon of overeating.

The key to weight-loss is consuming fewer calories that you burn daily and physical activity.

Mistake #7

Fast Eating

People that eat fast chew their food less and swallow faster, which leads to overeating and in tie to being overweight.

It takes time for the food in the belly to send the signal to the brain that the body is full.

As the food goes through the digestive tract, chemical messages are sent through the nervous system, creating a feeling of fullness in the brain.

If the food is not chewed long enough, the body doesn’t excrete enough enzymes to digest it.

With use of this advice try to get your life style to a balance that makse you happy and in the end you will enjoy a beautiful body.