Looking for the Best Spin Bikes Under 500 is, for most, a headache. I’ve been researching and reviewing spin bikes in this price range for the past few months, and it’s tough!

Spin bikes built by reputable companies that can boast  heavy-duty frames and advanced features such as magnetic resistance systems and belt drives are far and few between

There Are Handful of Impressive Low Cost Spin Bikes

Still, after many hours of research, I found a few that stood out from the crowd, and surprisingly a couple of them are better than many spin bikes you’re come across at twice the price.

sunny health & fitness budget spin bike

Heavy-duty Frame – Belt Drive system & Magnetic Resistance

Okay, we won’t find HD screens and high-end monitors in this price bracket, but to honest, we dont need them?

It’s much better to find a well-built bike where the company has put all of their efforts into the build rather than a company that has decided to spend half of their build budget on a fancy monitor.

Companies that do end up spending half the build budget on a monitor, especially in this price bracket, end up producing cheaply built unstable bikes that only last you a few months. And we don’t need one of those!

So what do we look for? What features can we expect to find on an indoor bike under $500? First, we have to go for a heavy-duty frame; you’ll need a stable spin bike with no wobbles, especially if you want to stand and cycle.

Also, we hope to find a belt drive system instead of a chain because belt drives are quiet and do not need any maintenance.

We’ll also want the best resistance system we can find in this price bracket ‘magnetic’ excellent for indoor use as it’s whisper-quiet and maintenance-free.

And lastly, if we’re lucky enough, a heavy flywheel. Heavy flywheels allow for a smooth un-jerky cycling motion essential for long spinning sessions.

Only a few years ago, a bike with all of these features would set you back over $1k. It’s only recently we’ve been lucky enough to find a few impressive bikes in the budget ranges that can boast such features.

So whether you’re looking for a Peloton alternative or you’re just someone who wants to burn off a few calories while watching Netflix, you’ll be able to find a spin bike in this price bracket to suit your needs, and we’ve found five of the best.

Best Spin Bikes Under 500 Comparison Table


JOROTO X2 spin bike

1. Joroto X2 Indoor Bike

The Joroto spin bike is our No.1 choice in the under $500 its priced just shy of 500 dollars, and it’s worth every buck.

The first thing people praise about the Joroto is its build quality. Weighing nearly 100lb, this spin bike is heavy for the price bracket. That’s a good thing because the extra weight is excellent for stability. It’s also a telling sign the Joroto is made from quality materials.

When you’re cycling on the Joroto, it’s not going to feel like some cheaply made lightweight indoor bike. With its heavy-duty frame, it shouldn’t feel much different from bikes in your local gym.

A few years ago, most bikes in this price bracket used a chain for their drive system, and while there’s nothing wrong with a chain drive, they are noisy as the chain has to go over the sprocket.

The Joroto benefits from a belt drive system. This new drive system is much quieter, and unlike a chain that needs regular maintenance, the belt drive is maintenance-free.

If you can afford to always opt for a belt drive system, they are well suited to indoor use as this system keeps noise to the minimum so that you won’t be disturbing yourself or others around you with the sound of your workouts.

And if you really want to keep maintenance and noise as low as possible, you’ll also want a bike that boasts a magnetic resistance system, and that’s exactly what we have here with the Joroto.

Magnetic resistance is whisper-quiet, and because the magnet doesn’t make contact with the flywheel, there’s no wear and tear and no maintenance.

Magnetic resistance is also going to let us make minor resistance changes, which is a handy feature if you’re thinking of using the Peloton app as something the trainers on the app ask for.

It’s difficult to make minor resistance changes on cheaper bikes that use friction resistance; the jumps in resistance strength are too large and make the bike unsuitable for Peloton apps. So if you have been searching for a Peloton alternative, the Joroto is the best you’ll find in this price bracket.

Let’s not forget the Jororto also boasts the heaviest flywheel, which isn’t surprising considering it’s the most expensive bike in this review.

Heavy flywheels are important because they allow for a non-jerky cycling motion.  A heavy flywheel ensures safe movement by producing more power at a steady rate.  A heavy flywheel will build a lot of momentum as you pedal, making for a smooth ride.

Another impressive feature of the Joroto spin bike is its four-way adjustable seat and handlebars.

If you’re on the short side, the 4-way adjustable handlebars that move backward and forwards as well as up and down can be a godsend. They eliminate the issue faced by shorter users who have to overstretch to reach the handlebars.

The Joroto, because of its 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars, can accommodate users of all sizes from 4’9″ to 6’2″. A handy feature to have if you live in a household with multi people using the spin bike.

Yes, for the price point, the Jororto is unbeatable. Our favorite Peloton alternative in this price bracket, and what I like most about this spin bike is its build quality.

You really need a stable spin bike for climbs, and this thing has it all, wide stabilizing feet to prevent wobbles, a heavy-duty frame, and 4 adjustable feet levels that will keep the bike level on uneven floors.

If you’ve been looking for a quality spin bike for your home, I highly recommend you check out the Joroto.

The Good

Heavy-duty, sturdy construction

Maintenance free belt drive system

Whisper quiet magnetic resistance 

4 way adjustable handlebars & seat – suits most body sizes from 5′ – 6’2″

24 hour customer service

Comfy wide saddle

Great price for a high quality spin bike

Heavy 35lb flywheel ensures non-jerky smooth cycling motion

Integrated transport wheels just tilt and roll to move

Adjustable feet levelers – keep bike level on uneven floors

The Bad

Basic Monitor

LCD isnt backlit

Resistance isnt strong enough for serious athletes 


Maxkare magnetic spin bike white background

2. MaxKare Magnetic Spin Bike

MaxKare are a small company, but they build some excellent high-quality cardio gear. I reviewed one of their treadmills a few months ago, and it was surprisingly good for the price. And by the looks of things, so too is their magnetic spin bike.

Priced around the $400 mark, this spin bike punches way above its price tag. Again we see a nice heavy-duty frame and advanced features such as magnetic resistance and a belt drive system.

And we see the 4-way adjustable handlebars and seat, so it’s a great choice for shorter users too.

A slightly lighter flywheel than the Joroto, but that’s to be expected considering this bike costs slightly less. Still, 30lb is an excellent weight for a flywheel and will ensure a smooth cycling motion.

All the bikes in this price category will not come with advanced monitors, and just like the Joroto spin bike, the MaxKare only provides a basic monitor that tracks time distance, speed, calories burned, pulse, and RPM.

If you’re going to be using a cycling app with your new spin bike, the basic monitor shouldn’t affect your buying decisions too much.

It’s the important stuff like frame (stability) belt drive system and a magnetic resistance system that we need to look for in this price bracket, and both the Maxkare and the Joroto come up trumps as they include all of these essential features.

The MaxKare cycle is another great choice to use with cycling apps. And the MaxKare boasts more advanced features than any other bike in the $400 and below price bracket.

Yes, the flywheel is slightly lighter than the Jorortp X2, and the overall weight is less, but when you consider the price, the MaxKare is unrivaled. An excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their cardio fitness at home.

The Good

30lb flywheel for smooth consistant momentum

Belt drive – maintenance free – low noise

Heavy-duty 90lb frame – heavy enough to aid stability

Easy to assemble, under 30 minutes

4-way adjustable saddle and handlebars – allows users of most height to fit properly on the bike

Integrated transport wheels for easy movement

Tablet  & water bottle holders

One of the best value for money indoor bikes on the market

The Bad

A tablet placed on the tablet holder will cover the monitor

The exact Q-factor information is not disclosed


demonstration of PYHIGH INDOOR CYCLING BIKE in garage gym

3. Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike

Costing $100 less than the MaxKare and nearly $200 less than the Joroto X2, you wouldn’t expect the Pyhigh to come anywhere near other top 2 bikes? Still, this bike is popular for a reason? With a 79lb heavy-duty frame, a belt drive system, and 35lb flywheel, we can start to understand just why everyone loves the Phyhigh

Yes, there isn’t too much to fault about the Pyhigh S2 spin bike. It basically has all you need for intense calorie-burning workouts at home.

Resistance strength on this bike is good; I’ve read no complaints, which is unusual for a budget spin bike.

I love that it includes both a belt drive and a 35lb flywheel. This will ensure a smooth cycling motion and make sure the resistance is strong and uninterrupted in the upper levels, making the bike appealing to beginners and intermediates.

Drawbacks? Only a slight one, but we have to remember we’re paying quite a bit less for the Pyhigh than the top 2 in this review, so we shouldn’t expect magnetic resistance, and that’s the only drawback of this bike.

The Pyhigh uses a friction pad to create resistance rather than magnets, not a deal killer by any means, but it will mean some extra maintenance as you have to replace the pad once in a while when it wears.

On the positive, this is a solid bike and shouldn’t have any issues coping with out of the saddle cycling.

The weight of the frame plus your own weight will keep the Pyhigh stable, and we see the 4 adjustable feet levelers as an excellent feature to help keep the bike level on uneven floors, plus the nice wide stabilizing bars at the front and rear of the bike.

Dont expect the bike to feel as solid as a commercial bike. For a $300 spin bike it’s about as good as you’re going to find

The Good

35lb flywheel for a smooth, natural riding motion

Belt drive system – low maintenance – almost silent

Basic but easy to use monitor to track all your workout stats

Easy to assemble, under 30 minutes

Built-in transport wheels, just tilt and roll to store

Horizontal adjustments at the four foot support covers are equipped to fit for uneven floors

The Bad

No pulse reading function

Speed and distance are only shown in km/h and km


Yosuda indoor cylcing Bike inside garage gym

4. Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike

One of the most popular budget spin bikes on the market, I’ll be honest, it’s a long way off commercial grade. Still, for a home spin bike, it’s not bad at all.

We cant compare it to the Joroto X2 as the Joroto cost considerably more, but if we compare the Yosuda to other budget bikes, it wins hands down.

We have a decent frame weight of 70lb, which is enough weight to aid stability; we also have a belt drive system to keep noise and maintenance to a minimum, and to find a belt drive system in this price bracket is impressive, especially when coupled with a 70lb frame.

However, because we are now looking at lower cost bikes, the Yosuda will not come with a magnetic resistance system.

This bike features friction resistance – a friction pad that sits above the flywheel, which you control via the tension knob. The more you turn the tension knob, the harder the pad presses against the flywheel, and the stronger the resistance you’ll feel in the pedals.

There no huge difference between magnetic and friction resistance.

Ok, we might not find micro-adjustments, so this type of resistance usually isn’t the best to suit fitness apps. And they require some maintenance as the pad will need to be changed once in a while (every 6 months)

However, you shouldn’t suffer from any resistance strength issues. This bike is still well suited for intense workouts, so it’s great for calorie burning and strengthening and toning muscles.

The only drawback is a little maintenance, and the slight sound it makes as the friction pad makes contact with the flywheel, nothing too noticeable, just a faint swooshing sound.

On the positive, the Yosuda has a 35lb flywheel, which is surprisingly heavy for this price range and will give you the desirable non-jerky cycling motion.

When it comes to the monitor again, it’s basic but easy to use, and you have a tablet holder so you can use your tablet to download fitness apps or watch YouTube cycling videos.

I always recommend you use some sort of cycling app, whether it’s paid or free, as following workouts help take away the monotony of long cardio sessions, plus they push you and help you reach your goals faster.

Overall the Yoshusa includes all you need for a smooth cycling session at home. We were impressed to see a 35lb flywheel and a belt drive system at this price is excellent value for money. 

A fantastic spin bike for people on a budget, one of our favorite spin bike for under $300 and well worth some serious consideration.

The Good

Precision-balanced 35lb flywheel combined with the belt drive mechanism allows for smooth and quiet workouts

Fully adjustable 4 way saddle and two way handle bars

Solid construction and the extra-wide base ensure outstanding stability and protect your floor and carpet

4 adjustable levelers to keep bike level on uneven floors

Tablet holder

Basic but easy to use monitor, track all your workout data

Transport wheels just tilt and roll to move or store

Low impact protect your joints – and burn up to 600 calories per 45 minute session

The Bad

The manufacturer/seller can be reached only via Amazon messages (no direct contact info to order parts under warranty).

Handlebars are not 4-way adjustable

It is friction resistance (not magnetic)


Marcy Revolution Cycle in front room of house

Marcy Revolution XJ-3220

Marcy are a company well known for building quality budget home gym gear. I’ve reviewed a ton of their stuff, and they never fail to impress. Bang for buck, these guys are the ones to look to first.

I’ll start by saying we are far down in the budget range with XJ-3200 its the cheapest bike in this review, so dont go expecting anywhere near gym quality.

Still, for a budget bike, the Marcy XJ-3220 has some impressive features, and if you’re a beginner just starting to get into the world of indoor cycling, the Marcy is an excellent choice.

The frame and build quality are what’s most impressive about this bike.

It weighs 85lb that’s heavy for a bike costing under $250. It’s a lot of bike for the money. And much of that weight comes from the flywheel, which weighs 40lb, almost unheard of in this price range to find a 40lb flywheel, so you can be sure of a smooth cycling motion.

Yes, we have a nice solid bike and an impressive flywheel, but when it comes to the other features, especially the drive system and resistance system, this is where the Marcy suffers.

Sadly but not surprisingly, we see a chain drive system, which means more noise and more maintenance.

At this price, a chain drive system is not a deal killer by a long way. Chain drive systems do just as good a job as a belt drive system, so the quality of your spinning session will feel no different.

Chain systems are slightly louder. And the chain will need to be lubricated as you would with an outdoor bike.

However, maintenance doesn’t take long. You’ll need to lubricate the chain once a week or so and replace the friction pad when it’s worn.

When you consider most spin bikes that cost under $250 have frames weighing between 50-60lb and flywheels 20-30lb, you realize Marcy has gone that bit further than the rest, and that’s what Marcy always does.

They beat the competition in the budget ranges by providing you the best product possible for money, and they have done it again here with the Marcy Revoltutin spin bike. If you’re a beginner, it’s a great choice.

The Good

Heavy-duty frame 89lb aids stability

40lb flywheel – smooth unjerky cycling motion

4 way adjustable seat – 2 way adjustable handlebars

4 adjustable feet levelers – keeps bike level on uneven floors

Easy to assemble, under 1 hour

Integrated transport wheels just tilt and roll to move

The Bad

No performance monitor

Not suitable for users over 6’2″


Buying Tips & Info

Spin bikes are great for burning a ton of calries in fact you burn upto 600 valories in 45 minutes. They’ll also an excceltn low-impact alternative to a treamaill perfect for people revcoveing from injury and for people with joint problems.

However, if you have never bought a spin bike before it can be hard undstanding just what you should be looking for so we have set out a quick guide on all the important features you chould be searching for when deciding on a spin bike for home use.

L NOW D600 Indoor Cycle

Stability – Heavy Duty Frames

Stability is one of those things people tend to overlook when buying indoor bikes; they’re more concerned with fitness apps and the look of the bike rather than if the thing is stable enough for an intense workout.

How do we know if the bike is going to be stable? The spin bike weight will give us a good idea of whether it’s going to feel reassuringly solid when cycling or if it’s going to feel cheap and unstable.

A spin bike in your local gym is going to weigh anything from 150-200lb. It’s one of the main reasons they feel rock solid.

We’re looking at the bikes in the under $500, so we can’t expect to find a 150lb spin bike, but thankfully we can get close to 100lb, which is impressive at this price point. 100lb spin bike is going to feel stable and is suitable for out of the saddle workouts.

The closer you can get to 100lb in this price bracket, the better. The Extra weight of the bike is also a telling sign it’s made from quality materials. So the heavier, the better when it comes to your spin bike.

Chain Vs. Belt

A few years ago, we wouldn’t be having this conversation about Chain Vs. Belt, as belt drives were typically seen on high-end spin bikes; they were the new thing! So it great now to see a belt drive system featured on the lower-priced spin bikes even as low as $300.

Many people still ask what is a better chain or belt? A few people may say chain drive systems, as some indoor cyclists love their Indoor cycle to mimic an outdoor bike’s feel as much as possible.

But the majority of indoor cyclists love belt drive systems. Simply because they’re so quiet, there’s no chain rolling over a sprocket, creating noise. The belt drive is almost silent in operation, which is why it’s best suited for indoor use.

And unlike the chain drives systems, the belt drive is maintenance-free. If you dont want to disturb others with the sound of your workouts and you favor a maintenance-free drive system, it’s always best to choose a belt drive.

belt drive system of joroto spin sike

Which Type of Resistance System Is Best?

There are two types of resistance systems for spin bikes one is magnetic the other is friction. Friction resistance is typically found on low-cost spin bikes as it’s cheaper to manufacture.

Fiction resistance does a good job of creating resistance, and it’s straightforward to use. All you have to do is turn the tension knob, and the friction pad will press against the flywheel. The more you turn the friction knob, the more resistance you will feel.

Friction resistance does have a few downsides. The friction pad will wear over time, so it will need to be replaced every six months or so. You can lubricate the pad, which will make it last longer still. If you’re using the bike regularly, most friction pads wear out between 6-12 months even with, lubrication.

The only downside of friction resistance is. Generally, you can not use a friction resistance bike with apps such as the Peloton as the resistance strength does not increase in small enough increments to meet the workouts’ demands. It’s still possible, but it isn’t easy. It’s much easier to use a bike with magnetic resistance that can offer micro-adjustments.

This brings us to our second type of resistance, Magnetic. Magnetic resistance costs slightly more to produce than friction, so it’s usually found on a more expensive spin bike – mid-level to high end.

One of the benefits of using magnetic resistance is that it’s whisper-quiet because the magnetic does not need to make contact with the flywheel; also, there is no maintenance.

Magnetic resistance is the best choice if you can afford it. Maintenance-free, silent, and offers micro resistance levels.

Sunny Health SF-B1805 Magnetic resistance system

Stability, resistance system, and drive system are the most important features you should look for in this price bracket. The flywheel weight is something else you should consider; just make sure the flywheel weighs over 25lb for a smooth cycling motion.

Other features such as pedals and the seat can be changed if you do not find them suitable. While most people will be happy with the pedals, some more serious cyclists like to change the pedals to SPD’s. This is only necessary if you’d like to use your bike with cycling shoes.

To Sum Up

We’ve been researching Budget spin bikes for a few months now, and when we started, I didn’t think we’d find such well-built spin bikes in this price bracket.

I certainly didn’t think a bike under $500 could provide everything you need for intense spinning sessions, so it was a nice surprise to find companies such a Joroto and MaxKare offering impressive spin bikes in this price category.

The Joroto X2 Spin Bike was particularly impressive with its 97lb heavy-duty build, belt drive system, and 35lb flywheel. This is a bike that will last years of heavy use and one that can easily cope with Peloton workouts.

But just as impressive is the MaxKare magnetic spin bike, which offers nearly everything the Joroto does, except it costs $100 less. Yes, the flywheel is slightly lighter, so too is the frame, but when you consider the price point, the MaxKare is unbeatable. It, too, has a heavy-duty frame, magnetic resistance, and a belt drive system.

The Joroto X2 and The MaxKare are the two bikes that stood out from the others in this price range. They are an excellent choice not only for beginners but for intermediates too. Both are solid bikes, and both are equipped with features to ensure a smooth cycling experience.