If you don’t want to spend a ton of cash on a high-end treadmill, but you also don’t want to limit yourself to a budget machine, then it’s a good idea to consider a treadmill that sits somewhere in between the two, and that’s exactly what you get with the Nautilus Treadmill T614.

This thing hasn’t been built for serious runners, so don’t expect gym quality. The running deck size and motor power aren’t suitable for fast-paced workouts.

Designed For Walking & Jogging.

This treadmill has been designed for walking, jogging, or anyone looking to increase their cardio fitness at home. It’s perfect for home use as it folds to almost half its original length so that it can be stored easily after your workout.

Nautilus t614 treadmill deck with shock absorbers

Packed Full of Features

This capable treadmill boasts some impressive features such as power-adjustable incline, 22 workouts programs, and a great sized running belt for the price point with built-in deck cushioning to protect your joints while you exercise.

Yes, for the price, this machine deserves some serious consideration, and in our review, I’m going to take a close look at all the pros and cons of this entry to mid-level treadmill. I’ll also compare the T614 with its closest rival in this price bracket, the Horizon T101 Treadmill.

First, let’s take a quick look at the Nautilus T614 product specs!

Product Specifications


Product dimensions –  57.6 x 35.2 x 72.2 inches


Weight – 222lb (101kg)


Speed – 0-12mph


Anti-shock system – StrikeZone cushioning


Folds for storage


Power Incline – Yes


Motor – 2.7CHP


Weight capcacity – 300lb


Running belt size – 16″ X 43.3″

Why Do We Like the Nautilus Treadmill T614?

The best feature of this treadmill is its running belt/deck size. Many treadmills in this price range have belt lengths of only 50″ this can be limiting for taller users as a 50″ belt will only allow people up to 5’10” to jog comfortably on the treadmill.

The Nautilus boasts a running belt length of 55″, an impressive length belt for a machine costing well under $1k. Users up to 6’2″ should be able to jog comfortably on this machine.

The running belt size is the most important feature you should consider before buying; it will determine who can use the machine and what for—the bigger, the better when it comes to running belt size.

Budget machines typically have belts lengths of 43″-46″ so as you can see. The T614 provides a decent size belt.

The belt’s width is also important; the wider the belt, the more comfortable when exercising. The Nautilus has a belt width of 20,” which isn’t far off what you’d see on machines in your local gym.

Power Adjustable Incline

Another impressive feature of this treadmill has to be the power-adjustable incline. This thing can incline up to 12%, 2% higher than most of its competition!

I always recommend when buying any treadmill to look for a machine that includes incline. Even if you go budget, many machines include manual inclines; owning one with a manual incline is still better than going without.

So why is an incline feature so important? Incline workouts target different sets of muscle groups when compared to walking or jogging on flat surfaces. When jogging on an incline, you’ll strengthen and tone hard to train muscles such as your calves, glutes, and hamstrings.

Incline workouts are also excellent for burning calories. You’ll burn 3 times more calories jogging or walking at a 10% incline than you would be walking or jogging on a flat surface.

So if you want to get the most out of your cardio sessions, it’s a good idea to choose a machine that includes an incline option.

The Nautilus T614 treadmill comes with a 12% power-adjustable incline. With just a touch of the monitor’s button, you can increase or decrease the incline level.

Being able to adjust the incline level from the monitor is one of the benefits of a power-adjustable incline. It saves you having to jump off the machine interrupting your workout to change the incline manually.

woman running on nautilus T614 treadmill

Monitor/Control Console

When we look at monitors in the Under $800 category, we usually see monitors limited to a few workout programs. Thankfully, the Nautilus includes an extensive selection of workout programs, 22 in total.

Workouts programs are great for adding that extra challenge to your cardio sessions, they help keep away the boredom of long cardio workouts, but they’re also there to push you and help you reach your fitness goals faster.

The Nautilus T614 programs include everything from intense interval training to heart rate profiles and casual workouts.

Another useful feature of this monitor is that you can transfer all your workout date through Nautilus Connect or MyFitnessPal. 

The only thing I didn’t like about the T614 monitor is everything seems a little complicated to set up and use.

A few customers have also mentioned this, it not a deal killer because it only needs to be set up the one time, but it’s still a hassle, something I know the non-tech-savvy users will not enjoy doing when first setting up the machine.

On the positive, we can select all the important features such as speed and incline level with a single touch of a button.

The monitor also includes a built-in 3-speed workout fan to keep you cool while you jog, 4 user profiles, and performance tracking, which allows the user to set and track exercise goals of workout time, distance traveled, and calories burned.

And let’s not forget the heart rate sensors built into the front handlebars, a handy feature that lets you monitor your heart rate, especially benefiting those who love to workout in their chosen heart rate zone.

The monitor can be used with a heart rate chest strap, which was a nice surprise to see as a chest strap is a much more accurate way of monitoring heart rate than the pulse sensors. The only downside is you must buy the chest strap around 50 bucks for a decent one.

demonstration of nautilus treadmill t614 monitor

Folds For Storage

Treadmills are large pieces of fitness equipment, and as we have quite a long-running deck, this thing will take up a lot of room. It folds for storage but even when folded, treadmills this size still require a substantial amount of space to store, so make sure you have taken measurements before buying.

On the plus side, the T614 is super easy to fold and unfold thanks to the SoftDrop system. It’s so easy it can be done with one hand, then to move, all you need to do is tilt and roll to store in the corner of a room.


When researching the Nautilus Treadmill T614 I’ve come across a few complaints of the machine stopping when users were in mid stride for no apparent reason.

This isnt a good sign, treadmills should never do this, it’s dangerous! Ok it’s only happened to a handful of people but the fact it’s being going on for a couple of years doesn’t give me a great deal of confidence the problem is going to be fixed anytime soon.

I’ve reviewed a ton of Nautilus gear and Schwinn (Nautilus owns Schwinn) and have never come across any serious issues with their fitness gear on thw whole these guys receive high ratings and are well respected so was suprised to read about this.

Its a shame becasue on paper the T614 treadmill is excellent for the price point.

I’ve included an Alternative at the end of the review just scroll past the Pros box below.

The Good

Good sized running deck for price point

Impressive power adjustable incline of 0-12%

Top speed 12mph

Connect to MyFitnessPal

22 workout programs

Pulse sensors

SoftDrop folding system

StrikeZone cushioning protect joints from impact

Integrated transport wheels

The Bad

Wireless chest strap not included

There’s been a few user complaints of treadmill stopping in mid-stride – you need to check with the company first to see if this issue has been resolved otherwise I’d recommend avoiding the T614 for now



woman walking on a horizon t101 treadmill

Horizon T101 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness are known well for the high quality of cardio equipment. Horizon is one of the few companies I’ve come across that consistently receive 4.5/5 and 5/5 for their products.

If its quality builds and durability you are after then, Horizon is the company to go to. Yes, because these guys get all the fundamentals right, they sometimes have to cut back on monitor features, but it’s a small price to pay if you want a machine that works for years without breaking down.

The Horizon T101 is their affordable option. It’s around the same price as the Nautilius T614; actually, the T101 is $100 cheaper at the time of writing this article and shares very similar features with the Nautilus.

Like the Nautilus, the Horizon provides a good-sized running deck of 55″ x “20 suitable for walking and jogging. The Horizon boasts a 10% power adjustable incline and a top speed of 10mph.

As you might expect, the Horizon warranty is much better than the Nautilius, with a lifetime on frame and motor compared to just a 10yrs on the frame and motor for the T614.

Long warranties are a telling sign that Horison are a company that stands behind their products.

Users have mentioned how easy the monitor is to use and have praised the large number of workout programs, 30 in total. Yes, for the price, the Horizon is hard to beat.

If you’ve been looking for a well-built machine from a reputable company, a machine that’s been around a few years and stood the test of time, I don’t think many will be disappointed with the Horizon T101.


To Sum Up

I expected to write a glowing review of the Nautilus T614 treadmill, great running deck size, awesome 12% incline, and an impressive top speed of 12mph. And then I came across the cutting out issues, which were so disappointing to hear, especially from a company like Nautilus, who are usually on top of their game.

Still, we can only hope Nautilus sort this issue sooner than later. Thankfully, there are some great alternatives, such as the Horizon T101 and ProForm 400i, that both shine when it comes to features and build quality.