Good health depends on many factors like genetics, the environment, our lifestyle, mental health, workouts, and of course, our diet. And all of us want to be healthy and fit. The three most reliable ways to get slim are diet, exercising, and the combination of those two.

There is no magical substance that can get you there. To look and feel good, you need to work for it. Have a healthy diet and make sure you work out regularly, and results will be visible very quickly.

Healthy diet relays on several principles. I say principles since there are no two humans that are the same on this planet, so their dietary needs and the needs for calorie values can not be the same.

That’s the main reason why people get so confused when they start their pursuit of a healthy diet. Nowadays there are so many books, magazines and articles on diet with all sorts of diets and once you start reading them all, you can get so confused without any idea where to begin.

I’ll point you in the right direction, but what you will achieve depends solely on you and your ability to listen to your body and its needs. You are the one that knows yourself the best.

First of all, your diet should be moderate and diverse; by doing that, you allow the consumption of all nutritious ingredients. You should also pay attention to the number of calories you consume and avoid fatty food rich in cholesterol.

Piled up fat in blood vessels narrows them down, thus preventing the flow of oxygen and nutrients where they are needed.

Go easy on salts and fibers that are difficult to digest if you drink alcohol never overdo it. Try having meals always at the same time and make sure that it is two to three hours before bed or workouts.

Drink enough liquid during the day, and remember that you shouldn’t wait to get thirsty. What liquid should you drink? Water, of course, water is the best drink in the world most essential for life and bodily functions.

The temperature of the water you drink is not that important but have in mind that cold water gets absorbed quickly from the stomach.

Fizzy mineral water is useful, but if it makes you bloat, you can use still mineral water.

Eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables but try to buy organic ones without pesticides hormones and fertilizers.

Split one big meal into a few smaller ones because this way, you increase the frequency of your meals and speed up metabolism.

If you do not have enough time to prepare meals, you have to learn to improvise. When buying fast food, let it be a chicken sandwich, grilled chicken breast, and a salad or fish.

Measuring tape, dumbbells, fruit and vegetables representing ways to get slim

How To Stay Slim With Combine Diet

Adjust the daily intake of food to your needs so you can maintain the desired weight. That, of course, means to eat healthily in accordance with basic principles of healthy eating and remember losing weight is not always the goal the same as the perfect body is not the goal but the body that is healthy and feels good.

If food intake exceeds the maximum of calories needed, all the extra will be piled up in fatty tissues. Increase in pied up fat in the body is called obesity and can be decreased in three ways:

1) Diet

2) Exercising

3) Combination of diet and exercising


Diet is a certain way of nutrition that is recommended to reduce fat in the body. It s based on the reduced intake of calories, so you consume less than your body needs to create a calorie deficit. That deficit then gets complemented by the consumption of fat.

The goal of any good diet should be the reduction of fat and maintaining the body fit, which means that there should be no loss in muscle mass.

When you put your body into the calorie deficit state, it starts defending and reacts with reducing the speed of your metabolism, the mechanism that is responsible for calorie burn.

That’s the reason why most of the diet has good results within the first two or three weeks, and when they reach their maximum in progress, and you start losing considerably fewer kilograms, or you do not lose weight at all.

So the conclusion here is that to lose weight, you actually need to eat regularly but just to be careful what kind of food you eat.


Unlike the diets that slow down metabolism, exercising speeds it up and increases muscle mass. Not only that, exercising burns the calories; it also helps you speed up your metabolism for several hours, which means that you burn calories after workouts even when you are sitting still.

The longer and the harder you exercise, the more you will benefit from it. Raising the level of physical fitness is the safest and the best way to fight obesity better than any food reduction.

For example, if you start working out as little as thirty minutes a day in one year, you will lose up to twelve kilograms even if you do not change a thing about your diet.

Combination of Diet And Exercising

This is the best way to stay fit and healthy and look good as well. There are so many advantages to this method such as that there is no loss in muscle mass because exercising makes the body save on protein which results in the burning of fat, there is no loss of minerals from the body, and nothing disrupts the normal function of the body.

Medically speaking, a healthy diet is the one where your calorie intake is 300-500 less than you usually take combined with the exercise program.  That will speed up the weight loss and keep you fit and healthy. You should never lose more than one kg a week.

Remember that staying fit is a lifetime job, and it includes healthy eating habits and regular workouts. This may sound difficult, but it is not, on the contrary, you will be delighted when you start seeing the results of your hard work in the form of a healthy, great-looking fit body.

There is no better time than now to start implementing healthy changes into your life; all you need to do is endure, and the results will come.