Exerpeutic are a company that really focuses on low-impact exercise; these guys have more experience than anyone else in designing fitness gear for people with disabilities, seniors, and people recovering from operations and injuries.

I’ve reviewed tons of their equipment over the years, and what’s always stood out to me about Exerpeutic is that even though their prices are fairly low, the quality remains high.

Smooth, Comfy, and Easy To Get on and off

They currently have four recumbent bikes on the market, and the Exerpetuic 5000 Recumbent Bike is their newest edition; it’s not a heavy-duty machine, but it’s not a cheaply made budget machine either, it sits somewhere in the middle. It boasts a walk-through design, so it’s nice and easy to get on and off; a 15lb flywheel, so the pedaling motion is smooth, a whooping 24 workout programs,  a comfy adjustable seat, and BlueTooth.

It’s a well designed recumbent bike. Exerpeutic has done well on all the essentials with the 5000, there are a few drawbacks which I’ll get into later, but overall I’m liking their new recumbent bike, and today in today’s review, we’ll take a look at everything the 5000 has to offer.

First, let’s check out the Exerpeutic 5000 product specs!

Product Specifications


Product dimensions – 55″L x25″W x 64″H


Weight – 84lb


Max User Height – 5′ to 6’3″


Resistance Type – Magnetic


Resistance levels – 24


Frame – Steel tubing


Adjustable Seat – Yes


Weight Capacity – 325lb

Why Do We Like The Exerpeutic 5000 Recumbent Bike?

What I’ve found with a lot of recumbent bike designs is that they are low profile in design, sometimes too low. Being low profile is good for stability, but if you have bad knees, bending so far down to sit on a low-profile recumbent bike can be painful.

The Exepreutic 5000 isn’t as low profile as other recumbent bikes I’ve reviewed; it’s much easy to get on and off this recumbent bike, and I feel that it’s a better design, especially for people with arthritis or anyone who has trouble bending their knees.

Also, you have the walk-through frame design, which means there’s no annoying horizontal bar to step over, it’s one of the easiest exercise bikes to get on and off of on the market.

Wide Comfy Seat

Something else that impressed me about the Exerpeutic 5000 was the seat padding. It’s over 3 inches thick. Exerpeutic, call it their airsoft seat, and it’s designed with an alternating pressure system, which is basically something that prevents soreness from long cardio sessions.

Most importantly, the seat is adjustable. It’s a 10-position adjustable seat with a height range of 5′ to 6’3″, so you should easily find the perfect position for your size.

The only drawback of the seat is that the backrest is not adjustable. This can be an issue for people with back problems. Still, if you want a recumbent bike with an adjustable backrest, you’ll have to pay for the privilege. Most recumbent bikes with adjustable backrests cost over $1000

Quiet Resistance System

The Exerpeutic 5000 uses a magnetic resistance system. This type of resistance system is always the best choice for a recumbent bike. Why? Because it’s a frictionless resistance system, the magnetic never makes contact with the flywheel, which means it’s very smooth, and it’s also very quiet.

You can watch TV, listen to music without being disturbed by the sound of the machine.

Belt Drive

And Exerputic has used a belt drive system much quieter than the noisy chain drive system you’ll find on many exercise bikes.

A belt drive and magnetic resistance system is the quietest and smoothest combination for a recumbent bike or any cardio equipment.

24 Resustsnace Levels, suitable for Beginners & Intermediates

You get 24 resistance levels with the 5000, which is more than enough for most users and should give you at least a few years of use before you outgrow this machine and need to upgrade to something with stronger resistance.

To change resistance strength, you can select the strength you want from the monitor. You don’t have to adjust manually using a tension knob as you do with some recumbent bikes in this price bracket; everything on the 5000 recumbent bike can be selected with a touch of a button.

The weight of the flywheel is also important as its one of the factors that determines how smooth the pedaling motion of your bike is. In this price bracket, you need to look for a flywheel weight of over 10lb, as anything lower will produce a somewhat jerky motion.

You have a 15lb precision balanced flywheel with this machine which is heavy enough to keep everything smooth and also resistance in the upper levels strong. So no complaints here.

exerpeutic recumbent bike BlueTooth monitor

Decent Monitor With BlueTooth, Workout Programs, and App

You won’t find HD color touchscreens in this price bracket or advanced tech like VR, but you can find some pretty decent monitors, and the Exerprutic monitor is one of them.

I like this monitor because it’s easy to use and includes everything you need. It tracks all your vital workout stats like distance, time, speed, pulse, and calories. Plus, you get 24 built-in workout programs which is excellent for the price point. Workout programs are great for keeping you challenged.

Also, you have BlueTooth and access to their MyCloudFitness App, where you can download all your workout stats, set goals, etc. Or, if you wish, you can sync with other fitness apps of your choice.

The LCD screen measures 5″ it’s not huge, but it’s large enough that you can easily view it while pedaling. And lastly, you have built-in handlebar pulse sensors to monitor your pulse while you work out.

The only features missing are speakers and a cooling fan.

Build Quality & Stability

As I mentioned in the intro, the Exerpeuutic 5000  sort of sits in the middle with its build quality. It’s not a cheaply made budget elliptical, nor is it a heavy-duty machine.

You tell the quality of most cardio gear by its weight. Budget recumbent bikes typically weigh around 50lb, and something in the mid-range will weigh anywhere from 70-100lb.

The Exerputic weighs 84lb assembled which tells me it’s not made from lightweight, cheap materials; there’s some weight there. The quality is good for the price point. Also, it’s heavy enough that the weight helps with stability. It’s sturdy, and users have said that it feels well-made.

Still, one thing that did surprise me is that there are no adjustable levelers built into the rear stabilizer bar, which is a shame. Adjustable levelers are a handy feature that keeps a recumbent bike stable on uneven floors.

Can it Handle the 325lb Weight Capacity?

Lots of companies love to stick high-weight capacities on their equipment when in reality, if you took their equipment to the max every day for months it would break.

Exerpeutic are a well-respected company, and their fitness equipment, on the whole, is well-made and should take the heavy loads they recommend.

Still, this recumbent isn’t a heavy-duty machine. I would always air on the side of caution with weight capacities, especially if you’re paying under $1k. Stick to at least 50lb under the max weight capacity, and you should be okay. So a more realistic weight capacity for the Exerpeutic 5000 would be 250lb – 275lb

Assembly Time 1-2 Hours

I find assembling recumbent bikes tricky as there are so many parts. It’s best to set aside an afternoon to assemble this or any recumbent bike. Most people got this together in around 2 hours but found it tough. It might be worth paying for assembly if you want to save yourself a headache.

Exerpeutic provides all the tools for the job and an illustrated manual.

The Good

Not as low profile as other recumbent bikes, makes it much easier for people with bad knees to get on an off the bike

Walk though frame design

Well made for price point

Decent monitor with Bluetooth, workout programs and an app to download your workout stats and use global routes

Quiet frictionless resistance system with 24 levels

Wide comfy seat

Smooth pedaling motion thanks to precision weighted flywheel

Built-in transport wheels, tablet holder and water bottle holder

The Bad

Backrest isn’t adjustable

Monitor screen isn’t backlit making hard to read in low light

No speakers


woman pedaling Xterra recumbent bike

Xterra Fitness SB2.5r Recumbent Bike

Xterra Fitness are another company with over two decades of experience. These guys, just like Exerpeutic, are known for their low prices and the high quality of their gear.

And I was especially impressed by their SB2.5 recumbent bike. This bike costs $100 less than the Exerptuic, yet it matches it on almost every feature.

This is a surprisingly heavy recumbent bike. It weighs 108lb assembled. It’s a solid machine. It’s almost heavy-duty, which is rare to find in this price bracket.

Also, you have the wide comfy padded seat and padded backrest, and just like the Exerpeutic recumbent bike, the Xterra 2.5r has a 10 positions adjustable seat with a max height limit of 6’3″

Still, what I found most impressive about the Xterra recumbent bike is that it boasts a 22lb flywheel, the heaviest I’ve come across in this price range. It means the pedaling motion will be extra smooth with the Xterra bike, and the resistance in those upper levels will be strong enough for most fitness levels.

You get 24 resistance levels and 24 workout programs, but there’s no BlueTooth with the Xterra bike and no fitness apps. Still, this is to be expected as it costs a fair bit less than the Exerputic 5000.

But overall, the SB2.5r is an excellent sturdy recumbent bike that offers more bang for your buck than anything else in its class.


To Sum Up

Exerpeutic has done well with their most recent recumbent bike; it delivers on all the essentials and has no major drawbacks that will negatively affect your workout.

I was most impressed with the bike’s design. I love the walk-through frame, and I like that Exerpeuitic thought about their users and didn’t make the bike seat too low, making it a great choice for people with bad knees. It’s one of the easiest bikes you’ll find to get on and off of. The Exerprutic 5000 is one of my favorite recumbent bikes right now for around $500.