Trying to choose the Best Cheap Weight Bench can be tiring; there’s a ton of benches out there all with great price tags, but sadly over half of them aren’t worth any serious consideration.

Many cheap benches lack enough adjustment positions; some have build quality so bad they can be dangerous to exercise with, and some have such low max weight loads many of you will outgrow them within a few months of training.

Vast Range of Quality on Offer – You Need to Be Careful.

The vast range of quality on offer is why, when we go cheap, we have to be even more careful because the last thing you want to do as go too cheap and waste your money on a weight bench that not up to the job.

However, just because we’re going to look at affordable weight benches, it doesn’t mean they have to lack quality.

Yeah, we’re not going to find any commercial-grade, heavy-duty weight benches in this price bracket, but what we can look at our some excellent dumbbell benches that will provide all the features you need for full upper body workouts at home.

5 Excellent Cheap Weight Benches

On the positive, I was surprised at how good some of the benches in the under $200 price range are. There are a few great benches out there. Our two favorites boast features of weight benches costing twice as much.

Our Top cheap weight benches include adjustable seats, large weight capacities, stable builds, and enough back pad positions for all of your incline workout needs.

After months of researching and writing adjustable weight bench reviews, we can say with confidence we’ve found 8 of the best in the under $200 price category for this guide.

All the benches in this review are perfect for beginners, even intermediate weight trainers who want to reap the benefits of resistance training at home.

Before we get started on the reviews and for those of you, who may not have time to read our extensive guide, here’s a quick look at our Best 3 cheap weight benches comparison table!

Best Cheap Weight Bench Reviews

flybird bench white background

1. Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench

One of the most highly-rated weight benches on the market right now and not just by beginners, even intermediate weight trainers are singing praise for excellent full FID (flat, incline decline) Flybird bench.

Versatility is the Flybirds main selling feature; this thing includes 7 adjustable back paid positions, which is more than enough for all of you incline pressing workouts. And what’s great about this bench is that it includes full incline.

Owning a bench that includes the near or full incline angle will allow you to perform seated shoulder presses correctly. So many of the cheaper benches do not have this angle as some only go up to 70 degrees, and at this lower angle, you will not engage the shoulder muscles fully.

Another useful feature of this bench is its 3-way adjustable seat.

I always recommend if you can to buy an adjustable bench that includes an adjustable seat. The adjustable seat will provide you the support you need in low incline angles; it stops your butt slipping down the seat and gives you a stable base to press from.

Surprisingly for a lightly built bench, the Flybird receives some great user reviews for how stable the bench is when in use. This is great to know as the last thing you need is a bench that wobbles when you’re working out.

Stability is one of the main concerns when purchasing cheap weight benches, so to know the Flybirds wide stabilizing feet are up to the job is a big thumbs up.

And lastly, we need to mention the Flybird bench also folds for storage. Fold for storage is an excellent feature for those of you who are tight on space. The bench folds to almost half its original footprint, making it easy to store away after use.

Overall an excellent versatile bench from Flybird, with more than enough back pad angles for all of your upper body workouts and the all-important adjustable seat to give you that support you need when incline pressing.

Also, if you want to work your abs or decline press, this bench includes a decline angle for decline workouts. Yes, the Flybird has it all and at a great price.

The Good

7 back support adjustment angles

3 position adjustable seat, great for incline workouts

Affordabley priced

Foldable, light bench, makes for easy storage and moveability

3 position adjustable seat, great for incline workouts

Includes decline for decline pressing and sit-ups

Comes fully assembled

The Bad

Not suitable for users over 6’1″

Short warranty on upholstery


mevem weight bench in home gym

2. Mevem Adjustable Weight Bench

The Mevem Bench is a beast of a bench for the price. Weighing in at 53lb, this bench weighs over 20lb more than the Flybird. The extra weight will help with stability, and its also a telling sign the bench is made from quality materials.

However, the extra weight will make this bench slightly more challenging to store and move than the Flybird; thankfully, the Mevem does include integrated transport wheels, just tilt and roll to move, a convenient feature when you own a heavy bench like this.

Again just like the Flybird, this bench is versatile. Both have an adjustable seat and 7 adjustable back support positions, which includes a slight decline.

The only gripe I have about this bench and its adjustment positions is that the decline isn’t enough of a decline to be of much use, and the seat adjustment angles are too low to provide much support for low incline pressing where you need it most.

Heck, the seat incline angles aren’t a deal killer, and at this price, it’s great even to have an adjustable seat, but for those of you who were thinking of pressing heavy in incline using this bench, the low seat angles may prove problematic.

On the plus, this bench boasts a massive 1000lb max capacity, the highest I’ve seen on any low priced bench that actually sounds like it can take it. I’ve reviewed a few budget benches with 1000lb capacities, but they were so cheaply built they would never take a training schedule that includes super heavyweight loads.

The Mevem is different, its built from heavy-duty steel tubing, and by the looks of things, this beast will take most you can throw at it. So if you are after a budget beach that can take heavy barbell/rack work, the Mevem is one of the best out there in this price range.

No fold for storage with this bench; make sure you have enough room for the bench before you buy!

The Good

Heavy duty build

Whopping 1000lb max weight load

Excellent weight bench for dumbbell & rack work

Versatile – 7 back pad positions & adjustable seat

Great price for such a well-built bench

Solid, stable

The Bad

No full incline – adjusts to a max of 70 degrees

Low seat angles

Deline angle dissapointing


adjustable weight bench

3. Marcy SB 670 Adjustable Weight Bench

For over two years and before the FlyBird hit the market, the Marcy SB-670 was our favorite low priced adjustable bench, and it’s easy to see why -with an adjustable seat, fast to adjust ladder adjustment system, 6 adjustable back support positions, and a realistic 600lb max capacity.

The 670 is made from high-quality powder-coated steel and will prove to be a durable weight bench.

Well made quality 2 toned upholstery with high-density foam gives this bench the right amount of comfort and padding, not too soft to cause stability issues nor too hard to be off-putting. It’s a nice looking bench too.

A wide rear stabilizer bar makes sure the Marcy SB-670 does not move around while you are pressing heavy weights.

The Marcy adjustable bench will appeal to the beginner through to the more seasoned lifter, with a maximum weight load of 600lbs, it’s sure to last a while before you grow out of it.

The Marcy, just like the Mevem and Flybird benches, boasts a 3-way adjustable seat, an important feature most serious weight trainers will not go without and great to see in the under $200 bracket. It will stop your butt sliding when pressing in the lower incline positions.

No leg holder for decline training, but to be honest, decline bench pressing is overrated; I’d recommend you do some weighted dips for this, you’ll add mass quicker, and if you want to do some decline situps, you should be able to hook your feet under the seat.

A solid, stable, good looking weight bench, the Marcy offers you, the user, a great deal of versatility for the price, compatible with many smith machines and racks.

I like this bench as much as the Mevem; maybe it doesn’t include the huge weight capacity of Mevem. Still, the seat angles are better for incline workouts, and I prefer its ladder adjustment system (faster to adjust and sturdy), plus it’s built by a company that’s been around for years.

Its still one of my favorite benches in this price bracket. It shouldn’t disappoint anyone who buys.

The Good

Full FID capability… flat inline decline, 6 adjustable back support positions in total

high density foam padding

Well made high quality, stable, solid

Powder coated finish will help reduce wear and tear

600lb user and weight load

Adjustable seat

The Bad

Frame warranty only 2years

No padded rollers for decline situps/presses? This might be a pro not a con for some


the 3.1 bowflex adjustable weight bench

4. Bowflex 3.1 Adjustable Bench

The Bowflex 3.1 is a high-quality, versatile bench at a low price, made from high-density, heavy-duty steel.

The Bowflex bench has been built to last, and the 15-year frame warranty reflects this.

Designed with the beginner and intermediate weight trainer in mind, the Bowflex 3.1 has a max user and weight load of 480lbs.

The reason the Bowflex 3.1  makes it into our best cheap weight bench guide is the benches awesome build quality. I trained on this bench at a friend’s house, and I was surprised how solid this bench was.

There’s no frame or seat wobble. The back support feels solid thanks to the ladder adjustment system, which I think is a great design feature to include in this price bracket.

With full 90 degrees, flat, and incline adjustment angles, it should be versatile enough for most users. It’s always good to see a low priced bench with the 90 angles for seated presses.

The bench has a decline too, with the support pads to help for stability, and thankfully they are detachable. (picture above shows the bench with the support pads detached)

The seat is comfy and not too hard and has just the right amount of padding, but sadly is not adjustable!

If you are looking for a very well made adjustable, solid, weight bench, then you will not go wrong with the Bowflex, a well known and respected company in the home gym industry.

How fast will you grow out of it? Id say for most, this bench will be sufficient and last you a few years, but the 480lb weight load will be limiting for some bigger guys who may want to consider the Mevem with its 1000lb weight load.

The Good

Heavy duty, stable build

4 positions, 45, 90 flat and decline

Leg brace support for decline workouts

Wide seat

Easy to assemble

15-year frame guarantee and 1-year upholstery

The Bad

Doesn’t fold for storage

Seat isn’t adjustable


black and orange Gymenist fitness bench

5. Gymenist Weight Bench

Another surprising stable weight bench considering how light it is. Many users have praised how stable this bench feels when bench pressing.

A bench that only weighs 26lb is sadly going to be made from cheap materials, which will affect the overall durability of the thing.

Although it may not last a decade or two, the Gymenist bench does offer a lot of versatility for the price, including the essential adjustable seat.

There are a few light benches around at the moment, but none are as good as the Gymenist; the Fitness Reality bench comes close but doesn’t feature an adjustable seat, and also the Fitness bench suffers from having a narrow back pad.

All in all, the Gymenist is the best-priced bench for dumbbell workouts. Stable, versatile, and light enough to quickly move and store, there is no better bench around the $100 mark.

The Good

6 back pad positions and adjustable seat

Great price 

Stable for a light bench

Folds flat for storage

Wide seat

Easy to assemble

600lb weight capacity

The Bad

Upholstery lacks quality will wear quickly

Not suitable for heavy rack work


weight bench made by body solid

6. Body-Solid Powerline PFID125X Weight Bench

It is difficult to fault Body-Solids Powerline bench. My only concern is the price, costing nearly $50 more than the Marcy and Bowflex’s 3.1.

This bench does not offer anything extra. It’s solid, it doesn’t wobble, it has the most back support positions, 7 in total, but lacks an adjustable seat and with a combined user and weight load of 500lbs, it is 100lbs less than the Marcy and similar to the Bowflex.

The adjustable metal bar is a great feature for this bench. We prefer this to the pin locking system; feels more rigid and sturdy.

I like to see long frame guarantees with weight benches, and I’m happy to see Body-Solid offers a 10yr frame warranty.

Another handy feature, this bench is that it folds flat for storage, an excellent option to have, this allows the bench to be easily stored under a bed (23cm when folded flat).

The Body-Solid bench has the built-in transport wheels in the rear stabilizer. Excellent for ease of movability around your home gym.

A capable bench that is more than stable enough for some heavy dumbbell and barbell work.

Coming from a reassuringly trustworthy company that has been around for the last 20 years, they make some of the best home gym equipment on the market.

Included with this weight bench are the front support braces, useful for keeping your back straight when decline pressing, but awkward for some when trying to keep your feet in the correct position for flat and incline bench pressing.

If you are familiar with the company and love their products, then this is another well made and designed bench from them, good enough for some rack work, but for the extra $50, I think they should have included an adjustable seat.

With its max weight and user load of 500lbs, it will suit most beginners and intermediate weightlifters.

The Good

Strong construction

Stable – heavy – wide stabilizers and ladder adjustment system for back pad

500lb max user and weight load

No assembly required comes ready to use right out of the box

Folds flat for easy storage

The Bad

Slightly over priced for a bench without an adjustable seat

Low max capacity for price point


side view of universal weight bench

Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

I’m surprised to see such a well made bench for under $100. Front and rear stabilizer bars ensure Universals bench stays stable, no wobble with the seat or frame.

The low profile design of the bench helps with stability, and with the right amount of thickness for the padding, Universals bench gives you the comfort you need when exercising.

Universals bench features the front foam stability rollers for decline exercises, and I’m happy to say they are detachable so they won’t get in the way of foot placement when bench pressing.

The back support tappers slightly, as mentioned early, this will help with freedom of movement when working your chest with flys and presses.

A bench best suited to beginners, I feel, although, with its limiting 430lb user and weight load, it will still allow for some heavy dumbbell work.

Universals bench will not fold completely flat, but this bench is light, weighing 39lbs (17kgs), so if it needs to be moved for storage, it shouldn’t take too much effort to move. No rear rollers with this bench.

5 adjustable back support positions make this a versatile bench for the price. I didn’t expect to see an adjustable seat for a bench under a $100, but the stability and design of this bench should make it a popular choice.

Universals 5 position weight bench is a quality well-made weight bench, one I’d certainly recommend for a beginner who is just starting out lifting weights. It is a great bench to get you started while you save for a more commercial type weight bench.

The Good

Durable sturdy build

Cheap – around $100

User comment no wobbles when lifting heavy

Decline option

Low profile, increases stability plus works great as flat bench

5 back pad positions

The Bad

Only suitable for beginners

Seat isnt adjsutable


adjustable weight bench

8. Weider Pro adjustable Bench

Weiders 225L is the best super low priced weight bench on the market; this bench has been designed for the beginner. And for the same price as a flat bench ($50), Weider offers you an adjustable bench with several positions, including decline flat and incline.

Nearly all weight benches in this price bracket suffer from some sort of wobble, either seat or frame or both.

And you will be glad to hear Weider’s offering is solid and with no reports of unwanted wobble under a weight load. Thanks to wide stabilizer bars to the front and rear and with rubber capped feet; this bench should prove to be very stable.

The angled seat will help with inline pressing, but keep in mind this seat is not adjustable, so the seat will not lay flat.

This may cause some awkwardness with flat pressing. The angled seat also eliminates seated should press with the bench.

We are talking $50 here, so don’t be put off by the seat angle. This is a great price for a sturdy adjustable bench.

Weider are not known for high-quality gym equipment. They are known for well-made gym gear on a budget.

And if you are just getting into training or you are not going to be lifting too heavy, then this is an excellent starter bench for your home.

The back support may be a little short for people over 6feet, and the front roller are not detachable, but choosing between a Weider adjustable bench and flat bench at a similar price, I know which one id choose.

It has a 410lb max weight and user load, and honestly, I think it should take it, and if it doesn’t well ask for your money back, it comes with a 2-year frame guarantee.

The Good

Study low frame for a 50 buck bench

Wide range of positions

Users remarked the saddle to be firm but comfortable

Free shipping for prime members

Light bench easy to move and store

410lb max weight load – not bad for the price point

The Bad

For beginners or light workouts only

Short back support

Seat not adjustable


Buying Tips & Info

Size – Stability – Capacity

In this price range, we should be able to find a bench that is sturdy, solid, and heavy-duty, not a commercial-grade but heavy-duty frames

Ideally, we are looking for a minimum of 450lbs weight plus user load, 1000lbs would be the absolute ideal, but then we’d be looking at benches two-three times the price. Update! Mevem first cheap bench to support 1000lb

Remember, as you train, you will be growing, so you need to take that into account. You will be adding body mass and starting to lift heavier weights, so the higher the user and weight load, the better.


I cannot stress enough how important it is for your bench not to have a wobble. Each of the benches we have reviewed are the sturdiest in their price range. Wobbles can cause injury! A solid, sturdy weight bench is a must.

Another important thing to look out for when choosing your bench is how wide the bench is.

If it’s too wide, it can interfere with bench pressing and flys. A tapering back support helps but try to avoid any bench that widens at the top of the back support rather than tapers.

12″ width is ideal, although 10″ is also a great width, especially for smaller users; it all depends on body size.


Length – If you’re a tall guy, back supports on some of the cheaper budget benches are too short. Some people even struggle to fit at 5’10, so don’t be caught out.

Height – A comfortable height for a bench in flat would be anywhere between 17-21, any higher than this, the average size man will struggle to keep his feet flat on the floor.

Back Pad Positions

Most bodybuilders will look for a bench similar to what they have used in their local gym.

A commercial weight bench will more than likely include up to 7 adjustment angles for the back support. The more adjustment angles a home bought bench has is generally better, especially if you wish to have options for incline and decline workouts that a flat bench cannot offer.

diagram of weight bench adjustable positions

One of the main features to look out for, and yes, it’s available in this price bracket, is a bench that will go from flat to vertical. You don’t want to have to buy another bench just for the vertical or near-vertical.

If the bench lacks a decline option, it’s not a deal-breaker; decline pressing is overrated and nothing you can’t achieve by doing some weighted dips.

Lastly, an adjustable seat, a feature well worth considering when choosing your bench.

You might find without an adjustable seat. Your butt starts to slip down when in low incline positions, important because this will affect pressing power and add additional stress to your lower back.


I bought a bench many years ago, and like many of them, the seat was much wider where you place your knees. This can be off-putting and uncomfortable and can affect your workout.

The bench seat should be slightly narrower at the back and only slightly wider where it meets your knees. Avoid benches that go from very narrow to wide.

The cushion of the seat should not be too soft that it causes stability issues, and not too hard to make you uncomfortable. A tip is to look out for high-density foam for the upholstery.


You will find most of the weight benches come with rollers (wheels) integrated into the rear stabilizers.

This feature can prove to be a big help as adjustable benches tend to weigh in around 50-90lbs, and if you’re using the bench for rack work and dumbbell workouts, you will be moving the bench around a lot.

Rollers make it so much easier to move the bench to different workout areas of your home gym and for ease of storage.

To Sum Up

It goes to show you don’t have to spend big bucks to buy a quality adjustable weight bench. I was impressed by a few benches in this price bracket and the Flybird bench was the one that stood out most from its competitors.

The Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench shines when it comes to both build quality and versatility, its also great for people who don’t have the space to house a weight bench permanently as it comes equipped with an excellent fold for storage feature, folding to half its original size. And with a decent weight capacity of 620lb the Flybird bench is going to have a wide appeal. It is, overall, the best low priced weight bench.

Coming in a close second are both the Mevem and Marcy Sb-670.

The Mevem Adjustable Bench is a great choice for those of you who are on a budget but are looking for a bench that can take some serious poundage, yeah, the angles for the adjustable seat are on the low side but for the price, we can live with the seat, as there’s a lot of bench on offer with the Mevem.

The Marcy is another excellent all-rounder boasting a solid build and high-density foam padding. Again the Marcy shines with versatility thanks to its six adjustable back pad positions and 3 seat positions. You can’t go wrong with the Marcy users love this bench even after years of use.

The Marcy Sb-670 has been around for a long time and it still receives high ratings wherever its sold, it’s a great bench from a respected company.