Escape the boredom that treadmill workouts bring you daily! With this six-week strength training, you will burn fat and gain muscle and still have a lot of fun while exercising!

What if we tell you that you will get stronger and better define your muscles with one single training program? You don’t believe it?

Well, read on since our workout program is opposed to all conventional wisdoms, traditional bodybuilder logic and accepted ideas, to lead to swift noticeable changes in your body without having to sacrifice a single gram of pure muscle.

Think about a few things that you already know: first of all complex exercises activate more muscles all in total then isolation exercises do hence they burn more calories.

Second, more reps and shorter rest periods as a consequence have a larger calorie burn. Both of this factor have a lasting effect on complete body built since they speed up metabolism.

If you carefully combine these two elements, you will gain one hybrid training that includes the main lifting exercises for the whole body that build muscles and while doing that burn tons of calories (even after you finish workout) if you do numerous reps.

But before you close this page and start your training, you must know this is no tea party. You know those three sets of ten reps that you are used to? They are gone! Three or four exercises for each muscle group? Not on this training.

Don’t make us mention your rest periods of two to three minutes between sets. Also, in this training there is no need for intervals on a treadmill or endless workouts on a stepper.

In this training, all is about a bigger volume and lesser weights. All that you need to worry about are weights and healthy diet. Considering that with this workout even the veterans in weight lifting will at some point have to question their diet, we feel obliged to tell you that this training is not for beginners!

power lifter squatting heavy barbell

Complex Exercises

If you want to burn calories best way to do so is by doing complex exercises that simultaneously activate large muscle groups in more than one joint.

The larger muscle mass activated the more energy there is and the larger number of calories you need to burn to perform the exercise. Simply said, you will burn more calories by doing squats then by doing leg extension.

Also, during complex movements preformed with free weights, a person burns more calories per minute than it is the case with the exercises that are dont on the machines.

The reason for this additional calorie burn is the total muscle activation needed for complex exercises. While preforming complex exercises you activate a larger number of muscles stabilizers and helpers.

While focusing on complex exercises like rowing, deadlift and squats, you burn more calories due to cumulative use of muscles.

Also, the increase of muscle mass leads to faster metabolism, which means that a cell of muscle tissue burns more calories in the state of rest than a cell of fat tissue.

The more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn before, during and after the training. The conclusion is that complex movements lead to larger development of muscles and increased fat burn, but we will not stop at this.


This training program that leads us through three trainings constructed of complex moves with a large number of reps, represents a big deviation of standard schemes.

This training program is especially designed to make weight lifters step out of their comfort zone and go into the fat burning zone.

You need more persuasion? It is a well known fact that strength training speeds up metabolism for up to fifteen hours after the training, and this causes you to lose fifty calories more during the rest period as the consequence of the oxidation of the fat in the body.

If you workout four times a week, this number can reach ten thousand calories per year. Add to it the cardiovascular pace of the workout and the faster metabolism during the rest period caused the increase of the overall muscle activation and you will realise that you can get really fit without ever doing cardio workouts.

But this will not be easy. If you your training earlier didn’t have a lot of reps, then you will have to feel the pain, especially if your reps are explosive.

Once you start doing these continuous explosive reps, you will experience something totally new. The key to success of this program is in the perfect balance of the volume of your training and resistance.

You are drawn to add a lot of weights to that bar but if you want the volume and the choice of exercises to work and if you want to benefit from this kind of training, you will have to choose the weights wisely sticking to progressive strategy.

What do cyclists and sprinters have in common? If you think those are quads and low fat level that can be the envy of anyone, then you are right.

These athletes stick to typical exercise schedule that is also applied in the gyms. They exercise daily, making each training harder than the one before.

And the very nature of their training when they have to constantly be moving leads to faster fat burn. The cumulative effect of these daily trainings is what makes these athletes so strong and muscular.

However, for these athletes this is just a mean to reach a certain goal, something that their job requires. For you it is a mean to get muscular and better look at the shortest time period.

Training with more reps and shorter rest periods leads to a higher level of growth hormone and enlargement of blood vessels that transport more nutrients into activated muscles.

Fit man holding a weight

Steps To Take To Burn Fat And Gain Muscle

Exercise Selection

In this training there are no direct exercises for biceps and triceps. The reason for this is the fact that the muscles get all the needed activation while helping during the complex exercises. 

Each of these exercises is chosen because of its activation of a larger number of muscles and the level of its complexity. I am sure you already know how deadlift leaves you breathless and how you can hardly walk after you finished the set. This is exactly how your training will look like during this program.


Do one of these circular training every other day by doing one circle of exercises three times. If this is too much for you make it two times but stick to the training schedule (every other day) and try to get it to three circles in time.

Do not forget that cumulative effect is very important here and never miss a training or a set or two.


Switch between upper and lower body exercises to minimize the fatigue in certain muscle group. Since you will be going through different exercises quickly, make sure you have all the machines and weights ready at hand.

Rep Speed

Make your reps explosive. Control the movement in the negative part of the movement but make sure to lift with full strength in the positive part of the movement of each rep with a tiny break at the end of each positive phase. Do not let yourself get distracted, remain focused on what you are doing.

Dumbbells Or Bar

First training of each week you should do with the bar. But every next training do the exercises using the dumbbells. 

Additional balance that you need while using dumbbells will help you activate more stabilizer muscles, and that leads to larger calorie burn also helps you not to get bored while doing this program.


First week start with the weight that is at 30% of your maximum for ten reps. During this training program constantly increase the weights.

If you can’t do a rep or a set, lower the weight. If during the workout or after it you have the feeling that you have chosen too light weight, just modify the weight on your next training.


Take breaks between sets just as long as you need to start the next exercise, make sure that the rest period between sets is not longer than 30sec. 

If you rest too much between sets, you will diminish the impact of your training on the metabolism and that will lead to fewer calories burned.