A full FID (flat, incline, decline) bench, the Rep Fitness adjustable bench offers you all you need for a full upper body workout at home.

7 adjustable back support positions and a 5-way adjustable seat will allow you to do just about any upper body exercise you can think of. Super solid made from heavy gauge steel with a 10 years’ frame warranty this weight bench is built to last.

It’s as close as you are going to get to commercial gym quality in this price range, comfortable pads, solid construction and all the versatility you will need to get going in your home gym.

Full FID 1000LB Capacity Rep AB-3000 Adjustable Bench

Great for decline, incline, and flat workouts, and with its impressive 1000lb combined user and weight load capacity this bench is also going to be great for rack work and should appeal to more seasoned lifters looking for a high capacity bench.

Product Description

7 adjustable back support positions -20°, 0°, 20°, 30°, 50°, 60°
5-way adjustable seat  0º, 5º, 10º, 15º, 20º
Assembled dimensions  54”x 26”x 17.5″
Upholstery thickness 2.5″
Heavy-duty steel frame
Product Weight 85lb


Is this a budget quality bench? We don’t think so! This bench has been built with nearly all users in mind. The Rep bench is quality and most importantly it’s solid, with a weight capacity of 1000lbs, you’re not going to grow out of this bench fast, although it hasn’t got the lifetime guarantee like that of the Xmark weight bench.

Rep Fitness do offer a 10yr warranty on the steel frame coupled with a 30 day upholstery guarantee.

At this price, I was hoping for at least a six-month warranty on the upholstery as it’s normally the first thing to go on all weight benches but so far I haven’t heard one bad thing said about this bench, so by all accounts it should be durable

Company Reputation

Rep fitness is starting to become a well-known brand in the home gym fitness industry, producing high-quality affordable equipment for use at home.

What I find interesting is they import fitness equipment in from overseas which they then customize and rebrand. And generally, all their equipment comes up to par, they continue to produce some of the best home gym gear, rivaling the big guys such as Bowflex, Ironmaster, and Xmark for quality.


A well-designed bench, we like the flat height of the Rep FID bench at 17¾”.  It’s comparable to most flat utility benches making it comfortable enough for nearly all of us to keep our feet well planted on the floor when pressing.

The Rep fitness bench features the 7 gauge steel ladder adjustment system, known best for its stability in the high degree adjustments, it’s nice and chunky and feels more than solid with the three separate bolts holding it securely to the frame.

The seat features the pull pin system for its 5 adjustment angles and has been designed not to get in the way of foot placement, it’s tucked nicely away under the seat and is easy to reach to make adjustments.

An extremely stable bench in flat position, it’s low profile design and wide rear stabilizer with rubber capped feet help keep the bench stable, stopping any unwanted movement or wobble, the foam rollers seem to be placed well enough not to become awkward for foot placement and can be a great help if you want to use this bench for decline pressing.

It’s nice to see an adjustable bench that is just as useful in flat position as it is for incline…

Are the pads any good? 2½” thickness of the pads make the Rep adjustable bench firm and not too comfortable to be off-putting, there’s just enough grip in the upholstery to aid pressing power.

The bench features built-in transport rollers integrated into the rear stabilizer bar, this is a great help for moving the bench in and out of the rack when you need it for dumbbell workouts.

man performing bench press inside rack on rep fitness adjustable weight bench

Rep Fitness Bench Assembly

The rep adjustable bench will need some assembling although most of the hard stuff has been done for you. So no need to assemble the bulk of the frame. You will need to attach the padded upholstery, the leg hold-down brace and the rear stabilizer as you can see from the helpful video on the right.

Build Quality

We love the build quality of Reps Fid bench, made from heavy-duty steel, ranging from 7 gauge to 14 this bench feels solid. The pad and roller covers are made from high-quality ultra-tough, durable vinyl that wipes clean quickly and easily.

I can’t quite understand why Rep only gave the upholstery a 30-day guarantee, I normally see this type of upholstery warranty with $50 economy benches, it makes me slightly skeptical for the durability of the upholstery.

The 1000lb weight capacity takes this bench to the next level! Even if you are just starting out and can’t make your mind up on a bench, I know I was the same many years ago, go budget or spend the extra…I say now from experience it’s best to buy a bench with a high weight capacity you will be surprised how quickly you can grow out of a bench.

So yes I would recommend it for beginners, it’s a bench that will last and you can use for dumbbell workouts now and rack work later, because of its high weight capacity, you will hopefully never need to buy another adjustable bench.

For seasoned weight trainers coming from a commercial gym to home setup this a great bench for heavy rack and dumbbell work.

There’s a slight gap between seat and back support but nothing off-putting enough that I would recommend you need buy a flat bench as well. The Rep benches versatility and stability should be enough for all upper body workouts.


With 7 adjustable back pad position including full verticle and decline plus 5 adjustable seat positions, the Rep fitness adjustable weight bench shouts versatility, I’ve seen many FID benches only offering you 3-4 back pad adjustments in this price range.

An adjustable seat will prove invaluable for incline bench presses, helping keep your butt in the right place so not to slip down the bench when in incline,  helping you keep your pressing power and gives extra support to your lower back.

An adjustable seat is also useful for decline presses and sit-ups, making it easier for you to hook your feet under the pads.

rep bench adjustable angles

The Good

Solid 11 gauge steel frame

Full FID capability… flat inline decline, 7 adjustable back support positions in total

Firm comfortable padded seat

Well made high quality, stable, solid

10 year frame warranty

Transport wheels and handle

1000lb combined user and weight load capacity

We like the height at 17¾” when flat it is consistent with flat utility benches

The Bad

Upholstery only 30-day guarantee

This bench does not store upright because the ladder system only locks when the bench is horizontal


To Sum Up

A competitively priced full FID bench, well made and with a 1000lb combined user and weight load it should suit most home gyms.

One of the best adjustable benches on the market at an affordable price, it’s heavy duty steel frame, and chunky ladder system will make this bench durable.

If you are looking for a versatile, solid adjustable weight bench for dumbbell and rack work then you will not regret buying this bench. Reps Full FID bench is not a mile off commercial standard and should keep even the most seasoned of lifters happy.